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Thursday, April 17, 2008

more about programming

So no one is going to believe someone who is destitute and uneducated that they are programmed and harassed becuz they refuse to either drop dead (welcome to suicide programming) or become prisoners (jails, institutionalization or psych meds).

Its quite obvious to me now that all mind control surviviors that do not obey suicide programming will be coerced into one of these new prisons of the physical realm when the prisons or structures within no longer contain/control the mc survivor.
I cannot believe my experiencing this as common practice. Its an insult to everything I or any survivors have fought for and its a slap in the face to the glory of mankind itself becuz these new prisons deny the wonder, agility and richness of the human mind.

Its very very sad.

I had read this article a while ago but it only validated what I had read elsewhere and what i knew about my own head.

I have no idea about the cridentials of this person and to my disappointment when I contacted them it was strictly help for non targeted/gangstalked persons.

Interestingly, I am now allowed to conscously reveal a probable connection to other behaviors survivors may encounter.
There is an article I read on fantasy addiction years ago during my heavy research period when i actually had my own apartment. Its called fantasy addiction and yer gonna haveta look it up yerselves becuz if i even mention the source they'll probably all of a sudden mysteriously go out of business, change thier employees or thier name or some such nonsense--if yer being heavily targeted and people do not want to be percieved as helpful to you, the Target in any know the drill.

The article and association deals with approaching alot of issues with psychology not imprisoning methods. One such issue was fantasy addiction .
It reffered to it
1) as an addiction, connected to other addictive behaviors
2) as a defense mechanism against anxiety

good enough but what is more compelling is fantasy addiction as a defense mechanism against death anxiety.

If you are programmed how much death anxiety do you think you have .....quite alot.

This would explain/define more clearly the mention of some high profile survivors that persons with certain programming exhibit a propensity towards fantasy.

its a defense mechanism.

it is in certain forms also can be a form of self talk therapy.

What must be understood is never forget how nasty these people are to begin with....they do not care about the survivor. They are trafficers and all they want is the older ones to die so thier newer younger models can be used up and so on. The cycle of abuse of human beings never ends as far as i can see. These jerks are ultimatley protected so thus explains even the most lowly gang stalker's arrogance.

Yet thru my ordeal I have sensed that some entity or collective parties are thinking they are being helpful by invasive deprogramming tactics.
They throughout this whole process of my destruction by covert methods have been veeerrryyy
curious as to what is inside my head.
Some structures have been broken into and it was very damaging.
they do not seem to care what happens to the person as long as they get all the info as to what is in your programming.
its totally obnoxious. I bet thier excuse is they want to see if any dangerous programming is in thier or sleeper programs.

Once expendable, always expendable. Great way to ruin a brillaint mind and rich artistic talent...wouldnt want those running around uncontrolled-especially from a female.

Oh, and breaking me down so i can never get revenge or justice for all my associates who sold me out along the way. Great!

I am sure this is where the attitude of "just take what life we are giving you' arrogant attitude comes from.

To the ignorant I know this sounds like I the writer am just imagining things etc etc.

This blog was never for those existing outside this horrible system of oppression.
It would be like me, coming to YOUR job, your chosen field of expertise and saying I dont believe you about what really goes on behind the scenes of your job..or that I dont believe u when you make claims about the machinations of your've been doing for say 30 years or so.

How insulting is that?

If you are an outsider , unless you have a relative understanding of psychology, a realistic view of human violence and greed and an understanding of the history of psy ops and the general way of using covert methods to control humans....if you dont want to keep it real FOR REAL then as usual I say fo read something else.

Before I am reformatted, wiped or dead (out of demanding one last shred of dignity) i
will help as many survivors as possible with this blog..

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