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Thursday, November 29, 2018

DISINFO.COM Offline, Inaccessible

Suggestion: hire a company to go through the site and sift through 20 yes of potentially copyrighted material. When I sued a NY real estate company that had a building here in MA using HUD funds the big parent company obviously utilized professionals to scoir the internet to remove any and all negative info about them. They missed a few things which I grabbed while I could. It was amazing to watch because the transformation of the company's image was so complete. It's like they rewrote history. It was actually very scary. (The company has a history of tenants complaining about mold in buildings in NY as that's what I sued for. They seem to own big hotels and keep HUD buildings on the side which are sh*tty.
In mid 2000's they got busted for giving black politicians space for their campaigning in HUD funded buildings. It was indeed beautiful to see them finally punished for something. But they still have sick building syndrome in their HUD complexes and it's disgusting.)

And that's the lesson in this. It became a thing recently to try to get rid of alternative info sites and conspiracy theory. So if they can't do what they did to Alex Jones they can put pressure on in some other way. People fighting deception and injustice in the big picture aren't prepare to have it done to them personally in such a direct way from the legit system but that's what's happening now.

Look at my frame up from 2016 an attack involving or with compliance from the legit justice system which I was not prepared for. I hear they also framed Fritz Springmier. He claims it's what's in right now to try to get rid of dissidents and that seems the case. Trying to call us fake news or hate speech while major news stations actually manipulate people daily and nightly with bullshit content.

Listening to the podcast the guy sounds like he may not be able to persevere or withstand alot of damage from such a situation but I guess people are asking about buying it so maybe it will go online again even without any new content.

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