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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Psych 101-Mindset Of Lone Shooter Article: More Profiling That DOESNT APPLY TO ME

Another article that shows this frame up for what it is.

My planning ahead has always been for my project nothing else: writing two books-one on the non profit industrial complex that exploits The Homeless and a sci fi/auto biographical work about these years of odd experiences.
And a trip to Europe to see if I want to relocate there. Those have always been my main plans and they are all I talk about with people I've met over these past ten years around this country. That is what I live for and anyone who's discussed this with me as well as my readers knows it. Besides, my committing crimes would prevent me from producing what I want to establish my power in the world. After so many years of selfless hard work WHY would I want such a thing to happen?

"The shooting becomes a statement of whom they want to be," Welner adds. "These are crimes in which the perpetrators aim for immortality and spectacle and see the shooting as their crowning achievement. After that, nothing else matters, including living."

I have a strong sense of Self as well as my books and activism is 'who I want to be'. Also being a woman ultimately my womb is immortality. I think men struggle more with feelings connected with this not women.

Secondly I am not too concerned about my manhood, lol. Nothing has occurred to make me feel like less of a man in life becuz I happen to be a woman. And my possessing a womb and a vagina and other assets means I will always be able to create life as well as have things to negotiate power with, as well as guarantee my well being either temporarily or long term.
These blogs are babies becuz I have no children. Keeping me from creating and working on them through silencing me with intimidation and threats is actually what this past two years have been about.
The article mentions masculine power being defined in the USA as potential to destroy. My work has been about trying to preserve and save. The work speaks for itself. That also isn't how female power is defined and I'm female-why would I seek male status. As far as the warrior concept goes I believe this is in the DNA or it's not and frequently female warrior ship is defined differently than male.

Next I was never isolated from society. After the first horrible experience in this frame up I was temporarily trying to find a new home base as an activist and Traveler, being confused by the changes in Cambridge after so many years there. Being scared, wounded, confused, in increasing ill physical health and sleep deprived does not make one 'a loner' or dangerously cut off from civilization. In transition perhaps.

Then there's the creepy part about shooters imitating scenes in movies. I'm far too adept as a painter, writer, music lover (with many musician friends) and generally creative artistically inclined person to want to imitate other people's creations. My ego as an artist is way to big to tolerate that-a character trait that is frequently used against me as well as one I'm readily despised for. (Too bad.)

I also have no knowledge of or experience with guns except for having been in a home where such weapons were used for hunting, responsibly of which I never took part or viewed first hand.

Again, it seems in a corrupt, broken system, all you have to do is put someone's name on something and they can be found guilty without even a proper trial.

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