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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


In another city. Cop pulled up for jaywalking..I crossed and noticed too late that everyone else was left at the curb.  The cop car pulled right up, and as the officer popped out of his car he said "Why cant you cross the street like everyone else?".  I love being greeted like a child and very unprofessionally by public servants.

So, being approached in an aggressive, idiotic fashion I responded in kind on reflex I suppose.  I said that it was becuz in Boston people just crossed the street as they pleased sort of as opportunity arose, sensibly of course.  I added that in all my travels crossing the street had not been an issue.

He then discusses how everyone in elementary school is taught how to cross a street.  I describe the environment in Boston my hometown concerning this issue briefly and with some amusement to all this.

He said he was raised in NY so "..the bs isnt going to work on me". 

I responded that in NY they would indeed run one over but in Boston there were just so many students.
He has to one up and flirts that they only run you over in NY if your from NJ.  Was this a serious issue or not? Annoying.

Then this home bum guy spare changing has to join in to try to diffuse the situation basically.  Saying he was doing me a favor and all this kiss ass bs. 
Then he runs my ID.  He then writes my info down in a little pad he owns. I ask what is he doing with my info -to make sure he isnt a stalker (or a very careless perp).

The homeless guy says something  and the officer says have a nice day and leaves.

The homebum then states that the officer saw him jaywalk just seconds before and that I was probably pulled over for such a thing due to the fact that I was an attractive female and that street was known for prostituion. He was hoping to get me on some warrants or whatever he could get.

The problem is that I was crossing with a group and it was obvious I was not aquainted with the laws as I broke from the sheep herd to make my way across the street..I wasnt alone to start with.

He then informed me not to walk on this particular street as I would be harassed and ID checked repeatedly by police due to the way I look and them trying to get anyone on anything.
I informed him if that happens that I would march my ass down to thier seargent as well as internal affairs and stop that activity from happening.

Another example of some peoples sick idea of fun due to thier power position, their misplaced hunting instincts and aggression as well as thier perception that certain people are weak and easily victimized.

What uspet me most about it was not the easily remedied unprofessional way I was approached and handled, but the fact that when I look at all the lives of the real criminals that were in my life, what they got away with..what they still get away with and how many of them, including my own family members, were protected and even rewarded in some cases, and I, having to live in the street and on the road..
it just seems pretty unfair.  That I have to be sighted to follow rules this closely and seem always harassed for doing very little yet other people have gotten away with not having to follow any laws at all.
OLNICK did not seem to have to follow any laws even though they were filtering HUD money. Nor did the people in my life who were my intimates who were criminals.

Yet I live houseless, and get harassed for jay walking in a disrespectful unprofessoinal manner.

I hope that cop did  NOT know who I was. I can only hope for his sake that he thought I was just another shapely poor female who does not know what her rights are who can be treated like a child and flirted with....


AJH said...

I was with a woman work collegue from originally from Boston who jaywalked in Seattle. Some uniformed individual (LEO), but not Seattle police, reamed her out in the middle of the crosswalk, but that was the end of it. I had no idea until then as to the regional disparity of jaywalking in the USA. Like they say, when in Rome...

Anonymous said...

I don't cross against the light/or at a non intersection if I see a cop since the cops here are out to get me. They have shown time and time again what perps they are.

The stupid cop prob just wanted to look down your blouse. Hope he isn't a perp or associated with them. It's odd though he picked you out of a crowd. Probably because of your backpack. If I wear a backpack some people take me for homeless.

Some ass ran up to me and said "do you have a place to stay? do you want to get high? He had to cross the street to do this. Must be desperate for some nookie. I got away from him as quickly as possible.

For some reason the cops here don't find me all that attractive. LOL

Anonymous said...

Nobody finds TI's attractive. They've convinced themselves they are all beautiful gods and goddesses, and we are skanky promiscuous trash. since they are living a lie, I don't find that one bit surprising. I just had a dispatcher hang up on me because he knew the people harassing me were gangstalkers and didn't want to process my report.

Rachael O. said...

Unfortunately for some of us the 'perps' and anyone else in on this as observers finds us too attractive. Remember these people are STALKERS first and foremost. Do not EVER forget that. Thier behavior patterns are that of text book stalkers like victims experience one on one...Or crimes such as victim witness intimidation where gangs and the like stalk and harass a single victim and perhaps their families.

And what about 'cause stalkers'? They obviously care very much about the TI...just like any delusional vigilante would. Most of these people care little however for human rights, liberty, Free Will and logic/reason. The mob is never reasonable. They are a force collectively.

Anonymous said...

I experience a lot of mind games from these stalkers. Lately, their tactics seem to be aimed at causing me great depression. Most of what I've read about gangstalking, it seems like they are out to traumatize and give the target a breakdown. Of course, they have plenty of humiliation tactics to attempt to lower my self esteem. Lowering one's self-esteem seems like a tactic they use to get me more dependent on "them" for "help" and guidance. Also, I imagine causing the target to become massively depressed via psych. harassment seems logical to me, as that can be used to control the victim, yet I never hear TI's mentioning that tactic.

Anonymous said...

When I think of the color brown in terms of what it is doing to confound the operators' readings, just think of what sound deading foam insulation or ceiling tiles would do to a sonar system. The sound wave would travel to the sound deading material, but very little of any comes back. It's worse than black, because black absorbs everything you throw at it light and radiation wise (which is why black objects under the sun get extremely hot for example). Black would be like shooting a sonar gun at a vast expansion of space; you would get NOTHING at all in return. But with brown, remember it's like the sound deadening material to a sonar operator... you do get something back, which is nothing, because it is so faint. Then you'd have to compare it to nearby objects just to figure out where this deadener is located.

Anonymous said...

There was a mistake in my last reply... the sound deadening material would give you something, although very very faint, which would be a little more than nothing. And you can bet that perps use sonar guns or something that operates on that principle, or so they have let me in on. Kinda like ultrasound for getting a picture on a fetus, except this ultrasound can go through walls and ceilings, but certain foams and insulation would deaden the sound, blurring the reading.

Anonymous said...

Why would you think I would fall for it if a perp came on to me? I can see right thru the garbage usually. The stuff they say insinuates that they "know" about me. They are the trash. They are dead things feeding on more dead things while avoiding what is alive except to use it to their own purposes.

I was wondering why my male "neighbors" looked at me like a slut when I did nothing to turn them on but another single female moved in and they treat her with respect.