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Thursday, July 9, 2009

What do others think of me?

Sometimes this actually effects me..I try to not let it.  Everyone in my life made thier choices and took thier sides. They were and are mostly cowards. And they were fools.  I knew damn well how nasty the system was and I know the extent of human evil and aggression.  The people around me are either brain washed, naive about the true nature of what was going to happen to me (illusions of control) and the extent of how far the damage was going to be taken or inflicted..or I have to admit that some of those around me are just plain bad people. They knew what was going to happen to me and they went along anyway.  I personally was surrounded by scum anyway..hiding out under money.  All with something to lose, but also a few key people had thier ideas of some sort of control over me and the thrill that brought them over my lifetime.  Most of those people are survivors of abuse still being handled that are not strong enough to face thier own sh*t in order to break free.  Therefore what they think is irrelevant.

The best any of these clowns can do is to keep trying to push claims or perceptions of mental illness.
Sometimes I imagine what they must be throwing around to keep themselves sane and/or credible. Lying to themselves..just like they have been doing for years to survive anyway.  Boring really if you ask me.
Maybe they read my blogs and say to each other and their little fan clubs  things like 'isnt it a shame she is so crazy'.  I cannot imagine what any of those f*cks could possibly come up with to cover up the inconvienient facts like that my own mother tried to accuse me of being nuts AFTER agreeing with me that the harassment was due to the federal investigation surrounding friends of associates of mine. Hmmm, a bit sketchy, that someone who knows too much goes nuts during a fed investigation into money laundering.
And theres more under there as well.

People have no idea of how dark there world is nor do they care to know. People who go along with this sh*t are sheep who think the mob and the corrupt arrogant cops are hip and cool.  I hope other forces continue to crush them as well as let them know that they are only ALLOWED to exist in this world by forces much bigger and older than they are.

So I dont give much concern for what others think and mostly its becuz they have either written me off anyway or they dont have all the info. 

The TI has to maintain a position of non existence. That the worlds perception of them is non existent and basically that the world itself and all its people do not exist.  Its not hard..look how low quality people are. Look how they have treated TI's. Like they deserve our consideration at all anyway. 

Maintain the facts, the Truth and the real story..not some gaslighted lame ass story that is the result of a bad PR campaign that, pathetically, never ends. 

Others are going to fall into different categories. Some people know what is going on and others just have some of the story but are sympathetic anyway. 
There are those who are so guilt ridden by thier part in the TI's demise that they have to maintain a position of believing/perpetuating the worst about the TI. The only people who believe them or make appearance to are those that must also hold that position or want to be on that side of the battle for whatever thier motive is..some sort of gain I assume. 

As I have said before the most annoying are the people who look in your eyes like they know something and feel bad or sympathetic. This is the most annoying reaction becuz it undermines fight and activism mainly becuz THEY arent doing anything to help you nor are they giving you a nod of solidarity or 'hey fellow soldier' or the like. They dont help morale and they only serve to remind the TI of what has happened to ruin their lives.   These people dont 'think' at all I suspect and they certainly arent fighters...avoid them. Bigtime.

The only people who can still say TI's are crazy are people who hold an interest in that being an accepted perception or stupid/lazy/afraid people who dont want to do any research on the subject matter.


Anonymous said...

I think people go along with this because it makes them feel all tough and superior to the target. Another major reason is entertainment: some of my past harassors simply told them they could find nothing else better to do, and this was their "way out". They said they saw this as a "clean" sort of entertainment that did no harm, and provided themselves with entertainment. They said it's a worthwhile alternative to doing drugs and alcohol, and committing more "serious" crimes. Hence, organized harassment/stalking was a way for them to "stay straight". And the people involved are very cowardly, too, once you get them isolated. Some of them aren't cowardly, though, but rather are truly nasty thugs looking to get some of their inner demons out. Those types will still harass me when isolated.

As for the rest, who knows... at the college, I get mainly incoming students doing this, and others are adult students who are simply from "certain" backgrounds.

Yeah, the "system" is very nasty. If I get compliments from some people, maybe they are from perps, the assholes in "control" of this thing make sure those comments are neutralized with an equally opposite "insult".

While attending college, I had some pretty weird roommates trying to control or harass me.

One thing perps hate to hear is when you call them "stalkers". Man do they hate that. They resort to their slander of "oh but aren't YOU the stalker", hence the gangstalking is retaliation for the TI's alleged stalking of others (according to their story line).

Other perps have told me I was posting to the wrong blog when posting to tiworld and others. See, they even try to control which blog I post to.

Anonymous said...

Here's another one who does no wrong but is quick to point out the faults in others:

"If I do not return to the pulpit this weekend, millions of people will go to hell."

Medawar said...

You are the sort I'd admire, greatly, from a safe (transatlantic) distance.

Given my own circumstances, I'd not sure I'd want anyone I really loved to get too close, because that person really would be a target.

Anonymous said...

Lots of TI's out there.

Every time I read this blog I dont feel so isolated. Thanks...

Medawar said...

Medawar generally believes that there has to be a profit motive for gangstalking, somewhere, but only the ones at the top need to be making the profit, of course.
Sometimes one is left, as Michelle is here, with a completely bewildering situation from your point of view:

The complexity of the situation, and the wide range of events that TIs relate to their woes, make it hard for outsiders to believe. But if you start with a criminal doing one thing to cover up a scam that's making him a fortune, and then another thing to cover that up in turn, a situation as complicated as this can easily arise. Especially if the bugger gets away with it for several years.

Anonymous said...

The people that profit from this probably see this as a worthwhile activity to those on the street level who normally would be doing drugs and just generally living a louse lifestyle. So they really are getting better lives at our expense. And the corrupt rich are getting richer.

Anonymous said...

I picked 'anonymous' for this comment:

I have a new youtube channel and blog but what I will write here I don't want to make connections, for obvious reasons.

My perps entered my home for many years, and never took any valuables or money, they just moved stuff around, or took things that I used to look for on and off for years, looked at all my privacy while they were playing around during those days or hours that I was gone..., looked at my computer (I'm sure - maybe even sent many of my emails and documents to themselves), emptied my mp3 (before I knew I was a TI - at the time I had been curious how the recordings could have possibly gotten erased - must have hit the erase twice while in my bag I thought), took and returned several months later the remote for the radio....

But, they also stole my 10 month old car 5 years ago. In retrospect I know how they did it. I have a feeling there is some kind of ring that focuses on areas where there are country (second) homes.....

When I got the brand new car back from the insurance two months later, the next morning there was a scratch along the side. At the time people said 'oh, new cars are always getting scratched' the time I bought that. But after realizing that I have been targeted I started to put two and two together. I started to realize that 5 years ago, the only people who would have known that it was a one day old new car, would have been the perps.

The cars are not stolen from the country area, that would bring attention. No, they watch the patterns of the people, go into their country homes, get the addresses of the city home (by examining bills if they are left lying around)........ and they take the cars from the city.

So the message is, if you live in the country and don't lock your car door at are open to people looking in your car at night....and don't leave your spare keys in it - they can make copies of it, they can not start it, but can still get into the car ... if they find that you keep the spare there often, they will just pick their night, open the car, and drive it away.

I felt it in my bones 5 years ago, that it was just too hard to imagine trying to get a car out from between two parked cars onto a flatbed, which is what I had originally thought.

It would be interesting to bring this to the attention of the insurance companies, suggesting they do a study of how many stolen cars have clients with two homes.

The possibilities are bigger than any of us can imagine.

Another TI