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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OK kids its time to open the ever amusing HATE MAIL bag again!

(from YouTube mail. The photo that was sent was of some emo looking young girl and I can imagine its a stock pic. If not this is the stupidest pedophile in the world)

 I am sorry for the gangstalking that has happened to you. I am sorry for the gangstalking that has happened to you.
I am sorry for the gangstalking that has happened to you. It all started when I decided to fondle my daughter. I accidentally fell asleep with my hand cupping her breast. I ran a Hells Angels drug den out of my mechanics shop. I woke up to see my wife freaking out and knowing her brother was the sherriff I ran to my shop stuffed drugmoney in a bag and ran! I crossed the border into canada and was stopped by the RCMP who offered me protection if I stalked people. I have no official place to confess since I know law enforcement is corrupted. It is my hope that I will be forgiven! My original account I stalked with has been taken over by the stalkers I do not know how to start over or what is going to happen next.

David Raymond Amos

David Amos222  (photo of emo girl)
I Amos forced this girl to have oral, anal, and vaginal intercourse with me, as well as participate in sexual acts with other grown men and her brother. I should be locked up already!!!
Sent to: mindyourmind, davidraymondamos, nitecruzer10, ongangstalking, marsboy683, gangstalkingwatcher, stopgangstalking, platooncommander, fatwagar, theninthtrust
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Is anyone bored yet? I was the second I looked at it.... ameteur. 
Good for a quick laugh however.
Also I would like to alert the Hells Angels that someone is claiming to be a member and making them look bad..I dont know how things have changed but I grew up with stories of a major rock band leaving Altamont with a bag of cash on a helicopter and a singer being especially cautious in his travels for the rest of his life for offending this group.
Lets see if Raymond our buddy attracts any attention for his affront.
'Nite kids.

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bitman said...

This may be some sort of smear campaign on David Raymond Amos. There are two Youtube accounts. DavidRaymondAmos and DavidRaymondAmos1. DavidRaymondAmos1 was just created on September 26, 2009 and DavidRaymondAmos has been around since April 8, 2007. Reading through the comments on both sites, it seems that the person who sent you and the other TIs this message might be an impostor.