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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Interesting How All The Difficulties Have Come Just In Past Year-When My Uncle Dies

Well, two uncles actually. Two more family members dead. Two more people I never got to see or speak to or say anything to before they passed.


The other obituary isn't really pertinent.

I was watching out for his passing in obituaries like all older relatives but how would I have known he was suffering a prolonged illness and it was obvious he was going to pass away?

I also heard that my dad is on dialysis and he's so unstable he can't make the proper decision to get a kidney transplant. Isn't that a lovely thing to have to hear about?

He's had such a hard time.

What really happened?
No one really knows.

But I can guarantee you one thing: It isn't going to happen to me. It hasn't in fact.

NH is an odd sort of place isn't it? Maybe he went insane just from living there for too long.

In jail we saw the most INTERESTING movies. And one of them was this boring dumb made for TV movie where this woman has all this frightening metaphysical stuff happen to her in a house that destroys her family yet at the end the interviewing detective deducts that SHE killed them-probably for insurance money. That SHE is the bad guy...not this incredible force of evil no one can see. Even though the stupid idiot has videos to prove her version of events, she gives in to intimidation in the end because,as the saying that kept showing up throughout this turd film kept telling the viewer: People See What They Want To See!!!

And ALL the women in the unit in the jail were so adamant about watching this turd and so enthused about it. Which is strange because those women couldn't organize to save their lives and seemed more concerned with being divided and talking about dumb boring crap all day and night to be on the same page about ANYTHING. (Being forced to watch Lifetime Network all the time in there was torment enough.)

And we saw other turds often enough in there too but just like the last movie I mentioned, I ignored those also. I found them boring.

Gee....maybe I should be afraid that people will only see what they want to...or rather, people may feel they may now be able to do so without consequences.

If only life were like the movies, huh?

I believe in a higher order. That Truth is ultimate power. If you stand by that, you will be protected and people will have made their own consequences by their own actions.

BTW violence is a stupid persons solution to problems. The notion I would have to resort to that is as distasteful as this entire situation has been.

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