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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Comedy Central's Propaganda Machine

Adult Swim was so filled with psy ops during Bush and the horrible Hayden years of early Obama, especialy when the military had ads on their late night line up, like for the Navy or Army. Some of the material coming out of Adult Swim was plain scary. It will be addressed in my book and anyone who doesn't understand the true capacities of the military and covert agencies in the 21st century isn't going to understand it or how it works.

Which is fine becuz i am not writing this blog for the slow students of the NWO in this new century-its for those of you who are awake, aware and know something is terribly wrong.

Propaganda has always been part of the rulership's hold over the public or an enemy or invaders' way of taking over but when used in unison with the technologies chemicals and psychological warfare tactics in the 21st century, you've got outright terrorism or, if going after an individual -assassination using the television as part of that covert act.

Look who owns it.

It was about alot of humanity evolving out from under this oppressive system in the 90s. They changed things, they established a system like a prison now where most people cannot get free or dont want to anymore.

Those of us left still riding the original revolution-the true timeline, are going to have to live outside the prison walls-becuz sadly, as of post Bush, as of now, most people are no longer going in that direction.

The GS system has left us little choice-many of us know too much, we've seen too much. We wud have to live as humans giving up having a soul if we went along with the brainwash and tried to live in the world that now exist

The testimonies of so many Targets, servicemen, and even the public has to come to some end someday. What we have experienced is an unofficial history of what really happened. The kind that is kept out of history books.

We live with the first hand realization that history is a total lie and nothing is as its made out to be in our world.

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