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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why Obamas administration is no different..perhaps worse//feminist rant// more TI perspective, daily rant

Alright this has to be dealt with.

Yes its true that by the time Obama came into office TIs who were targeted heavily starting in 2003 were so whipped and beaten that we were hoping that the torture would be stopped by a new president. Alot of us knew the facts however: that no matter who is in office, gang stalking continues and certain people are targeted for life.

However certain things bothered me about him.
-his obvious sexism and claiming to know the hearts of women- claiming that generally white women are afraid of aggressive black men..instead of being honest and realistic about the fact that black men ARE aggressive alot of the time to women they want attention from. When Barack wakes up being 5'8" and 160lbs of solid and 'thick' with a butt and tits but with white skin THEN let him deal with black men across the USA. Do you realize what its like when they look first set eyes on you? Its a cross between 'Who the hell does she think she is' and 'What the hell is that doing here?' Its like they spotted something in the wild...and then they come in for the engagement..and on my level of society its not pleasant believe me. So I have my insults ready and my armaments. They get scratched they go away, often confused like children as to why they did not gain female attention. Becuz some women do not like being pounced on as such. Its unattractive and as a female warrior it puts my cred at risk and you must be chased off..or every idiot out on the street will think he can disrespect me. It gets in my way..and I dont know about black women but Irish, Italian and Slavic blooded women DON'T like it. White men know better and to be quite honest I am very tolerant of black men becuz I just figure they dont understand different European backgrounds. If a white man ever approached me with the same nonsense as I get nationwide from black men, CLEARLY after I put out body language and eye signals that I am NOT up for your b*llshit, they would be trashed beyond recovery for at least a few moments afterwords.

Then again Obama isnt a TI who has to stay in shelters when he looks good and is a built female..hmm. So then his generalization sucks big time and I am sure that all the white rich liberal yuppies who generally hate on whites like me more than they ever would blacks (yes it is generally true. They hate our class for some reason.) think its just desserts time or he is being cute.

Such is the country who is loving up RACE issues to cover up a CLASS war that is very destructive.

Obama has always struck me as somehow sexist. But I am sure every man who makes it as far as he has HAS to be sexist. Its a boys club up there I assume.

The only president who didnt bug me was Clinton. I dont see Barrack apologizing for human radiation experiments or even bringing up what Bush did. I see him extending it. I see him continuing to break down the country as Bush started the break down with the initial shock, trauma and break IN that is needed to do such a thing.

What I experience as a TI is just as present now as it was during Bush and more so than it ever was during Clinton. At least with being tortured severely during Bush I was certain that something was going on and a good portion of the country was unhappy and fighting as well.

This is no longer about Rep and Dem. This is about covert actions being used to take control of the population.

Which would you rather have? Repubs who at least respect the individual (just take out the Christian right insanity) and privacy and you making it by your own hand?
OR..socialism put forth with political correctness?

I feel both of these versions of the parties are flawed..WHY? Becuz notice how each one has a MIND CONTROL element in it. A system of brainwashing and control that has NOTHING to DO with politics or policy.

The last Republicans used the Christian Right to this end and with an almost eerie replay of the Crusades by including the Military as if connected to God.

The current Democrats use PC(political correctness) and the constant issue of race
as emotional, moral plays and controls that should have NOTHING TO DO WITH a system of governance. PC as it is might as well fall under the separation of church and state at this point.

If you look at other examples of socialist countries there are many and they are different due to culture. And how can we have the kind of 'freedom' we are used to under Democrats when 9/11 has made it into a police state basically?

The thing people need to look at is that as long as anti terrorism is the climate of this nation there can never be a free country as we knew it.

And each one of these administrations has USED this state of affairs to intimidate the public into following their agenda.

You cant smoke pot anymore..but really why? I know why, for medical reasons of coordination while driving and other such dangers...but do YOU know why? Its a moral judgment. And conversely the psych community is being given the powers of the church in the medieval days practically. They can try to medicate infants with bogus diagnoses and everyone is one meds..so you are on drugs but you are not allowed to take drugs.

Why are we not allowed to be free of unhealthy living altogether?

There is a creepy socialsim being applied to peoples very souls and spirits. The power of the group is much to prized and this has alot to do with the internet and reality shows. People seem to hate real talents who have any mystique at all. Everything MUST be accessible to The Mob or they get cranky.

It is assumed that hovering and nosiness is going to save the world and change the world and that nothing is private and ans long as it isn't there will be order if everyone's life is an open book.

The wealthy and elite are smart..this is the latest version of their old ploy to not only Divide and Conquer the peasants and the people but to Divert you attention from important matters.

Such as what THEY might be doing with their time and their money..or with YOUR money.

The public are not trained to be a self policing entity. If someone does not follow the correct PC ettiquette then they need modification or meds.

This is the most un FREE society I have seen during my lifetime of 38 years. Its ridiculous and it is NOT going to end up good for everyone and all the lies the public is being told.

Its sickening how many artists are being destroyed or free thinkers...just any one who does not agree with the power structure or its fans. I am my biggest fan and I have the right to make my life by my own hand.

This is why I do not care what an ignorant public may say about claims of gang stalking etc.
As long as the group stays purposefully ignorant on the subject matter, they can claim that it simply does not exist..and anyway, according to thier priests..I mean psychiatrists- its paranoid schizophrenia to think that people are 'out to get you' or that you are being persecuted or that your family may be in on it. I guess they dont teach history..or sociology.

The system is now set up so that you as a citizen are going to have to agree with things that obviously dont add up or make any sense. You benefit if you do so and anyone who is being targeted MUST be in the way of a great future for our country or is just a negotiable sacrifice for you/the group to get what it wants.

Alot of TIs including myself feel that now that a major battle is over for ones life that we are in a POW camp being modified or that its asked of us we 'forget' what happened to us..for the good of everyone of course.
There is a sense of either being finished off in this time or of giving in to behavior modification as part of making peace with oneself and ones life..and ones enemies/persecutors.

Really its the end of a MAJOR clean up effort as well as the greatest VICTIM WITNESS INTIMIDATION campaign of all time.

What is happening to me now is the system just using the harsh and horrible treatment I received under Bush and during the war, and using that as an extension..to continue behavior modification under a kinder gentler guy in a black hood. So they coulnt execute or destroy a few of us, so now its time to try to modify us at least.

There is something about telling the truth when I do so like this that frees me up from the psychological prison that was created and all of the things that continue to be used to try to keep me down-permanently.

No matter what happens it must be told..what was done to me as well as other TIs.
I believe that in future these technologies already being used will become common knowledge and that THEN we will validated. What is being done cannot go unheard becuz each Targets story, if coherent and articulate, is one more story that they will deny up and down but will hopefully raise eyebrows just a little more each time. If not then society MUST finally break through brainwashing and admit, to itself, that they are greedy and self seeking, selfish and animalistic and that being civilized is an illusion..if NOT this honest acceptance of the ape like nature of man, then people will further fall into brainwashing by believing that for the good of _____(fill in blank) the _____(fill in blank) MUST punish, penalize or get rid of certain people.

America has to grow up and get real finally or it will sink harder into a very cult like state...one it seems to traditionally have been quite happy with sans June Cleaver. This society has patches of non growth and immaturity that is astonishing.

I dont think that there is ever going to be an end to whatever this system is that has been suspect in being used on artists, famous writers, performers, psychics...anyone with power to 'break' the system of mind control that keeps this country..er stable.

The most dangerous and mentally detrimental thing that TIs face is the assumption on contact of this material that we are mentally ill. It is SO damaging. And psychiatric types coming after us abusing thier "educations" and thier authority is especially damaging. The one piece that was in the NY Times is an example..the tactic was to make TIs appear so dangerous and childlike that the psychiatrist stated that he must be very careful not to let on that he didnt believe TIs when in contact with them. It was perception management from the beginning..the assumption that we were all mentally ill was used as a platform or spring board for his campaign. Which means that all evidence in history books of such persecution is disregarded. Actually, he is trapping the audience that believes what he says from the truth, not the TI. Such is the art of deception.

Americans are deceptive the way cult members are...they do it so subconsciously that it comes as second nature. Americans just dont THINK. They dont apply logic as a weapon..they apply debate team and education as a weapon but it stems from defending the lies in question. Have a debate about this subject one day with someone and see how it goes. Everyone knows they are full of sh*t and what is espeically disturbing is that they seem to take a sportmanlike joy in being full of sh*t. Its fun to defend the corrupt authority figure, cuz deep down I am afraid, lazy and know life will be easier for me if I go along.

Some of us dont have that luxury.
The the more we fight the more this system comes after us or continues to use methods of torture and psychological warfare.

When you look at the battle over all often it is not clear even what the system wants anymore. Its like it has to be right at any cost or to prove it didnt make an original mistake by having you targeted.

All that TIs have lost and suffered through should not become memories that are lost to what amounts to psycho surgery creating amnesia. The system is not worth that and the power of human force and the Self as well as spirituality should be fought for til the end and validated finally upon winning.

I read a saying the other day- "If you dont give in you dont lose"..Fair enough.

When everyone admits that life sucked before just as hard as it does now but at least we had our privacy then there will be some truth in this.

There is an episode of the Simpsons where Bart loses his 'soul' somehow, represented in the show as a fellow or twin 'Self'. Ones self love/comfort or perhaps one's ability to keep oneself company through whatever is happening in our lives.(Its not a good rep of the soul as I believe the soul is such a solid as cannot be destroyed..but frighteningly perhaps altered by outside influence in some particular lifetime. The Spirit is what gang stalking destroys as well as The Self)
There is a scene where each child gets into a boat with their other Self but Barts boat is empty..(and so he goes to find a soul and freaks out that dumb kid Ralph.
This is kind of what gang stalking does to someone..they want you to become such a deprived monster that you turn practically vampire in nature..and I do mean its lowest form of expression. I also believe that alot of the abuse actually causes brain damage and brain lesions have been found in the brain scans of people who 'lose it' and go off becoming very violent.
It appears that this is an ANCIENT system of torture and behavior modification with new tech and chemicals at its disposal.)

The lack of privacy and the 'new' America the way it is worse for TIs as this is an easy system to go further with our demographic. In the process people like me have lost any sense of self love or company that we once had. The system only seems concerned with dumbing us down and keeping us from our potential.

For us to be concerned with the opinions of a bunch of brainwashed citizens who really dont understand the whole situation is destructive..but they are of use to the system. If they are made to believe that this somehow connected to good 'change' then they will go along.

Always remember that as a TI you are in a system that is just the same as any brainwashing program. The public as they are now represent the peer pressure part of brainwashing. Any indication from strangers in public of you and your situation or disregard for you as you are (not having conformed or changed as yet) is more coercion and psych warfare aimed at wearing you down into thinking that you must conform in order to make the disapproval stop. As the disapproval of the public hooks right into all the severe wounds that gang stalking and harassment has caused in you as a TI.

These campaigns are about self-righteousness not Righteousness.

Its odd to me that Republicans and rich BU kids can find reason to spew venomous hate on me just as Liberals and poor ghetto types can as well. There is something wrong with THAT many people hating on you..I just wonder if the public are targeted with remote influence and have not the control of Will that TIs seem to have.

If that were true then the extent of the possible damage that these technologies and weapons can cause is immense. NOW do you see why your story is important and why you, as a TI, need to keep fighting? (if you feel telling your story is what you want to do. Dont do it if it puts you in MORE danger)

Also I find the end results alot of us are 'guided' to as very curious.
We must either become (or in my case go back to ) being very selfish and materialistic in nature..perfect to support a consumer culture and corruption.. OR we must "Do good for humanity" and become Christians or at least very much in the helping professions as the focus of our lives with little concern for our SELVES. (this would 1) make a TI look reformed 2)give the TI and the gs system relief from having to deal with the loss of potential of ones life and memories of what happened
3) make people who are potential whistle blowers have some sort of job that suits thier nature of obviously wanting to improve conditions and 'care' for humans)

What I was aiming for in my life and working on is a Hermetic approach to life that is about balance and making one good and powerful through work and deeds. Selfish pursuits coupled with improving social conditions...this comes quite naturally to me and my using my years of occult study which was somewhat topical to start something in practice IN EARNEST was totally a logical next step for me.
This seems to be the biggest threat to the system along with people being secretive (power) or having privacy (confidence/safety).
Its simple..making sure I lived publicly as a victim takes away all power I would have had had I been allowed to pursue such a life through such a system.

Both of those other choices are very reactionary and in theory, if not historically, exist in constant battle with each other. I have been reduced to choosing and that is the biggest loss of all. I have a right to seek balance and dominion over my animal nature as well as my godspark. Any system of governance that rules over mans spiritual growth..

Should be the absolute enemy of Man until his days end.
And I MEAN that.

Its hard I know but keep fighting for a return to respect for Free Will.
True freedom. Not a bunch of fascist, partially religious nuts calling themselves "Republican" nor a group of peace mongering cult members who cant stand even the REALITY of the animal in themselves much less anyone else (while they express it passively) who are more than happy to suck the teet of the system as long as it brings peace..kind of like a suicide cult- labeling themselves "Liberals".

None of this should be so important...and its not. Politics has nothing to do with what is happening to people right now. The powers that be want you to THINK it does.
Mostly these are more diversions for a nation than for an individual.

There is a system of torture and intrusion into our privacy that is being utilized to silence certain people.
The worst offense is that these people will die without any acknowledgment of thier suffering and be disbelieved all their lives.

Its important that the TI be driven to only existing as cyber activist. It ensures that they are a faceless force on the internet not a human force in person. Also it subjects them to further surveillance and the collecting of information to be used against them. It may also futher subject TIs to behavior modification techniques/targeting through technology that they may be unaware of through the internet itself as means of delivery. The constant interference that TIs experience with technologies while trying to do activism is conditioning in itself, making the TI feel blocked, harassed, watched and just lowering self esteem further. The tech they are working with as the only means of voice and support is being kept from them making them feel further 'punished' and inadequate.

In this day and age your internet speed and its utilization are akin to penis size for instance. Your power is measured in how much you can keep up technologically.

It doesn't surprise me that when I was targeted I was working off a Gen X age appropriate idea that the internet was not necessary and that if you didn't like it, it just wasn't for you. I was also working on a social experiment utilizing my own life where I would cut out all PRLSI's (Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images) and try to exist TOTALLY in 'real time'. (I was even considering cutting out electricity but it really doesnt apply..it made me feel better and now I know why.)

After a life of really not living I was excited at the things I could do with my growth as a person and spiritually. Only things like concerts, comedy, plays conversation etc would be allowed as would quiet or private alone time activities. NOTHING in dead time. Live radio would be OK I guess..at that point I wished for a station on TV or radio that was live at all times.

With gang stalking as a reality an experiment like that would have been like walking into the front lines of a war without knowing it. Perps are in person.

But I just wonder if my wanting to separate so far from a Tech rules society was a threat itself.

Its like the system hates anyone who has a do it yourself attitude towards discovery..why what is the problem?

Silence is something monetarily poor people cannot afford but yes, I know it would be a much better choice.

The odds are way to unfair this time around. With the technologies that are available to corrupt entities and the public being corralled off by the psychiatric community and anti terror intimidation there is little way out.

I would be the first one to believe that there is no such thing going on and TIs are out of their minds crazy....if it wasn't for the stalking and harassment. Its so blatant and arrogant at times..who has hired this huge squad of goons in recent years? If it IS an intelligence agency I am ashamed for you. Its like hiring a bunch of monkeys to do covert work. Slinging shit is a bit obvious...oh thats right the public is too intimidated to say anything.
And they are soooo disgusting..I have seen whores with more class than this crowd that reeks of 'I is gettin paid'..ewww.

Please tell me that this is Obama's public security nonsense he has proposed already in progress so we can get lawyers and get rid of the armatures..it would be interesting to see how their recruitment works.

In the end this is just a bunch of writing..a long winded rant from some poor woman who is houseless and discredited. Everyone hopes that continued systematic ignoring and time will take the campaign to its desired end I am sure.

My job is to write...to write it all down until I am done and have nothing else to write on the subject. What the public does with it along the way or in the end is not my problem.


  1. I also would add that pressuring the public into believing they need all of the latest PC hw is yet another warfare tactic. The public is really being dumbed down, being more reliant on the tech instead of using their raw skills to think critically. But on the surface, we appear "smarter" if we buy all the latest stuff, because we equate having the latest and greatest tech with the notion of being "more advanced". hence it follows that we are smarter: more advanced->smarter. In fact the opposite is true. It's smoke and mirrors and bait as well... we are not smarter, but kept dumber by the tech we are a slave to. This makes it easier for the perps to do their jobs, because the public is dumbed down, and they can communicate faster because of the tech itself. It also provides a medium to get their disinfo out to a wider audience and faster and more efficiently to boot.

    Perps have consistently gotten shills to get me to quit teaching and "get out of their way" by taking a high-paying engineering job. They know I am getting people to think critically, and am going out of my way to help others as well, which I could not do trapped in a 40 hr per week cell of concrete and glass writing specs all day. I believe I was never good at that kind of stuff, and it was a huge waste of my time. I like teaching, because I am affecting how people can think critically, though it's not a full-time position.

    I've basically dropped my baggage, picked up my cross, and am on my journey to helping mankind. Or so I think. Even if you're not religious, I really love that metaphor.

  2. I also feel like I am kept in line with remote electronic torture. If I stay in one place for a long time, things get so uncomfortable, that if I leave and go somewhere else and sit for a while, I feel a relief, even if it took a tremendous effort to get there. Somehow I feel a lot less restless out walking around like a couple of miles than if I'm just laying around relaxing here. It could be because of remote tech, or maybe it's because walking relieves the stressful thoughts. Maybe both?

  3. "Its odd to me that Republicans and rich BU kids can find reason to spew venomous hate on me just as Liberals and poor ghetto types can as well. There is something wrong with THAT many people hating on you..I just wonder if the public are targeted with remote influence and have not the control of Will that TIs seem to have."

    I've experienced the same: all class levels playing the same hate card. I've always personally found their hate to be very trite and corny, like hating just because, well, we have to hate, that's all. It's almost like a routine, scripted job that you'd go to. That's what their hate seems to me. And it's all class and education levels doing it, in nearly equal measures. I've got people who were supposed to be friends doing it as well as people I thought I trusted. There must be some kind of overtones beamed at the earth's population in general that's getting them to become programmed haters of TI's. A lot of the stuff I experience, seems to have people acting weird all of a sudden, and there are no handlers at all near them. Most of the crap I experience from people has handlers behind it all, I suspect, but a good portion can't be explained.

  4. See this blog:

    (Tony Blair's constituency officials help gangstalkers. This isn't "MI5" or the CIA; it's Antony Charles Lynton Blair and his erstwhile constituency party officials, plus the local thugs and particularly the local joyriders and racists. Asian shopkeeper was put through hell, as well as the blog's author. They burnt his shop down during Ramadan, which was sweet of them.)