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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sick enablers of gang stalking/validating the abuse system

People like my mother who seems terrified of whatever her part is in my situation in this mess, will stand by the police and the gs system by introducing doubt and using denial.

Like the system of hit and run I just posted. Some people will try to invalidate the victims claims as it being abusive by claiming that its for your protection, as in its to keep you safe. 

I can just see her saying something like that.  Stalking is a big part of my family's history.  It is a part of my families use of intimidation on each other and has been for years. My mother has pointed out that "this is what families do"..uh I always knew there was something wrong with that answer. Like it was bs for instance.

When cops were stalking me in my mothers hometown where she was residing in my grandmothers house, she minimized the harassment by saying " Oh Rachael, he just lives down the street"..yet I never gave her a description of the officer nor do I believe that someone in a cruiser would pull up to a bus stop and be so obvious in taking notes and running something through his computer. 
If he 'lives down the street' then why would he be doing such a thing to someone he knows as a frequenting local for all of her 36 years since she was born?  He looked young..gee maybe he didnt know that my great grandfather built that house and my grandmother is most likely going to die in it.

No this was more harassment.

You will get perps who you trust trying to help the system to back up any and all systems of brainwashing that are being brought down on you.

And remember...there are networks of pedephiles out there yes all TIs talk about it but there are networks of people who are child abusers and will take part in anything a parent will do to thier child becuz they also get off on it.  They know they are getting a show and it will cost them nothing in consequences. 

In my situation a mother abusing her daughter is especially erotic to men as well as women who are slighted by life and jealous can also get off on this. People like my mother will use a system of power and control freaks to get her way becuz they enjoy the same things.
Its closely connected to the pedophile rings as a network and in this case we can see how it works without the subject matter being too horrifying  thus causing immediate disbelief.

Just remember that the harassment is real and there is nothing 'good' about it. It is an extension of a controlling family or network of some kind.

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Anonymous said...

That seems to be something I'm seeing... a "significant other" who is hooked into the system as a handler who uses it to "look after me" and my "interests".