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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SCVNGR/LevelUp Startups and Stealing Target's Ideas, Activities/GS Is The Meaning Of Life


Saw this on a smartphone my friend found and gave to me. I use it for wifi only. Didn't know what it was.
Cambridge MA based company is a red flag for my GS campaign as a Targeted Individual due to the origin of myself and my being a product of second generation MK Ultra is in my birthplace of Cambridge. Harvard U, MIT etc.

Most alarming is the concept of a virtual reality created and controlled to be like a 'blanket' or second layer over physical reality-cities etc.

That is a concept I came up with and was shown by this system early on, posted in my OnMC Wordpress blog. It describes the intentions of the shadow system to utilize mass mind control in cities and towns across the USA-over civilization really, to enslave humanity.

So these bastards experiment more with it as well as make a profit?


"Freelunch"? "Begging"? I was actually in Austin TX at that SXSW that year. I had fled a corrupt transitional house for women in San Antonio supposedly Christian but like many things that hide under that faith, the women were doing harassment, getting into fights, and the owner was an upstandinf citizen who secretly put girls up in apartments for kinky sex, allegedly. It was awful.
Austin hadnt been destroyed yet as a Traveler destination so it was ok. Alot of gang stalking though, especially from males dressed like cookie cut out hipsters.
Sxsw was a nuisance and Austin is way better without it.

However i think it's interesting that i was actively being heavily harassed there and could be observed.
After that this company takes to 'begging'?


Oh good. Then due to riding the coatails of a TI and stealing their ideas due to the person being held like a slave when I begin my homeless hostel chain and try to revamp the homeless industry here in the USA I assume I can count on these people for contribution?


Universities= MK Ultra. Ongoing MK Ultra probably under a different name. The same players are involved in my experience. The military contractors and universities definitely. Certainly institutions like hospitals and medical professionals and a percentage of ALL First Responders.

This begs to question just how much are black projects like MK Ultra rooted programs linked to business? This would also show a shadow side to the already shadowy link between the businesses in the 'complex(s)' (military-industrial-entertainment, medical, prison, securities, etc).

Ive learned one thing about the shadow system here in the USA. Nobody makes it big or makes it so quickly without help or being useful to the agenda of the shadow system.

Amazing ascends to success are not miracles or quirks. They are the logical result of being involved with an all powerful influence that makes it so.
Even a junior high school math drop out like me can assess by feel, common sense and life experience that the formulations and numbers for such an investigative equation or working out of the math and stats and chance of it all would come out with a sensible, LOGICAL, working out of such successes Not the blinding 'miracles' that are portrayed with disgusting childlike wonder in articles about such companies.

Its pathetic.

I roam the Harvard Cöop with all its varied books and info and I am nowadays both freed and disappointed if not removed from that reality altogether by knowing that every book in there is meaningless information becuz they do not take into account the existence of covert operations or hidden influences in the running of our world and all of human affairs.

Its like being told the meaning of life and trying to contain the inevitable effect of going crazy.

Gang stalking is the meaning of life. The info everyone wants or is missing to explain human existence.

Its not magic nor is it a concept explaining away magick as does limited modern science.

It is the understanding of the use of 'magick' in human and worldly affairs along with science and everything we know-much of which the hidden wont tell us.

Everything makes sense. There's no such thing as miracles...as they are framed and presented to us now-but in reality-miracles happen everyday if you consider magick and gang stalking activity in daily life.

Its also a warning concerning the future that Transhumanists want to create for humanity.

Anyone chipped and monitored can be turned into a slave. One that is whipped to action that causes exhaustion, ill health and loss of life. Driven to perform for it's master(s) until death and denied any right to a quality of life or self determination.

If TIs ideas being ripped off and stolen for decades now while we are monitored, harassed into action or 'performance' like dancing bears on a chain and tortured while elite connected, sleazy privedged assholes get very rich isnt proof enough of the dangers of the society Technomancers are trying to establish hiding behind Transhumanism and progress and whatever other bullshit they want to throw out there-I don't know what is.

(Dont even TRY to steal this. I WILL find out.)

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  1. your gunna hate this comment, but the meaning of life is in the bible! Read what happened to Jesus and who was against him, in fact look what happened to all the prophets in the bible, I can guarantee you will relate. I'm sorry that you have had bad experiences with christians but dont throw the baby out with the bathwater. Anyway I totally agree with the fact that the people in society only deal with life using the brain and interpreting life through math and science. You call it magick I call it wordly knowledge. Anyway its good to see your mental juices flowin, cool blog here.