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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Another Shooting Prompts Me To Urge Our Community To Work On Prevention-And Take Caution In Discussing Cases


Is everyone done trying to screw me to the wall now? Are you ready to stop prosecuting innocent people and hear about how the theories of my community might actually save peoples lives or are you going to continue to allow innocent people to be hurt? Its not wonder I'm being hit with multiple cases SO I CANT SPEAK OUT and my freedom of speech is totally taken from me.

Yes, many of us want to claim that 'authorities' or people with an agenda are behind shutting down a lot of activists right now. But what about these men who were injured for instance or ones who have died-on all sides. They don't benefit from any of this. You don't get much out of an agenda or conspiracy if you are dead-unless your family getting life insurance is your idea of beneficial which I doubt. Most people would rather have thier lives.
I am sick and tired of seeing this happen while my hands are tied because I'm living under threats and intimidation.

I just looked over the paperwork from two of the three cases. This has got to be one of the worst frame ups. Its all based on anonymous tips, hearsay and most of the accusations and paperwork I HAD NOT EVEN SEEN UNTIL MY ATTORNEY IN NH MAILED IT TO ME recently. So much for being able to face your accusers. All but one of the 'tips' is completely anonymous.
The authorities seem to be protecting the informant who gave the original tip to the FBI about me allegedly having a gun in Harvard Sq. It says it was anonymous but yet there's an age and address listed for the anonymous tipster.

A lot of the accusations are conflicting as well. And what was done in NH is the most illegal, abusive, outrageous subverting of the US Constitution, my human and civil rights as well as due process Ive ever seen in my life. My current attorney is still confused about the outcome of the NH case because the decision they seemed to have made would have required me to HAVE PLEADED SOME SORT OF NO CONTEST OR GUILTY which I did not. I did four months in an abusive, moldy jail becuz I would not plead out to something I did not do.

I am continuing to get abusive comments from whoever did do this, the stalker who is a reader of this blog. The person has become very crazy and is saying things like I am an evil woman who is in rebellion against god, that I am a gun toting, right wing conservative but yet then the person will write that I am a left wing lesbian and abortioness etc. Whoever they are they are getting very crazy and its outrageous that people were and are still trying to focus on my having done this when evidence clearly points to this nut job commenting on my blog WHO HAS HAD FOREKNOWLEDGE of police coming for me due to the first email sent AND MENTIONED ANOTHER INCIDENT BEFORE I KNEW ABOUT IT and I had not mentioned anything on this blog about it.

The judge in NH effectively disqualified himself btw by saying, as he put the case on a 'no finding' status for two years, by saying "I dont want to see anymore of this nonsense miss Orban" and I said " I am going to find out who sent this, believe me" to which he replied "I believe YOU sent this".
So the judge is biased...and "believes" I sent the threatening communication? Belief? NOT PROOF BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT??? FROM A TRIAL WHERE IT IS THE STATE'S BURDEN TO PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT? Is this absolutely for real?
He also threatened to push through a horrible sentence on me EVEN THOUGH IT WAS NEVER PROVED I SENT ANYTHING AND THERE'S EVIDENCE THAT ITS A READER ON MY BLOG.

Its hard to defend yourself when you are being attacked and provoked constantly in Valley Street Jail in Manchester NH and abused by officers who lie on thier reports (I've got the grievances to prove it.)

The only reason any of this is going under the radar is because someone figures that I will be so damaged by this abuse that I wont be able to function and Ill be afraid to make any moves to defend myself as well as obviously that Im going to be successfully witch hunted (historically a Boston pass time) because of the chaos going on with all the shootings.
My mother used to say, thats how serial killers think, and criminals. They blend in with the students (when she worked in a bar in Boston). That they go along with a trend of crime like crooked law suits in the 80s because if everyone else is doing it, they feel they wont be caught. That no one is paying attention.

Whoever is doing this feels that I will be lost to the pervading environment of chaos and fear as well as no one will pay attention to how corrupt the cases are becuz of everything else going on.

None of this matters anymore. People are dying due to these shootings and its been going on far too long now. Its ridiculous that I of all people would be a person to hurt others considering that my work is dedicated to nothing more than helping others and the content of my work especially BEFORE I GOT SET UP FOR THE FIRST CASE consisted of digging into a few high profile lone shooting cases as well as examining many lone shooters themselves.

My posts where I support police are many on this blog. My lawyer in NH  did not look them up and bring them to the bail hearings which is why his ass needed to be fired but its a bit hard when they have you locked up and people are messing with you all the time and you are indigent becuz you cant get to your money so no phone calls, no paper, envelopes etc. Law Library and newspapers is all I had. I now understand in this country why we have things like Law Library and Freedom Of Speech of the printed word. I always understood but never saw something as horrific as what happened to me make an example of how oppression can make those things LIFE SAVING in a certain situation. And the help of other women in there...as usual when the patriarchy tries to crush a woman, its other women who help out.

I'm going to do what I do best and that's try to assist. Whats going on out there is absolutely ridiculous and probably totally unnecessary. I will not be intimidated while innocent people lose thier lives.

First thing everyone must do in the TI community is to stop being careless with what we write. Its obviously being used against us right now. There are multiple articles meant to set us up as potential nut job shooters just becuz its theorized by people in the community that the shooters may have been targeted.
We cant afford to play with ideas anymore. Its too dangerous and its being used to harm the community by mostly big media outlets. (Yes I realize one of the stories I posted was from VICE but if you read my post from a few days back it shows that VICE has basically gone big media due to selling out in the Brooklyn area as well as big media investing in VICE. The genuine Hipster community is done with VICE, that says a lot.)

Secondly we need to help others who may be at risk with prevention. Mulling over details of cases AFTER people are dead is only feeding the trolls and giving our detractors material to work with. Try to get to people at risk BEFORE they act out, make this the focus of activism now, not trying to figure out if some shooter was being harassed. Try to get the word out to anyone, TI or not, just anyone feeling desperate-that taking violent action IS NOT the way to deal with whatever is going on.

In court they tried desperately to use against me that I was mapping out just how a lot of stress and harassment can be utilized to bait people into snapping and losing it. They tried to make it look like I had sent the threatening faxes BECUZ I MYSELF HAD LOST IT AND SNAPPED and may be capable of doing something. Which is ridiculous for those of you who know me but it worked in an ambush basically where I wasn't prepared and had little control over my attorney and had little understanding of my legal rights in the situation and was victimized by intimidation, abuse and fear.
Of course I would map out that process, as my blog clearly stated at the time IT WAS A CANDID BLOG of daily experiences so people could see how this sort of thing works. It was to try to help others and a lot of it was done with my naturally sophomoric sense of humor-both dark humor and sarcasm, from my being largely from a very collegiate area, I've never left that mindset. I suppose when you are surrounded by smart people and even the hobos in the place I called home for years are good looking, talented and smart and fraternize with the college kids, you don't take things seriously and the rest of the country doesn't quite appreciate that outlook.

I discovered that even just mere miles away, right over the border of the next state, you can make the most nonsensical bunch of bullshit fly and look legit as long as everyone is scared enough, corrupt enough and willing to hang someone to get what they need out of it. That not everyplace is like Boston where there's some oversight, watchdog groups and well...intelligent common sense.

The best thing to do right now is not assume you are safe writing anything. It seems that prevention is in order. And its hard to examine a motive for a case when the shooter always ends up dead.
I'm going to do all I can to try to help which was my intent to begin with but its gone beyond just examining the shootings and perpetrators. No one is listening to that. Its just the worst news making it to people. Obviously the people losing it are where to focus on.

And why does no one see this before it happens? Neighbors or spouses or friends or co workers? Its very shady that I get caught up in the system when I'm not dangerous and there was never a chance of my doing any harm yet I'm being focused on but the people who are becoming actual shooters are somehow making it under the radar.

I feel that the only people who can actually help right now are THE PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY. Think about it- no one knows more about how stuff like this works. Lets call it merely 'shady' if you will. That's an understatement but it sums it up pretty well. Maybe that's why our community and the most vocal in it is being set up for silence if you will. So we cant help.

I just had two more relatives die-one while I was in jail and the other when I got out and was too messed up from being abused to do anything but try to deal with daily survival. Now these shootings are becoming a normal occurrence in the news-as if its normal. I simply don't care anymore about being intimidated. And everyone else in the TI community shouldn't either.

The fact that our community is being vilified YET NO ONE WHO IS A TRUE RISK THAT ACTS OUT is being focused on. Someone, somewhere is much more interested in DIVERSIONS than actually solving this problem. No one knows more than we do about how cruel people can be, even just in the situations of workplace mobbing or bullying. Its time we put our expertise to work in a meaningful way in mainstream society.

Another thing this will accomplish, I've discovered in these misadventures is that this will WEED OUT THE DISINFO people or fake TIs who only exist to harm our community. There's no way such a person could set out to be helpful and accomplish anything positive. It just isn't possible. Just like anyone who's been to OCCUPY knows how to tell an infiltrator- thier prime directive is to mislead, misdirect, destroy, time waste, agitate, infiltrate, sabotage. They cant accomplish anything else-by thier task and by thier very nature I dare say.

If you are a Survivor, if you understand SMART's website, you know your true nature. Use that now and don't let anyone interfere in your connecting to what you need to defend yourself-and to continue with activism.


  1. Rachel be careful with that commenter. I saw multiple news articles lately that millions are being spent on PAID ONLINE TROLLS that go and comment on videos and blogs. They get paid by the comment. If they are doing this why wouldn't something similar also apply to your situation? Rather than sending in people, it's much easier to just have people sitting in an office somewhere harassing you online. Just be aware that this online harassing / trolling thing seems to be the new way things are done now. I suspect these people are paid losers just trying to harass you. Just realize that and take their power away.

  2. Also military.Israeli/ British JTRIG/ and many private contractors are using our blogs o stir up legal cases under the 'threat matrix' and the abuse of dialectic intention.

    BTW: your blog is fascinating, and very possibly rare in that it documents a sociological phenomenon, and you manage to avoid the BS traps that disinfo agents plant about face orbs, electromagnetics, and V2K, etc.

    Your story is very believable, an include any of the reputable themes I have been discovering: politics, homelessness, threats from internet agents to indict you in crimes; gentrification, etc.

    You really should keep up your work, it's very real.

    An maybe talk to psychologists who study this stuff- this thread is one that needs you!