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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Harassment At DunkinDonuts Brighton

Uh so what is up the asses of all these 'regular guy' construction types who come in here? I CAN'T EVEN EAT MY BREAKFAST OR HAVE COFFEE WITHOUT BULLSHIT?

Dirty stares, organized harassment-all the bullshit.

When are these guys going to learn there's more to life than just organized crime and the union?

MK Ultra and the NWO are just a weee more pressing than your daily bullshit or concerns. Seriously? Its why im still fighting. Its what im supposed to be doing. This is MY JOB. Just like you have yours-and it's got to show results by a certain timeframe.

So they seem to be very territorial about this Dunkins. As if anyone they don't like, how could I DARE come in here??

This is how blatantly childish and selfish they are. Its incredible to watch.

A bunch of ill behaved little boys, of an alarming large size, operating from the same fears, insecurities and aggressions, acting as a cohesive unit.

But still just f*cked up little boys.

Listen, we are all sorry that the opiates stop working at some point (many pinned eyes among them) and your spouses cheat on you when your at work BUT THE REST OF THE WORLD DOESNT OWE YOU ANYTHING.
(A gang stalking female black perp once mentioned that the motivation that the system manipulates in these guys is their anger towards women-and that common occurrence in their lifestyle or culture feeds that resentment).

Piss off. Im going to go wherever is convenient to eat. No one is trying to invade your petty little worlds. I travel the entire country yearly on a shoestring budget that would make u brats break down and start crying.
I go lots of places for coffee NATIONWIDE and have for nine years.

Im a middle aged female. Just TRY to tell me what to do or force my Will.
Good luck with that.

Don't disturb my morning again.
Just focus on knocking down the low income housing development so they can build a park-across from the new mall they are constructing.
Just another addition to Harvard for tourists and new money people...who wont understand how disgusting it is..and how Harvard shouldn't need a mall to exist.
But now that Harvard no longer exists and Necromancy has been performed to animate an empty shell of what once was-it doesnt matter anyway.

Get to work, oh worker drones of the NWO.


Unknown said...

LoL cool post!

Anonymous said...

They go to great lengths to show of how envious they are of targets, and they want us to feel bad because they are lessors. Hence, the need to restore the balance and their self-esteem by becoming waste of human flesh blowhards. All through the system, there are jerkoffs like this. That seems to be why they get mad when we don't accept our place. They are the sum total of one entity, a bully who is jealous of one of his victims, and he wants us to feel beneath him. When the victim doesn't feel beneath the bully, the bully gets mad, because the victim didn't "know his/her place".

Too bad, we are superior to them and their mob. Let them yell and harass us till they die of red faces. They are all puny little abusive bullies. Let them suffer by your presence. Sucks for them, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

There probably is still a lot of "tradition" left at Harvard and other university campuses. Every time I visit my former university, I get this good feeling coming from somewhere when I walk out of my car and into the college town. It's just some very good vibes coming from the university atmosphere that's always been there. Sure there is an attempt to turn universities into money-making research factories, but there is still plenty of "safe haven from the real world" left. I hope it lasts for some time.

And those petty little childish idiots. When are they going to learn that the worl doesn't revolve around them, and doesn't owe them anything? I encounter so many of these types, and I just want to tell them to "grow the FUCK UP already. You're grown adults. Quit acting like 12 year olds protecting your playground from invaders". Very territorial. Waaah, this is MY STORE!!! GET OUT OF MY STORE!!! CAN'T YOU SEE THIS IS MY STORE, BECAUSE IT IS AND YOU HAVE TO LEAVE!!!! And they don't even own it, and half of the perps that come in there to harass you probably don't even pay their taxes. And they certainly don't own the store. But the system encourages these "false ideas", that sheep and perps are the ones who own certain territories, like Dunkins when they really don't. But the NWO is all about childish territorialism. Like, get the fuck out, because this is MY place, as though it were their homes we were breaking into or something. We're supposed to bow down and kiss the feet of childish idiots with no class or manners who get whatever they want. Yeah right. I've worked hard and paid taxes, so I should be able to go wherever I want. But this is not the case, because the designers purposely allow spoiled adult brats to take over terroritories and chase out anyone who is a threat to them. At my former university, there is something of this nature with the students, and they want me to feel like I am tresapassing. Like this older guy in the Subway on College Ave. was saying to his other friend: "He's somebody's mistake!!!" followed by laughing. Then he looks at me like I should be all intimidated and leave because I was in HIS Subway (probably just an old loser who couldn't find a better job) outside the university campus along East Halls.