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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Meghan Markle Race Controversy: Why It's OK To Let It Go (Becuz The Royal Family Are Already 'Black' By the 'One Drop' Rule Anyway!)

Race has been utilized as a huge diversion in this past decade and it's part of a total engineering package that is too complex to map out here but be sure that it benefits corporate and the elite in the end. As always.

Theres a misconception that royals represent their countries' ethnic backround or the history of the people.

The royal families of Europe strategically intermarry to keep wealth and control among themselves. Often they aren't of the same origin as the country they represent as royalty.

The Swedish royal family is French from a take over during Napoleon. The king's wife is a Brazilian of German and Jewish descent.

The British royals are German, Greek even Dane and have African blood from a black line of Portuguese royalty.

Actually, Meghan Markle Isn't The First Black Royal Family Member:

African American Registry:

Markle is not the first 'black' European royal and contrary to the fairy tales about her being from nothing but slaves in the USA her bloodline has relatives to the royals from Britain and more.

No Cinderella: The Real Meghan Markle:

The British royals took a hard hit after the world saw them as villains for possibly having something to do with Diana's death as a conspiracy theory and definitely as mistreating her.

Never again can they afford to be distant and appear "out of touch" as one article put it, if their monarchy is to survive.

Meghan Markle's new supporting role: keeping the monarchy significant:

Many people seem upset by the marriage of Markle to Prince Harry. They percieve this as a huge change, that it's unorthodox. That it destroys heritage, ethnic identity and custom. Thousands of years of evolving- breeding through natural selection and fitness to environment, invading, warring, fighting to survive, growing, traveling etc.

I'm in full agreement with the critics based on the current trend of pretending to be progressive and causing 'change' when all it is is another shell game by designers of the agenda to switch favor and as usual it's always to benefit corporate and the elite.

This is why we left Europe. Christian government doesn't work and Britain is a small island which has basically sold out to mass immigration. Europe doesn't have our Constitution and due to no right to bear arms or freedom of speech it's been basically a war complete with terror, murder and rape. The security isn't like ours here. For as much as African American youth has been sucked into BLM remember that without the US Constitution that the forefathers created for just this sort of situation, blacks in the USA may have been displaced by various immigrants by now (yes Muslims) with entire areas under illegally imposed Shiria Law.

Royals have nothing to do with the salt of the earth. They have no connection to the land's people who have evolved over time on that land in that location and share a special bond and DNA..and a connection to the dead ancestors in the ground who become part of everything around us. This gives us alot of power. This is one reason Natives were killed in favor of Africans being imported for slavery-the power of the land to it's people. Africans were just as vulnerable and lost as anyone else in a strange land and that gave the overlords power to control them.

Being human means going beyond what is animal in us but we are animals. Our base instincts and drives are valid. Admitting this is the key to understanding how to be human. Denying it gives control to those demanding our denial.

DNA doesn't lie-systems of control do.

Btw not everyone is starry eyed and fooled by the Markle spectacle.

Nor am I. And now I never again need to feel any more of my Europe is being destroyed- because the royals work for themselves not the people and they are a deception.

In a BBC TV series from the 70s called I, Cladius there is a scene where a visiting Greek actor notices the obvious strong voice of a guard and comments on how he could be on the stage. The guard replies he was once a stage actor but there was no work. That work was given out through nepotism not merit. He then states the theatre isn't what it once was. The Greek in typical philosophical fashion replies "It never was, what it was".

I, Cladius:

That we only imagine or percieve incorrectly what something is that it suits us yet how true to our version, as favorable, was it ever really?

Very freeing indeed.

1 comment:

Sirius Venus said...

Rachel Orban, did you write this piece or is this a hacked bias piece hacked into your blog? It doenn't have your style but perhaps I am not up to what your style is, since I have only read parts of your blog.

It sounds like a European has written this of English origin. Not in favor of Markle obviously. I never considered her a fairy tale construct nor a Prince Charming charity case. I thought immediately that since she is an actor she is loaded and must come from some form of prosperity and good education and elocution and ability to present herself.

I think it's just another international corporate merger of Hollywood with international interests and is a media construct based on the perception of having a fairy tale wedding. Diana's wedding was also considered a lower-rank female marrying into a fairy tale wedding scenario. It's a fantasy that I think many people grasped immediately upon first sight. This has been inculcated into consciousness from these childhood fairy tales and your links to articles deconstructing the fantasy construct are aimed at the people who immediately clicked into their compartmentalized mind control boxes in their conditioned brains and pulled out the template of fairy tale oppressed female marrying into prince charming castles and rainbows. It's a good seller and has brought a lot of attention to the Royals as a controversial sales public image enhancement. More tourism and sales for the Royals are forthcoming.