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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cuture of corruption, and the corrupt use of psych warfare to control only certain people while the big fish get through the net
"It's a general idea that has taken hold in police departments, some of which have combined tough law enforcement with intensive hearts-and-minds campaigns. The Boston Miracle, the famously successful public-private antigang initiative from the early 1990s, is one of the better-known examples. Now scholars are trying to figure out how to use this sort of cultural warfare to weaken corruption and habits of everyday rule-breaking.Continued..."

First  of all its ironic and laughable for this article to come out of Boston which I can personally testify is a culture where corruption is a deeply ingrained part of the system.  The fixing of corruption in Boston is usually for show where select people or big fish get away unscathed. The system manages crime it never truly solves it. Its a joke.  
People want drugs they want whores they want guns they need underage drinkers and smokers and worse. This country bullshits every time it claims to be weeding out corruption.  Thinning out undesirables in the crime circuit perhaps but never solving the problem.  What would the USA or any other culture do without its black market economy? Nonsense.

The "hearts and minds" is simply a childish layman's way of saying 'psychological warfare' and is often used in publications I notice that cater to 'the public' who are usually not schooled in such subject matter. 

And HOW DARE THEY claim that it is a good thing to be altering people with cultural warfare (psych warfare/ behavior modification) like getting people to change thier "every day" habits of law breaking, when the system is still very much f*cked up and corrupt at top levels.  

Sooo this means the elite and militant factions decide who is a problem and needs modifying. According of course to their own standards and needs.

Again its just gang stalking..for protection and profit.  How dare an authority figure ask of us what it will not ask of itself. Especially after the last administration's b*llshit.

We are not children and perpetually corrupt factions like fire,police and any union employees potentialy or any faction military in nature who by thier very NATURE remain corrupt, how dare they dictate who is worthy of covert warfare and who is not.

As a victim of behavior modification as well as victim witness intimidation articles like this make me sick.  Its picking and choosing who gets 'managed' and who does not.

These factions can go f*ck themselves. Its a joke and everyone needs to see that training the public with terror while still covering true criminals asses at higher levels just becuz they can pay or are connected is NOT a way to run a society.  


Anonymous said...

Well put, straight talk - it sound like you're speaking from the vantage point of your own experiences, as am I (usually, when writing about these things), and as are most of us who take the time to ferret out blogs such as this one.

As of late, I have taken to the habit of going immediately to the bottom of the Google search page list, and then working backwards up through the entries.

The top entries are "stacked" to make fools of us, so I don't waste my time doing the top-down thing anymore.

BTW: Your Google listing was number 610 (just a little bit off the bottom of the stack)

- Best of Luck to you Rachel

- A.G.

Anonymous said...

Medawar said...

"An Englishman's Castle" was the drama that showed what resistance to tyranny really meant:

I am not surprised that you cannot get it on DVD anywhere in the world.

It would make an interesting viral if someone could find tapes and stick it on You-Tube.

Meanwhile, the ALF have stolen the remains of the deceased mother of one of their victims. Confirming Medawar's belief that the AR movement is 100% problem and 0% solution, which is also true of the first "resistance" movement which "Peter Ingram" encountered in "An Englishman's Castle."

The Thatcher and Blair regimes were very frightened of this drama, the Brown regime still is. Partly because any message goes deeper with Kenneth More delivering it, but also because it teaches people not to be diverted.

The most powerful script of its kind, delivered by the most powerful actor for the role there could possibly have been.

If this is ever seen on mainstream TV again, we will know that we have won and the tyrants have lost!

Jeremy said...

How do you handle the Internet access thing? Do you get your own laptop, or do you have to buy access at a cafe or the like?

I'm targeted too and I'm being forced to consider some very drastic lifestyle changes, somewhere down the line. I may renounce my citizenship over this. Maybe. I don't know what the implications of being a stateless person are in the US, probably not good.

By the way. Just so you know. The stalking, the microwave stuff, the synthetic telepathy, all that will follow you to Canada. I talked to a woman yesterday who's been burned with microwaves for the last 10 years, she has aged 30 in that time and she will not be alive much longer.

And yes it is multigenerational. It is the only way to explain the isolated behavior of my parents for the last decades of their lives, and how I was conveniently mobbed the moment my father drew his last breath. As in literally, I get the call and the swarming starts. It is a deliberate tactic. They mob you when you're most vulnerable so the mobbing will be associated with that trauma. My sister escaped because she turned informant. She was the cruel one of the family.

Rachael O. said...

I go to places with public access like universities. However across the country recently I have noticed colleges either severely limiting access to 'the public' or they have been cutting it altogether.

Thier rationale is that the public are abusing that privilege.
True you have people using it only for vid games for hours or for porn or Facebook bullsh*t..
but then why do they not talk to patrons and issue cards to people who are really doing something or in need or full computer access? Mostly they could cut out the vid games and the porn altogether. When I ask about that then I get a reply that its either
1) too difficult from a technical point of view
2) libraries are not supposed to censor info, that its not what they are about
( so cut out the public instead right?)

Like everything else in this country places are either too liberal and forgiving of idiots or they have cut everyone off outside of a certain group with access to AVOID the idiots.

The closest thing I have expereinced to reasonable that satisfies all parties is UNM that does interviews with people to make sure they are doing research and then you can get logged on by staff. However you need to really do an interview with someone in the deans office becuz the kids at the desk hear 'blog' and they dont see it as research related.

TI's are creative problem solvers if they want to survive and older people have learned to think outside what society dictates I think.

Try community centers, universities, colleges and ask to see if anyone knows something that can give you access.

You want to be able to have access somewhere that does not allow hackers to f*ck up your situation a personal computer.
Maybe its changed now that the gs has died down a bit for alot of TI's since they abused the wartime confusion to f*ck with all of us, however remember that no matter what you do its now about getting you conformed, settled, putting you 'back together' or finishing you off.
Its about finishing up what they started. Alot of us they want to just forget about what they did to us and others they will never stop until we are dead from suicide or committed with a label and OFFICIALLY discredited.

Everything you do must be in consideration of the gang stalking system and that is only AFTER you learn how the whole thing works.Its like living with a disease for life and your life expectancy is always in question.

So many TI's bitch about thier computer systems crashing due to hackers. Well duh.

Also websites I have realized are probably a bad idea. If its YOURS and belongs to YOU, the perps will destroy it.

Visvasa144 said...

hello, if you can find the heavenly catalyst meditation on my page or on the internet and start doing it bcus it will help your energy level. its worth a try. loving kindness.

Anonymous said...

The best thing to do is dig in someplace small and make a stand.

If you stay in one spot long enough and fight with everything you've got eventually they will grow tired and give up. Oh yeah sure they'll still pull the hit and run bullshit but if you plant a flag and say this is where I will die for what I believe in these pussies fold, especially the cops. I've been fighting them for years now and they know they will have to physically kill me, which they've tried of course but they're so stupid and cowardly it didnt work. Plant a flag, make a stand, fight fight fight and they will lose their stomach for it.

Become a stationary target and these pricks will have to change tactics. Then you will find out they dont have enough people to keep it going forever. The truth is their weakness is in their secrecy...And since Obama took over these rats are runnin' scared.