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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why The New Black Panther Party Cant Be Taken Seriously By Anyone Living In The 21st Century

Firstly, let me get my ignorant, reactionary racism over with.
-without all that European DNA most of them are exhibiting, would any of this even be possible?
-lets not forget that Sub Saharan and west Africa were not exactly hubs of civilization historically  and had little or no contact with the ancient classical world.
Many African American extremists and reactionaries are not to be trusted becuz they embrace theories like Afrocentrism which places their ancestry either in Nubia or laughably Egypt. Look at a map. West Africa such as Nigeria, Niger etc and Sub Saharan Africa are no where near where Nubians existed historically.
And before you start mentioning Moorish peoples, Google 'Moores' and you will see how diverse a people they are as well as historically they were Arab as well as lower Africa in appearance.
 -(no one is going to like this one) Why do you need laws to force a certain kind of people into society? Why are there laws needed to make people come into contact or fraternize with a certain ethnic group?

BTW the powers that be will never allow people from African slave stock to be truly free. They will always find out ways to keep them working for them and keep them down using various methods especially psychological ones. A wise black person knows its his own people that can be trusted the least becuz believe me when I tell you, we 'white' people have known this about other 'white' people for centuries. In every rebellion, every war, every attempt at enslavement from the church to creating the fuedal system in the dark ages, to monarchies to Communism that didnt work.

Think about that one the hardest.

 Okay, now thats done, let me be sensible and fair as that is how I try to remain amidst all these insults to my intelligence and attempts to turn me completely hateful.

These things are all ways of spreading disinformation to the ignorant or corrupt. Too many TI's have experienced African Americans involved in organized stalking and harassment and even the worst kinds of classified projects involving MILABs etc.

Obviously they are not as ignorant and downtrodden as they are made out to be. Westerners from slave populations have been spying for the elite masters for centuries. That IS 400 YEARS OF 'GETTING IT RIGHT'. If that were not true, the guy in the video and his cronies would not be allowed to exist. The ones in the know or in power know damn well whats truly been going on with black America for those years.

They are NOT STUPID. They have served as spies and agents for CENTURIES. And they are mixed with enough American 'white' DNA to make thier connections to the old guard here A BOND OF COMMON BLOOD with those European peoples in power.

As a person coming from third wave European immigrants at the turn of the 19th century (1890's and 1900) I can honestly say that I feel that newcomers like me to America are less a part of the social structure and power structure than the supposed downtrodden African Americans are who's ancestors have been here for centuries, working, living and serving alongside peoples of various descent such as Jewish, Chinese, European and Native American.

Decades ago the feds made sure to infiltrate every ethnic group with a legit issue of the government and power structure having betrayed them or cheated them. Read up on it. You will find that the black rebellion and the Native American rebellion was infiltrated, crushed and taken control of by covert agencies, agents and methods long ago.
COINTELPRO is a shining example of this.
Its been documented that many heads of the 70's Native American movement(s) have spent the remainder of thier lives BEING FOLLOWED AROUND BY THE FBI FOR LIFE. Overtly.

Sounds a bit like a Targeted Individual doesnt it?

See anyone who is a government whistle blower or knows too much about corruption on important issues or levels or simply has a legit legal gripe against the United States gets fucked over like this, is silenced and is denied a life in the USA and all over the world- becuz America's arm reaches all over the world as we are the latest empire.

So what are these people doing exactly, on national TV? Why in a time far after the 60's and 70's breakdown of such activities would they even exist? If these people were truly effective or intelligent wouldnt they realize that you cant attempt to do something twice when the first time around it didnt work?

Why are they allowed to exist in an era of anti terrorism with all its paranoias and the authorities over stepping the boundaries of international laws and domestic ones as well?

They wouldnt.


I cant think of anything more 20th century than a Black Panther Party.

If you have a...well not from American slave stock but a male of African genetic descent in the White House as president, why would you need a Black Panther Party?
 That should make one wonder about how effective this 'black' president really is for his own 'people' if you will....even though his people are Kenyan and not from 400 years of American slaves.

The cheatin con is to keep blacks down, make them racist and afraid then they trust only their own people continue this one from ages ago. Then get a good chunk of the black community as house slaves working for the elite or power struture as they always have to handle those who are kept down.

They will believe anything and vote for anyone as long as it makes them believe they are doing better, getting revenge etc etc.

African American ghettos could be solved if power wanted them to be. Black identity could be defined truthfully once and for all by creating a massive DNA project in the USA but instead the system provides stories and myths while corporations that keep everyone drunk (Anheiser-Busch in predominantly black and old school white racist St Louis, MO) provides story book characters for schools. (Which is outrageous and totally ridiculous by the way).

They are always trying to build blacks up-while ensuring they never get away. Catch a black by his toe, holler but dont let him go- pacify him with stories, myths of greatness and use this creature to keep poor whites and everyone else scared and in line, while continuing to exploit them of course.

Its perfect.

While THEY continue to live up in the big houses on the hills and exploit everyone and other countries to do so.

As an American whos ancestors came here rather late I am sick of hearing about black America, slavery and the constant battle by Jews and thier Muslim cousins  for a piece of land in the Middle East of which I will get nothing out of no matter who wins. (btw why are Europeans peoples forced into choosing between three MIDDLE EASTERN religions? You wanna talk slavery? Read about Europe's history. The 'white man' is the biggest slave in history and its been carried on at this point simply by continuing to use symbols and psychology. In fact, feel fortunate you've only been ripped from the bosom of your native homeland, of Nature and your pagan heritage for 400-500 years. Try thousands- by then,  true freedom is a lost cause.)

Always beware of intimidation, deception and time wasting, and yes, wasting of resources.

The NWO is mostly about the manipulation of information and DECEPTIONS.  Part of the mind f*ck in this new century is to pull it off so a modern person of any intelligence (who might become a potential problem at some point by starting to question the entire system), can tell there is something off about the whole thing and plenty of internet information to validate thier suspicions. That others see it too.

The enslavement in this new age consists of the people knowing that there is something wrong, an injustice, corruption and feeling totally validated-but having to live with that knowledge and the understanding that everyone in society agrees to deny the truth. THAT IS the torture that anyone who questions the system has to live with now.

In the old days, smart curios people got to read some books recommended by other like minded people and they either got the truth of a conspiracy or a well written disinfo piece which I dont think was as readily understood back then.  But becuz it was still  a country where you could live and be a citizen without too much difficulty people were satisfied to understand they could not trust those in power but could still co exist with that authority.

Something has happened where a citizen isnt even allowed to have a decent life in America anymore unless they completely sell out to corruption spiritually, mentally and morally.  People are not allowed to be privately dissident. You either side with the corrupt authority or you are considered a terrorist, mentally ill or a trouble maker.
 We all know America is not what it was and anyone who sees what its become doesnt want to live here-becuz its very UNAmerican now. Even with the corruption that existed by many people's knowledge, we still had what we considered a good country, a free country. With the globalist agenda, its another piece of land with humans on it that needs to be managed and connected to the global network.

This is reflected in the military's attitude of 'disconnectedness equals danger' as assessing how much of a threat a foriegn power is.

What they really mean is if you are not on board for the New World Order agenda and globalism, you are a threat to the goals of those in power. And this assessment seems to be not just for entire nations but for individuals also.

In the end, a hell of alot of assholes made shitloads of money off of the torture and terror, corruptions and deceptions of the past ten to twenty years or so.  These are INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES in many ways.

But if everyone is being decieved into believing twentieth century mythology like the Black Panther Party still exists like some nostalgic characters to take us back to another time and place, THEN NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE THE TIME TO UNDERSTAND WHATS REALLY GOING ON OUT HERE IN THE ACTUAL 21ST CENTURY.
Becuz all the progresses of science exist here, not in the media deceptions keeping people believing in 20th century ghosts.

My last piece of racial realism or awareness for self defence is going to be less liked than even my first three statements above.

-Never forget the value of the 'Magical Negro' in advertising and entertainment.

When a people dont really know who they are, and their true historical and genetic identities are always being played with and made into myth-they will always exist in a world of fantasies. Where they are used by the designers of reality to create more fantasies.

Its hard for most humans to face whats really going on in this new century. Even if someone revealed the truth in detail and the powers that be validated it, the amount of time and effort it would take to get them to really grasp this new reality would be enormous. Its easier for those in power to leave most of humanity behind and keep them comfortably anesthetized in what amounts to a living hell.

TIs might consider ourselves fortunate- we are awake for this and its been extremely painful, but we are privileged to the information. The least we can do is write it down so anyone smart enough who's questioning things also has a chance to escape instead of suffer.

One of my greatest recomendation for Targeted people or anyone who is not satisfied with the official bullshit lines put forth by the powers that be is to study black slavery in the USA. Not the history so much as HOW IT WAS DONE. Its very telling when you read about the actual system used by slave owners, traders etc to create slaves out of free peoples and keep them enslaved through generations. You will note that such tactics are still being used today.

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