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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Head Of The Charles/Regatta Day. What A Difference...CLEAR DAY IN CAMBRIDGE

Wow. It's such a contrast to how it's been for the last few years.

All the bag people who've become Harvard Square's street people are magically gone-as if vanished. The place is clean and tidy, LIKE IT USED TO BE WHEN IT WAS AN ACTUAL STREET SCENE.

Where did all the dirty disgusting bag people go? Where's the ghetto hoodlums spreading 'keep-down' culture? Where's the homeless drunk hoarders who are allowed to keep their stuff in disgusting disarray down in the Harvard MBTA station busway or covered with a tarp at a bus stop?
Hmm. It's as if a magical fairy came along and tapped all the shitheads on the noggin and made them disappear!

And I'm actually writing in my blog!! I feel a clarity. I feel the freedom a US citizen should feel about exsercising their right to freedom of speech.
Usually I'm too afraid because having been framed and local authorities having had no interest in doing actual investigations or police work to find out who did it but determined to help frame me, I am terrified of getting framed again by having trolls use the content of my blog again to do so.
Strange how I've been conditioned to give up my Constitutional rights...yet today I feel I can weigh the risks reasonably and logically.  Not usually in this location however. The norm is to be ruled by fear. Irrational fear.

Also I'm noting a lack of hordes of complete assholes causing chaos everywhere which has also become the norm around this area.

Lately there's been a strange pattern of many people walking around stopping short in front of me and my companion and blocking our walking path. So much so that if any reasonable person were to assess this pattern and the mathematical odds of it being random occurrence it would in theory appear that it was not random. Becuz nothing that chaotic happens that often randomly every single day beginning at a certain time period as if it's a new phase of collective behavior.
That being established, that there seems to be a new game I dubbed 'space invaders', it's also worth putting into the equation that on Regatta day, this new phase of collective behavior that's been ongoing has today been noticably absent from the area.

It's peaceful, clean and any and all assholes like bag people, obnoxious ghetto kids and aggressive passer bys insisting on blocking certain people's path are noticably absent today.
It's as nice as it was years ago before the old guard left office and that idiot neuro scientist who runs the Satanic Temple in Salem decided it would be a great idea to do a Satanic ritual at Harvard. (And before giving Bush and Bloomberg commencements. Watch your sugary sodas!) And before China bought up the local elite university through a Bejing real estate company. Before the gentrification. Before the false flag Boston Bombing. When the feds took over security here.

A formerly homeless woman I know who's friendly with higher ups said to me once months ago that me and my companion are too old to be outside or traveling and that 'theres nothing out here for you'. This is the kind of person who parrots what they hear from people who actually know what's going on. You can tell that statement was made by others. And it's not philosophical or an observation it's a statement of intent or of desired result, set to appear innocent.
In other words, there's nothing out here for us BY DESIGN. Not randomly.

Ive been observing the changes ever since.

In theory having shitty street people out here pushes out anyone with anything going on in favor or of nowhere people thus preventing anyone who's an outsider from gaining the healing energy or trickle down effect of the university and the land it's built on.  Certain kinds of people were drawn here for years. Special people.

Then it also accomplishes the possible goal of discouraging any fraternizing between classes or the houseless street people and students or locals.

Who needs walls when you have military grade psy ops and other tools?

In theory of course.

Enjoy the day. I will enjoy a day off.  And use this memory of freedom and fog being lifted from the area to remind myself what I was fighting for.

I'm actually unafraid of clearing my name and suing people today! Which I haven't been able to do for 2 years.

I'm sure I will be fall again into despair tomorrow. But I will remember today's freedom. And use it for strength.

Btw is there any way that the T can possibly keep hoarders from messing up the busway? Or is that part of some grand plan?

Yay for you.

Try fixing some of the stations that are about to fall down instead of buying new trolley cars. Imagine the pay offs to inspectors on those mega structures? Jeez...

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