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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Urban Dictionary's refusal to publish my definition of "Targeted Individual"

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"Targeted Individual

A victim of organized stalking AKA 'gang stalking'.

There are all levels of severity of a TI's situation.
It could be just psychological warfare via harassment/mobbing all the
way up to suspected use of technologies such as used in Psy ops( ELF,
microwave, etc.). The campaign could also incude good old fashioned
poisoning with chemicals used throughout the ages in covert warfare
or newer agensts such as mind altering drugs (LSD etc) up to neuro

The point is to use a combo of psychological warfare, chemical/bio
terror and suspected technologies to either silence a victim
witness/whistleblower all the way up to human experimentation or
behavior modification.

The common thread is that all these tactics are to be COVERT.

The TI or target is often hopefully labeled mentally ill and
discredited (especially from whistleblowing or testifying- which was
most likely the original threat to some powerful entity that got them
targeted to begin with).

In democracies like the USA this system is not even a concept that is
thought of as feesible except by those in politics, big business,
criminology or the crime culture itself. Most citizens do not have to
deal with such subject matter in thier daily lives and see this sort
of thing as 'paranoid'.

However if one does simple research into history as well as cultures
under strict regimes, as well as 'phenomena' as bullying and
workplace mobbing, one will readily have to accept that such behavior
is not only common among human beings but history shows that such
systems are documented as being utilized.

Its a matter of perception management. The facts to deduct via logic
that TI's exist as well as organized stalking is readily available.
Democracies CHOOSE to not accept this systems existence. To the
Targeted Individual such willful ignorance is compliance with the
actions of the perpetrators.

Often the TI is systematically ignored by citizens and
society(purposefully or out of fear): a tactic used in the behavior
modification of children and infants.

Anyone who is smeared, gang stalked, mobbed at work or bullied can be
referred to as a Target, targeted or a Targeted Individual."

(Maybe it was too long..who cares).

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