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Sunday, January 4, 2015

ALERT: If You Have Legit Case Get Lawyer NOW Becuz Two Years After PRISM Declassified Is Past Statute Of Limitations

THIS is why over the past two years they've been making it very hard for anyone homeless (and targeted) to use public spaces or even university computers or other resources.

It also explains why key people in the environment like homeless industry workers or police or anyone else who was a solid fixture in the environment throughout the last ten years of intense gang stalking harassment has left the area under different pretenses or circumstances.

It also makes sense that in my case the authorities pushed so hard to cause me to finally react and become discredited (arrest and probation) as well as constantly harassing me in a way that triggers racist comments from me which was never a focus before of the GS system nor was it my behavior.

This case in the link is also a great example of a Target's experience as its pretty much accurate in the tactics they pull and the kinds of people that are used.

What the author might not understand is that the excusr of a wrong Google search is just a set up-a cover story.
It might not even be valid they just make him think it is or they used it as an excuse and he was targeted anyway.

It was mentioned to me repeatedly by people around me and by random perps as I began traveling something about people 'looking up the wrong kind of website' or sex websites were mentioned as if I had looked them up and that was why I was being targeted.

A person deprogramming from mind control is very easily confused and misled and brainwashed repeatedly as to why the gang stalking is occuring.

This is done certainly by manipulating the Survivor's still mind controlled state but also the system utilizes the three parts of 'gang stalking' (psy ops, technological influence, chemical influence) to re-brainwash if you will, the Target over and over again.

Obviously just like its suspected of Guantanamo Bay and even the war, 9/11-this was all used as cover for MK Ultra type 'black' projects which use Ritual Abuse, torture, abuse of psychology and other elements of MK Ultra projects.

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