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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Russian Female Mummy Preserved In Ice Proves Modern Primitivism/Nomadic Lifestyle Is Totally Normal/Mummy's Curse

Here in the Northeastern USA we are getting pretty sick of being the new villains. Urban Primitives, nomads and anyone else truly alternative especially Caucasian are experiencing cultural genocide.

The 1% and corporate made brilliant moves during Obama in hijacking Diversity and PC then creating insane Marxist concepts like 'Equality' (instead of equal opportunity). The worst example a possible outcome of this modern social Marxism is the new South African government. This is what Obama and co. were selling America it's just that they didn't know what they were buying into. Modt Americans probably don't even know about the new SA government just as they are ignorant of the exact nature of mass immigration in Europe and how it differs from the US and the damage it's done.
In both situations what would occur of the American people understood what was going on in other parts of the western world is they would cherish the US Constitution and see it working just as the forefathers of this country intended.

There's much trickery, brainwashing and maintenance of ignorance in order to attempt to take our rights and protections from us now. 
Always using the idea that progress is the most important thing and what progress is is being defined by people who actually want to prevent genuine change in our world.

Everything that is the modern system of Diversity which different from it's original form in the 90s, BENEFITS CORPORATE and globalism. It's destroying true diversity and the middle class. People are suffering and no one cares or notices because it's in the interest of progress. Social Justice. Equality.

Corporate has found that everything from watered down Satanism, Masonic trendiness, Marxism and even Nazi type brain washing systems using symbols and mass hypnosis can be used to control people. How did Marxism find it's way into a capitalost society? It's not genuine. It's simply being used as a means of cult type control. And in turn these groups benefit the corporate and globalist agenda.
The Northeast is now full of nothing but corporate liberals. Nothing is tackled or protested that interferes with the protester or activist getting a job or attending college.

Genuine issues that concern all of humanity are not being dealt with and authority isn't being challenged because corporate and globalism has completely taken over places like Boston.

As groups like African Americans are only looking to get their fair share due them of the 'American dream' corporate has been very clever in ensuring that if certain groups demands and needs are met, they will in turn support the system and the powers that be and no longer stand against them.

This has been very clever on their part. Many cities have now been turned into nothing but basically plantations or medieval fuedal systems with the castle on the hill where everyone supports and protects the big house like a house slave as long as they get what they need and want.

Traditionally, people of European descent who are of the lower classes or specialized fighting classes or nomadic will by nature and from birth fight oppression and dislike such servitude.

This is why it's so important to eradicate the white middle class and especially lower classes. Lately the more oblivious less political lower classes are being wiped out and effectively controlled by meth and deadly herion mixtures being brought into Northeast cities. The powers that be know that whites have a genetic makeup that prefers methamphetamine as opposed to 'crack' cocaine seeming to be favored by African Americans. Meth is not common to the Northeast, there's no subculture here as in TX or CA to support users while they go through their addiction phase and it's NOT being tolerated well by locals. It's destroyed alot of Travelers, houseless people in local street scenes that were alot better off than Boston's typical ghettoized homeless or drunk homebums with little hope.

There is no such thing as Equality or inclusion. Diversity has caused anti homelessness and disdain for poor whites. This is what benefits corporate and the 1% agenda in this cares and that's it's purpose. Why would anyone trust that the powers that be actually cared about people that they would want to cause change due to altruistic motives. THEY ALWAYS GET SOMETHING OUT OF WHAT THEY ENGINEER FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT AND TO ENSURE THEY RETAIN THEIR POSITION in society.

Anyone who can't pay or is seen as not useful in the new globalist fuedal system is encouraged not to disrupt city life with their presence.

My bottom line, when I wonder if this nightmare has actually really occurred, if I ever doing I'm wrong all I have to do is ask myself that if their system of social justice is truly genuine and all these changes truly good..then why did I have to be framed to ensure my silence as an activist...and as a lower class person of European heritage?

Hatred of people of color has been replaced by hatred of the poor and white. It's that simple. And strangely if you are lower class, white and are an unsavory type who's into drugs and low brow culture your more socially acceptable now than ANYONE who's creative, expressive, intelligent or actually doing something of importance like activism that isn't careful not to step on corporate's toes.

If you stand out at all in a way that expresses sub culture that's in any way related to non corporate and anything defined as white or European such as a Traveler or listening to metal music it's like you're a walking micro agression just by you existing. African Americans express genuine disdain for you as they walk by as if your messing with their now global 'movement' for them to be a legit part of society because your not a conformist white person. Immigrant corporate employees loathe you because your not part of the white majority in cities now that butter their bread and have the money to pay their wages.
They make the greatest corporate house slaves I have ever seen in my lifetime. And decades ago foriegners were basically ok as they intigrated iyo cities like Boston. This is ALL DUE TO CORPORATE and what it does to people by replacing natural culture from human evolution and geography with basically working for the company store as it used to be called.

I'm shocked that these people from corrupt countries fleeing oppression can't see that the same things happen here except it's done sneakily and silently due to it being a democratic country and that for some people, pay off and fear of losing or not having physical comforts is not as compelling as righting wrongs or changing conditions to improve the world.

This is what we the true warriors now deal with in cities like Boston. Cultural genocide, constant attitude problems from immigrant workers, up and coming upwardly mobile African Americans attempting to class harass us or make us feel less than (lol as if that is EVER going to happen) based on class values we have rejected long ago.

Houseless people, nomads, Travelers, urban Primitives and basically any white or rooted in Europeaness subculture is now being scapegoated. This is how Diversity people bond with each other because humans always need a common enemy.

If humans were truly capable of any sort of cooperation or true peace among humanity we wouldn't be in a still ongoing war overseas. In my lifetime I've lived with nonstop war from my grandparents and before that WW1, Vietnam, Gulf War etc and all the secret wars in between that only come out later and no one cares anyway.
Humans wouldn't pollute the environment and nuclear everything wouldnt even exist.

Humans are incapable of genuine long lasting peace or living in a world that's genuinely peaceful. Theres always someone who is sacrificed for the majority benefiting and usually that's for the ultimate benefit of those at the top. It never changes.

Time and Time again history and archeology is proving that nomadic lifestyles are normal for some people of a certain genetic make up as well as our behaviors, style of dress even body decoration.
Our archaic still oppressive society still insists on controlling ancient pagan cultural expressions even allowing the snake oil salesmen of modern big pharma driven psychiatry to medicate youths who start to express genetic differences from the norm in the majority.

It's the norm for stable societies that are conformist to fear the mysterious traveler or nomad. This is expected but it's beyond hypocritical for a society who now destroys lives and cultures by priding itself on 'change', 'diversity', 'community', 'equality' and 'inclusion'.
It's sickening actually.

Artists are now considered in hindsight of history generally mentally ill.  Do you know what's mentally ill? Building nuclear power plants on small islands like Japan in major earthquake zones like The Ring Of Fire in the Pacific when it's scientifically proven that nuclear power cannot be used safely without ANY HUMAN ERROR OR NATURAL DISASTER .

We're not mentally ill. All psychiatry is just theory. It's not scientific principal or law like gravity. There's also a trauma model not just a disorder model. There's behavioral psych instead of meds because it's been proven the brain can alter and repair itself.
This is all just methods of control. And it's totally mind blowing to me that after all these years, society is back once again hating, rejecting and condemning anything that isn't conformist and follows power structures agendas.

It may be new and it may be different but stop calling it progress and change because it's not. It's simply playing the shell game where people get moved around and rearranged differently to suit the needs of the king or the big house.
Society is becoming infantilized into regression. The pop music I hear everyday is an example of this. The top 40 has always been pretty stupid but this sounds like baby sounds mixed with a genuinely disordered mind. If listening to music made by mentally challenged kindergarteners is what makes the NWO work then so be it. Just don't let any ancient or traditional European sounds be heard to ensure the energy in the DNA never gets triggered or released.

It's important to get rid of artforms like classical music, ancient ethnic music and metal (based on classical and with complex composition) because those artforms make your brain work. Claiming that destroying classical history and all it's artforms, even 'whiteness' is necessary for the great dumb down into corporate servitude.

In a world of true diversity, music from all world cultures would be welcomed.

So you can have tattoos now, as long as it looks corporate and conformist and orderly. You can have blue or pink hair or a mohawk just dont stray from corporate safety parameters.

The cave paintings in France from ancient cave men should end any discussion on if Europeaness has value or if artists and creatives are 'normal' and valid among humanity.

Which is why it's so important to get rid of us. Our cultures, our DNA even, our presence in the globalist cities, soon to be nightmarish mega cities.

When they move into the domes to escape the radiation they've created from nuclear waste, leaks and fallout and the pollution makes cities uninhabitable, when the weather becomes so volitile due to Nature trying to repair itself and the electromagnetic pollution has made people suicidal, insane and perpetually unhappy, when Monsanto controls their food supplies and BAE Systems uses HAARP to control their weather and they believe they live in a paradise where everyone looks alike and everyone is 'peaceful' despite non stop war with those they don't even consider deserving of life as they have it and their 'peace' is kept by robitic police made by Boston Dynamics that cannot be outrun, negotiated or reasoned with---WE will have sought out alternative spaces on the earth. Far away from their sickness, immaturity and self delusions.

We will travel and create as we always do, and always have.

When you see us understand your looking at ancient living gods. And have some respect.

Lest you find yourself cursed like those disturbing the Ice Princess's remains.

Btw all mummies if studied by science should be returned to their burial grounds. This should be law internationally.
Egyptian mummies are the worst example. What right does anyone have to disturb the dead to force them to be on display and work like a touring celebrity?  What does the public really gain from seeing human remains? Other than an awe for the power of science and how much control and power it's capable of-not much else.

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