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Sunday, December 9, 2007

steal this idea

one of the ideas i was working on before i got really slammed by GS (gangstalking[organized/group-stalking]) was an experiment where i would try to live w/out what i dubbed PRLSI's. Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images.

My idea was that we live in a world of pre recorded light and sound images that leave us living in 'dead time'. The experiment was to live completely in 'real time'. only live entertainment and experiences.

live music(bands, concerts, etc)
live theatre (plays, ballet, musicals, etc.)
if view television then only shows broadcast live
if listen radio only shows broadcast live

i thought maybe tv that i call nuetral. like the weather channel used to be or NASA channel can be. only transferance of simple information facts or data-no spin, no schtick, no sales, no drama. but still, its a grey area bcuz it IS pre recorded, so you might want to just avoid it.

i know it sounds like a strange idea to people but what you'd be doing is experiencing life to the fullest by really living. you'd be in real time only.

the gangstalking makes this impossible for me now and it makes me sad i never could try out my idea fully. i did once many years ago and i was the happiest i'd ever been. try it and you may find more quality of life.
most times however, i would give up tv and go to radio or the other way round. i really started to live once i gave up all PRLSI's.

i think i really began to get into the idea when over the years i saw that awful JFK assasination video over and over again. its like enough already, the man is dead and it was an terrible thing, but its happened already. i sensed it was used frequently to illustrate the power of the baby boomer's era and for other purposes of perception management. i noticed throughout my lifetime that they kept focusing on THEIR experience with the Cuban missle crises as another one of thier dramas of thier youth but no one seemed to be paying attention to my having to grow up with the 1980's fear of the end of the world thru nuclear war. it was very real and movies like 'the day after' were not comforting. its a personal issue i have w/the lack of credit my generation gets and still were are and were labled slackers. its interesting how a generation of people who resented being labled 'freaks' becuz it indicated being misunderstood would turn on us and call us 'slackers'. the previous gen created slackers.
what do you do when you were raised to question authority and to try to change social conditions and express yourself freely, then your parents turn into yuppies in the 80's? then it just seems the kids younger than i only know about what they saw post 80's.
sometimes when it seems that rebellion or protesting has become passe doing nothing might be the only form of rebellion one can come up with. or waiting to find a better way to rebel or change things that really works. we actually thought our parents had started a brave new world and it was our job to continue that and perfect it .
i see alot of boomers as they age turn into thier June and Ward type parents. they taught us this was all lies and to mistrust this outlook and way of being. so, as i age why would i turn into that? that was not my childhood. hopfully,as we age our generation will regress back to our parents way of being which i dont think society is ready for or will accept(America anyway). people want the 1960/70's to seems like a temporary interruption in judgement and sanity but to us it was a culture that was valid and it is only natural that i want to carry on tradition. i am doing what is perfectly natural for someone raised in my generation and no one is going to alter that with this 'grow up and conform' crap that seems to be part of the gangstalkings desired outcome for the target. i was working on improving my life in a way that was appropriate for the damage present in my systems. i knew what i was doing, ahh, but if i did it my way too much would be revealed. its better that the system in place break me and make me into mindless drone.

i will never let that happen.

if they want a world satuarated with false reality that people actaully believe instead of just other words its ok to use 'fantasy' as play for a hard working mind, to rest, regenerate, excersise- but only if one is a harsh realist about what actually is going on in the world.

if you are living in the grey area, living with falsehoods that are handed to you by the factory that produces them and if you are bored or find it distasteful then try this idea of getting rid of PRLI's. its a start, and hey nobody says you have to delve as deep as i wanted to into the mysteries of ..well, everything but you might find it a refreshing break for your mind, your spirit etc.
you can always take back PRLSI's.
the drug-store is always open.

maybe after you've given up thier ideas youcan make up your own, be totally creative on your own, but thats another idea for next time.

so with all that is going on with me, all i can do to try to better the world right now is to give you stories or ideas for free so you may use them, write about them, whatever. becuz there is no guarantee any gangstalking target will ever make it.

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