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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Harvard U Has A New President..Yay

Ah. I knew I felt a change in the air.

The bell tolls for Harvard President Drew Faust — not the Liberty Bell!

May 2016? That's when I was being held in NH after being framed. For the second time. Out of three times.
Yeah. It was pretty much a horrible time for the US Constitution all around at that time. For alot of us.

First of all it's an older white male. And he looks Kosher as hell so how is that the establishment ideal of 'white'? Give it up third wave feminist Marxist bullshitters.

Oh and btw women were in charge of NH at that time during my two year long frame up. I had THE WORST and most brutal treatment from the system during a time of mostly female fun government.
That includes Hillary.

Let's face it. Either women simply arent logical and unemotional enough (nor have a sense of fair play) to remain solid when in a position of power or they just end up doing the bidding of higher powers like males except without any decency or rules in place about how far they will go for corruption or agendas. Males make declarations of war and map out casualties and rules of engagement. Women seem to go right into 'Search and Destroy' mode. Scary.

The old saying 'the female of the species is more viscous than the male' is obviously true. Either that or the forefathers of this country created the US Constitution with preventing overbearing maternal rule in mind because the last ten years has resembled a political approach of having our mouths washed out with soap and being sent to bed without supper because mommy demands order in her house among the children. No one can talk back. No one will escape the suffocating safety of the nest.

Next time get some real fuckin women in office. I don't think America knows what that is. The concept isn't even allowed here and never has been. What for the decade of the 1980s or a few years of the 1990s before Grrrrl! Power and the Power Puff Girls and Tank Girl totally trivialized and infantilized women back into girls?

I say good for a change to someone who deals with hard numbers and figures as well as a true understanding of the way the world works as opposed to dreamy historians who either don't take warning from what they've learned about the dangers of human civilization..or perhaps are so well versed in it that they play an unfair advantage over the rest of us.

Also wake the hell up and realize that the west was basically built by old white guys so how is anything going to change by leadership only? Duh. Women would need to actually build a world to run it probably. Stop playing shell games and social engineering and start with our archaic education system, psychiatry and medicine. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

Of course that would never happen but it would be quite interesting if it did.

After being treated the worst ever and being unsafe as never before during these past years Im not too fond of female rule. That's probably because it's not genuine..but some elitist bulsh*t smokescreen to get away with the chaos it takes to make unpopular changes that would have never been tolerated under males. Like Harvard's real estate grabs and expansion or selling out to foreign real estate companies or gentrifying the area..or having way to much power in a small concentrated area now that Cambridge is firmly connected to globalism.
The lack of balance had become painfully obvious over these last years and many of us are left heart broken and lives shattered.

The world needs to know the pain, suffering and sacrifices that were made that brought the old Cambridge to what it is today.

At least with an 'oppressive' old white guy in office I am usually safer.

Some of us don't have so much in life that we can waste our time or the time of others with battling over trying to change a species that will never in reality do so. Maybe with an economist the nightmare of Marxism merging with corporate will end and we can come out from down the rabbit hole and live in reality again.

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