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Monday, October 29, 2018

'The Golden State Killer' Suspect Is Ex Police Officer and Former Military

BBC REPORT- Golden State Killer: DNA links ex-officer to California cold cases

It Matters That The Alleged Golden State Killer Was A Cop


I don't agree with the media reporting because the suspect is going to be hard pressed to get a fair trial.

Also I've read that the 'Golden State Killer' may be two different people and the person who coined that name is obsessed with the cases and trying to get media attention and publicity.

I saw the series on the Forensic Files channel a few months ago.
It did seem sensational.

Also much seems like it had not been done at the time to catch the perpetrator. Why didn't the feds come down heavy on these areas? Why wasn't some sort of surveillance done long term or hunt for the perpetrator?

On one of the series portions on the GSK an investigator claims that the killer was most likely in attendance at a town meeting where a woman made a statement that the killer took as a challenge or an insult thus she was his next victim.
There was video footage of that meeting. It was shown for a frames on the show.
I thought to myself that the video should have been analyzed back then and through the years as technology progressed. Surely tech is so advanced now and either military or intelligence or feds or some institutions would have some advanced methods of analyzing that video. Artistic people with an eye doing forensice even just using more primitive tools.

It just never seemed that enough was done to catch the killer. High level criminals and authorities know who's in their area. It's a joke to think that he couldn't be caught. Even getting rid of the person 'quietly' would have been a normal way of handling the matter if it was important enough.

Which makes me wonder if
-the suspect isn't just a convenient person to catch and try so that the GSK story can have an ending in the mediascape-which more than ever rarely reflects reality.

-this guy is guilty or another embarrassing person is the perpetrator and it wasn't dealt with because no one was going to admit to the public back then that law enforcement was capable of doing this. Even though the mob and their legit counterparts were running the country with political and wealthy cronies. In the compartmentalized (back then drunk and stoned) minds of the American public specifically in denial not so attached to reality west coasters-the two could not be synonymous. Overt corruption being part of the system was accepted by people as normal. Today they work extra hard to hide it. Corporate and complex have replaced local criminals. It has always struck me as a coincidence that organized crime was reigned in just before progress in forensic sciences exploded and DNA became a method of catching criminals.

Always remember it's not the lowly criminals they showcase before you-its the banks that launder the money and beyond.  And they are smarter.

From what I know of the way this world really works this guy could have been caught or at least caught. Which brings one last theory:

-was this an experiment in fear. Finding out how people and entire communities would react. Even causing people to become more security oriented and afraid.

When you see even for a moment, when you get a glimpse at what actually goes on you realize that most of what is put before you is a lie. You are either favored or you're not. Protected or not. Lucky or unlucky.

News stories become so obviously tales told to construct a culture and society. You accept it or you don't .

But this one is far too much bullshit for even me. If you look at the extensive reach of these crimes, the areas, the numbers and the timeline it becomes obvious that someone, for whatever reason simply did not give a shit. And hell, it's mostly crimes against women so really it's not all that important.

If you only knew what existed in the minds of those in power.

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