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Saturday, October 29, 2016

HAARP Author Nick Begich Unfortunately Does Not Have Good Credentials

This seems to have always been one of my things as an activist in the TI community-to question its gurus.

I believe Derrick of FFCHS ran into trouble in recent years and Id discredited him and the organization long ago. My experiences with FFCHS was not good and the minute I had started questioning non sensical things about them, or just making sense I was chased out by trolls (and met a few criminal opportunist perps through them).

There IS something arrey since 9-11 or even late Clinton to be more specific but definitively since 9-11 and the war and with nasty, heavy handed attempts at censorship from the establishment like my recent situation, one has to question why such methods are necessary if one or all of us as a community is simply imagining things. Why the hatred, the lying, the crooked methods, the denial of due process.
There definitely IS something wrong.

However just like David Icke and InfoWars we have to look closely at the people guiding us.

The tech involved in this war arent my specialty-Im more a person who has deep experience with high level programming, ritual abuse,handlers, involvement of the sex industry and crooked authorities, acedemic connections and with my mother being a documented radiation experimentee both parents US Marines- MK Ultra.

Many sensitives have been effected by changes in the daily environment. Electromagnetic pollution is accepted reality in certain European countries.

To just believe an expert put in front of you isnt enough. We need strong opposition and ever since my recent situstion where authorities have acted dishonorably, subverted the US Constitution and been as viscous as possible instead of seeking justice and to protect the innocent-my position on ensuring we have solid opponents to counter our enemies and detractors.

I dont feel that Nick Begich's credentials are going to scare any of the opponents we have nor convince the American public, and this is unfortunate.

I dont understand why he didnt get some sort of legit education even if it meant being blacklisted at an institution of higher learning. If hes bright he could get through it.

And INFOWARS loves to feature his videos-that right there is a red flag.

Hes very pro Russia and pro China I notice. Both very close to Alaska. Also Alaska is oil interest and right wing Conservative Republican-traditionally supporting military spending and contractors.

His suspicion about his father's death is notable-perhaps hes blacklisted and couldnt take advantage of the same opportunities and resources as a US citizen-just like the rest of us or perhaps its more complex than that-and even Nick Begich doesnt know why he does what he does...

One wants to believe but theres just too much to question about his education and educated people can dismantle his theories.

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