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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

An introduction to organized stalking and being a targeted individual

A Targeted Individual is a human being who has been taken hostage by a system victims have coined the 'organized stalking system'. It's also known as 'gang stalking' and other names. Targets often use 'TI' as a shortened term.

It is of a covert nature. A targeted person may not know even know the motive for thier victimization. Like every good crime it leaves the victim saying 'why is this happening?'

Many targets not understanding it is a system with a name are often labeled unofficially or officially paraniod, delusional or outright mentally ill if they attempt to defend themselves with claims of such activities..

Targets are often sensible, logical, and intelligent people without any other indications of mental illness such as disordered thinking/speech indicative of such a condition.
Also, the immediate labeling of someone without investigation or even an interview from the Targeted person to gather info on the issue should be an indication something is very wrong.

It's called a cover up and it isn't crazy it's very common- throughout history in every civilization, yet it is something people are afraid of or don't want to deal with.

Alot of the activity is similar to tactics used in cults, prisons, harsh behavior modification camps and POW camps; these mind control tactics are known more commonly as 'brain washing'.
The Target is basically isolated while walking around seemingly free in society. They are harassed by strangers, betrayed by intimates have to deal with what seems constant survaillence. These conditions, especially as the person 'seems normal' as well as is walking around free in a democratic society, are what make people think the person is crazy.The system also has alot of disinformation agents so that the TI is simultaneously driven crazy by direct harasment as well as smeared with constant rumours that they are mentally ill.
Either that or there is such a smear campaign that people percieve them as deserving of thier situation.

Alot of what is going on is human experimentation at the root of these activities. Long ago in more overt human experimentation ofr instance in vetrans hospitals (look up MK ultra or human experimentation )the word 'experiment' was replaced with 'investigation' or 'observation'. This would explain TI's claims that there seems to be a seemingly endless investigation of them.

Some TI's know why they are targeted, others do not or beleive a cover story becuz they have not accessed the true reason for thier plight. Some seem to be targeted as a way of victim witness intimidation, which this system definitely resembles.
TI's are people who have to suffer a prison sentence while watching everyone else get on with thier lives. They have to be capable of acting 'normal' in public while dealing with another world of covert activity every day.

Targets are often harassed into relocating. I have heard only claims of the harassment continuing wherever they go. This is because the local/regoinal networks form a complete system and it is nationwide, according to my own experience. It is claimed to be international.

There is alot of misguiding of the Target. Like trying to convince them of many causes of the harassment and then giving them bogus solutions as well. EX: " are running from the FBI, arent you?" and then the next suggestion is "It's an ex boyfriend revenge service". Well, which is it? In the beginning especially the TI is told that they should leave town or the country. Relocating does nothing but let you know its nationwide from the smallest town to the biggest city.
Deception is the only constant in the target's life.

You are saying "how can this be?" Very easy. Effective criminals have always been covert and illusive in thier activities. Human experimentation that defies the Geneva Convention would be illegal thus the secrecy of the activity.
QUESTION:If a career criminal moved next door to you would you know it? You think you would but my experience with career criminals is that they operate smoothly by covert means. They make sure they have a cover story for all activities, they lie like rugs as a force of habit and can think on thier feet. They cover thier asses constantly and they have very charming and persuasive personalities. They are hooked into the legit system by being protected by a network bigger than they and/or pay off the cops to operate. They are managed crime.
And you would not suspect a thing and if you did it would be wise to say nothing if they are THAT connected.

The people involved in these activities have been coined perpatrators, often 'perp'. They are the people who act out against the TI everyday in some way. Target's claim they are often arrogant, sadistic, self righteous persons. I have noticed alot of them seem controlled by 'brainwashing', to say the least.
Some perps seem not so immersed in 'the life' of being part of this system.They seem more healthy mentally and emotionally. They have a normal, sane reaction of sympathy for the TI as well as often sneak help to them somehow via information or other ways. This would indicate that they are living in reality moreso and not victims of brainwashing, programming or other forms of will power/mind control or criminal minded.
Some perps are low level citizens who are disinformed and only know a nasty smear cover story but if given hints as to what is really going on they quickly awaken and realize the TI is a victim of foul play and not a criminal or 'bad' person in need of vigilante style punishment.

Alot of the websites on this subject will have alot of different or even conflicting information. Some TI's are so tired and worn or damaged that they mentally can no longer deal with the mystery of what is happening so they choose a scenerio that they can beleive in. Some TI's may be new or ignorant of information also. This is not malicous- this is desperation of a torured person. Therefore they are spreading MIS- information.
There are people who seem to be purposefully misleading people with malicious intent. These are DIS-information agents/perps and thier job in the system is to pose as Targeted persons or helpful people. Their purpose is to misguide the TI thus providing more confusion, mystery, chaos and ultimately help further 'brainwash' the victim thru trauma.

Some people prefer to make solid claims as to who is responsible for activities against Targets. Some claim government, CIA, military.
All these are possibilities but without documentation or enough clues/evidence to show cause it would be best to use terms like 'alleged' or 'suspected' etc. Also becuz one of the main tactics for framing a TI is to constantly claim they are paraniod and mental. This very system has created a climate and an anviroment where is someone says " the CIA" or "conspiracy" people immediatley shut down subcoouncouslky and deem the person overboard. Even though conspiracy is a real legal term it has been used so much by disinfo and misinfo people so it is useless now as a word. Also the world has changed since the '60's. Much of what is done today seems to be corporations or organized crime including gangs who have bloomed into syndacates.
I dont beleive 'the government' even exists anymore as it did.
Many targets are politicians who could stop these activites...representatives and such. Alot of diplomats know about this sytem and are terrified of it. Thus 'the government'-the United States government and others are crippled by these criminals. Also, 'the government' is a huge entity. Parts of it percieved as 'the government' are actually corporations or operate off hidden budgets-kinda using 'the government' as a front to gain legitamacy. Like 'the CIA'. Its only a part of the agency that was responsible for human experiementation that may be connected to 'gang stalking' activity. Just becuz your local police has bad cops that create a gang within the police does not mean all police are crooked. They must often turn a blind eye however to survive.

Gangstalking is a system of social control, protecting criminals and thier enterprises. Vigilantes and 'cause stalkers' who want to control people may get in on it but they are not the root of it.

Gangstalking includes: survaillence of a target that that turns into stalking. This is inside the home and outside in population. All communications seem to be survailled at one time or another. So it is technology and human based. In the 21st century all this is possible.
Harassment of a Target. This incorporates all the above avenues used to stalk the TI. Interference of all activity at one time or another. Human interaction becomes a game of 'friend or foe' or even cat and mouse.

Worse is the attempt to drive a target crazy, ruin thier health and destroy thier minds. This is done by poisoning, drugging, gassing a TI. I know this sounds like the most paraniod part of all this but TI's who survive long enough to investigate as they are 'investigated' are researchers and our experience should not be put aside. Its not paraniod if you keep the end and means in mind: destroy the target. It's that simple. The end is to see a TI commit suicide, have an accident or get locked up. Anything that can be done covertly is best. The target must be discredited, from the beginning to the untimely end.

Then there is harassment and behavior modification from technologies. Not every TI gets this treatment but I suspect if human experiementation is the purpose for the person then the technologies will be used on them. You can read up on them if you are curious, its a whole other subject.
People have coined this treatment as "Electronic Harassment". It serves the same purposes-social control as well as experiementation.
It seems that some of us have been human experimentees for two or three generation. I beleive other people are simply victimized as a means of controlling them. This would make sense if the person is more high level and could make these crimes difficult to perpetrate becuz they have credibility.

There is evidence of these technologies existing one simply has to do research. Disinfo sites and books like to lump this info under 'conspiracy' as they have for years but the overtly reported advances of tech in the sciences as well as law enforcement/military (non lethal microwave weapons for instnce) has made it possible for the public to now 'imagine' these in existence outside of sci-fi.
The public needs to understand that perception management really defines thier reality. The documentation of human experiementation and technological advancement are readily available yet not part of the public's day to day reality.
In other terms: gang stalking, human experiemtation and advanced technologies are not 'household words' or concepts for the general public. This is the angle that the organized stalking system works when discrediting a TI. The public's ignorance or inexperience with covert activites, crime, corruption and human history works to the criminals' advantage.

Organized stalking is a system of oppression of human beings for the benefit of criminal or illegal undertakings. It helps victimize people as well as serves as victim-witness intimidation.
Often targets give in to mind control or commit suicide. If they get locked up it is a logical assumption that further experimentation will occur, as has been documented to often be perpetrated in prisons and mental institutions.

The biggest block that TI's have is the modern perception that all tech is good for humans. That it will only be used for helping mankind. That we have come into an era of homeland security that dictates "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about" which is not true at all. The criminals have alot to hide so they have plenty to worry about. A victim of corruption via the system itself has plenty to worry about. An authority figure that demanding of its people to be naive is corruptable. Its like the system is saying 'dont pay attention to what we are doing pay attention to what you are doing and dont question us'. The public is told to pay attention to low level COPS type violent crime and not white collar crime. The American public practically idolizes successful career criminals.
The God father, Scarface, and Hip Hop should illustrate that.
And those factions arent even as stupid as you think they are. This country is run by crime, people simply dont like stupid criminals. They percieve smooth operators as American dream success stories. And if you beleive in them or follow them you too are a success. If you hate what they hate, love what they love. Target who they target. This is the essence of what TI's see as the perps feeling good about what they are doing becuz they are 'part of the group' or 'in on something'.

This society also hates losers and victims are losers.
Most human society in order to survive has to dispose of people and not face up to what has to be done so the majority can have a better life. This is the basis of turning away from Targets. Its just another bad situation so why deal with it?

Becuz this situation is global and it is concerning experimentation relating to suject matter ancient and modern, human controlled and technology perpetrated. The control and modification of human beings themselves. Behavior modification of human subjects against thier will. Where will this lead. Read a history book, where do you think?
I personally do not want to live in a world where computers interface with people constantly as a tech handler. I do not want my thoughts and emotions recorded for whatever purpose-like some old Hollywood movie where the stars are long dead but are re animated everytime we watch that film.

I do not want to be made into a 'better' person via technology without my knowledge. I do not want to forget memories via drugs or tech, and gain a new life.
If you do research you will find and peice together the things I just listed as documented experiementation or existing tech/chemistry. If it was not for my quiet hobby over my life time of investigating related subject matter I would not have been able to survive being targeted. The perps as well as my family and associates never knew this side of my life so I was underestimated by them. It seems that not knowing your potential enemy is not going to happen ever again in the future.

The worst thing that the perps want from alot of TI's is full compliance with behavior modification. Often this is to cover for human experiementation or to protect criminals and thier enterprises. One is supposed to realize that resistance is futile and that one has no real human rights and is powerless. The perps often get exhasperated when a TI will not react as they would like. Once a TI becomes a victim witness by investigating the system that is oppressing them and becomes active in exposing it, the perps try yet another control tactic which is to negotiate. 'Why dont you become very quiet and live your life? forget about what happened adn move on. All your dreams wont come true but..'. You would not beleive the attempts at damage control. Actually, none of a TI's dreams will come true. They have no life of thier own and what the perps are really saying is 'why dont you become a model prisoner? There could be perks'. The ultimate indoctrination into being fully brainwashed.
See the TI having to go along in daily life like nothing is wrong and people 'handling' them all the time with smiles and acting like nothing is wrong IS brainwashing. It is teaching the target how to act while being terrorized. Eventually you get good at it and the perps back off as a reward, especially if you are exposing them. Its a plan C for them. 'ok, the target is not going to get locked up like we hoped. Suicide doesnt seem to be working either. Lets slowly reward target and take advantage of the Stockholm syndrome that has been growing over the years. Target is used to our presence by now.' This reminds me of taming a wild animal after tagging it in those nature shows.
You will still be a prisoner and the perps still think they are better than you. You have still been betrayed by loved ones and people are still operating under mind does any of this change over time?
The invalidation and other factors over time shapes the TI's mind and emptions to fit the model they want. Forget about what happened becuz everyone else has. We will never admit to what we did or to your pain and suffering. You will never be given a fair deal nor compensated. You must smooth over the trauma. Here we will help you.'

It is just like the 1984 book where the character is forced to love big brother before he dies. I suspect that book was written by someone who knew what was happening or what was going to happen.
The great thing about this system is that people in this country and other countries of plenty are rewarded for thier compliance in crimes with a good life and material gain.
Its not like East Germany or other systems that were way out of hand with denying everyone everything and forcing compliance.
This system gives people the ultimate 'offer you cant refuse' that works so well for the criminals we are familiar with in movies and such.
Sometimes I am convinced that it is not a society of only certain people being targeted but a society of everyone potentially targeted and in order to avoid that you comply or pay off the system.

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