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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Smart Mobs
"Smart Mobs are sometimes manipulated by the dispatchers who control the 'mobbing system' (ie, those who own the contact list and the means to forward instant messages to a group) and induced to cause distress and aggravation to individuals who have been targeted or singled out for whatever reason.
There is a tendency to keep the dynamics of smart mobbing 'covert', and not to discuss such incidents on the internet."

This would be the way alot of TI suspected that the system works. Its to obvious that tech has advanced to the point where it can be utilzed in this manner.  Once again there is proof  and anyone who says you are crazy or delusional simply refuses to do thier homework and/or get with the program as far as admiting to the way the world is nowadays.

This double standard or whatever one would call it makes it so groups can covertly operate and at the same time deny thier actions by using old standards of judgement and perception of how society is set up and operates.

Its intersting how many people seem unaware of these developments in thier own world.  That so many live in a vacuum where they are still percieving the world by out of date pre tech standards.

THIS IS THE SEGMENT OF THE  POPULATION THAT THEY DEPEND ON TO JUDGE THE TI OR VICTIM INSANE OR DELUSIONAL.  The ignorant, the lazy, the uninformed.  Prisoners in thier own society by way of thier own ignorace, used against the Target.


Visvasa144 said...

If your still on the road and traveling please do not stay in
Mt.Shasta too long. You will get harassed and alot of black magicians live there. please read my blog.
Loving Kindness.

Rachael O. said...

Thanks but I stay aware of all possibilities..and I think the worst of that was during the war-for me anyway.

And to be never know who is fighting on your side. Someone considered 'bad' or 'evil' or working for the bad guys might just be on a TI's side at some point. And that can all change as well. In this game there are often strange allies and bed fellows.
Try to keep an open mind.

Anonymous said...

I have a slightly different interpretation of "Smart mobs":

Many persons today are subjected to unwarranted surveillance (pun intended) and yes, such illegal activity has led to the ruin of innocent lives in some, if not many cases.

However; with today's technology it is no longer necessary to conduct man-hour intensive and wasteful "missions" to carry out surveillance activities.

Surveillance "teams" make use of GPS technology, and track suspect vehicles automatically with GPS enabled devices. Perform a Google search on the term "GPS_enabled stalking" or something similar.

A low number of millions of U.S. people (conservative estimate), who have been solicited to participate in various "programs" along the lines of a "community policing" philosophy, have been wired into an automated system that takes feed input from the GPS tracking devices that have been applied to various "suspect" vehicles.

The program members are connected to the automated "control" system in various ways, but sometimes with only a cellphone, vehicle navigation unit, or a similar device.

These "program participants" are blended into society at large, and constitute a high enough percentage of the public such that it is no longer necessary to "send chase vehicles" after any particular suspect. Whichever "program members" happen to be in the area occupied by the suspect are alerted automatically by the system's computers, which continually calculate the distance between the suspect and any "program members" who happen to be proximate to the suspect.

Of course, the proximate "program members" provide feedback to the system about the suspect's activities, and such feedback is appended to anything else that has been collected by other program members in the vicinity, and all of this information is automatically disbursed to additional members whose movement brings them close to the suspect and into the area of interest.

The effect, on many occasions, is to create a sort of "swarm" that can literally overwhelm the suspect.

In such a case not only does the suspect realize he is being "swarmed", but he additionally realizes that he has been incapacitated. Of course, the incapacitated person is often an innocent individual, as the described system is being used currently in the U.S. to project this type of "living horror movie" curse onto people who have been added to poorly vetted databases containing lists of the accused -- with only vague innuendo presented as evidence -- in other words, the evidence of a kangaroo court and lynch-justice.

In other words, via the use of the afore-described mechanism and others (also high tech based and just as nasty) we have created a de facto police state.