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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Gov of MA Signs Bill Making Frame Ups Of Anyone Easier, Helps Take Right To Bear Arms Away for US Citizens


In a state with a history of corruption that is only overshadowed by NYC that just decades ago was answering to organized crime bosses about exactly WHO was going to pick up the garbage around MA and exactly HOW MUCH they were going to pay them (usually ridiculously overcharge NY was worse) and if one didnt agree to go with their pick of a contractor one may find oneself with cement shoes at the bottom of a river or ocean, in a meat locker or sardines in a car being crushed for disposal at one of the mob owned garbage dumps its amazing to me that this state is suddenly so pious and self righteous about being good, upstanding, moral, law abiding, anti terror and safety conscious.  An apple never falls far from the tree, a leopard doesnt change his spots etc. These old goofy sayings have ultimate wisdom.

If the public is totally fooled by the magical clean up of MA over the past 30 plus years we locals are not so easily convinced. Then theres the very nature of politics in itself. Since when in history can anyone living anywhere in our world trust politicians so implicitly or even the political process?  Law enforcement or the justice system? Even the medical field.

Every single one of these fields has a long sordid history of corruption and wrong doing and each one has people working within them that are usually of a certain nature where one can form theories about possible wrong doing  based on those traditional profiles.
I get it theres a war on cops and BLM. Everyone gets it that foreign terrorism is now always a risk and recently domestic terrorism under Obama  became endemic and continues to a lesser extent but that doesnt change the nature of those in the justice system or politics etc.

Just because theres terrorism making our country unsafe when those are conditions we are not accustomed to doesnt mean that we should stop questioning authority. It also doesnt mean that anyone who does is a trouble maker, a terrorist or interfering with the citizens' safety. Its almost as if people are so traumatized by terror and trained/intimidated by the police-surveillance state that they are depending on those that have proven themselves to sometimes be undependable or to seem to work for justice only in reality to work for thier own ends or serve those unseen higher up in power.

This law is the most ridiculous thing Ive seen yet. After being framed as I was in such a sloppy and obviously illegal way its outrageous that MA would even allow such conditions to apply to any citizen at all.

Medical practitioners can be corrupt especially when connected to powerful institutions that may have special interests or agendas at certain times. Blackmail, promotion, job security etc may also be motives of individuals. Only recently MGH was fined by the feds and had to pay 2 million dollars for internal drug dealing to hospital staff. Money and a degree and a great job doesnt make for a moral person and that common sense is lacking nowadays. Legitimacy is now becoming power to go unquestioned. This isnt a dictatorship or a kingship.
Family members can be intimidated,  black mailed, bribed, motivated by job security or  simply have pre existing motives to bear false witness due such as hatred, animosity or wanting to rid themselves of a family member for some sort of  benefit.
I dont think any of us need to sight the potential for law enforcement or even the justice system to be capable of corruption but the same motives still apply as to any human being but thier agendas are a bit more sordid and connected to the military industrial complex and perhaps organized crime potentially as well as their agendas are more complex in nature.

Its also a given as to why a housemate or former intimate would have motives to bear false witness against someone.

So in this state theres now potential for anyone whos too outspoken or anyone who becomes inconvenient or who doesnt behave in line with agendas to potentially be framed up as 'dangerous'.  A mandatory involuntary hospitalization based on hearsay even from a law enforcement officer is absolutely one of the most dangerous laws Ive ever seen passed here in MA.  Sec 12 B (involuntary hospitalization for evaluation) was abused for the past few years in areas of metro Boston where gentrification was occurring and those in power obviously wanted to get rid of homeless people. It's been used as punitive psychiatry, Russian style, against activists which I personally can attest to and I've got records throughout my frame up to prove it.

In a state like MA with such a history of authorities and even FBI collusion with huge organized crime organizations is it really wise to allow anyone even law enforcement to deem someone mentally ill or dangerous based on hearsay?

Due our world changing making conditions unsafe in ways we arent used to it seems we've forgotten about the way the northeast and places like Chicago etc were perhaps much more dangerous in ways we lived with daily and accepted as the norm.  Terrorism and the new ways of globalism have made the public forget common sense even history in favor of depending on those that cannot be trusted implicitly with their power and authority, in a vain attempt at hoping and begging almost that safer conditions prevail.

There needs to be laws in place to ensure that citizens have immediate recourse if they are victims of a frame up (conspiracy or plot of evil design is a legal term) to ensure that a person's rights are protected against anyone bearing false witness.
 I was kept in a jail cell in NH pre trial for 4 months based on hearsay and one anonymous email (not the email/faxes threatening authorities under my name that started the frame up but actual emails sent to authorities and used during bail hearings to deny me my liberty that were anonymous) and the use/abuse of a fusion center and those in authority bearing false witness against me, then I was denied my right to a trial and due process. That is a sentence for some people let alone pre trial holding. This all based on false witness in two different locations.

This example illustrates that once false witness is established and accepted a citizen's rights may then, like a domino effect, be denied by every subsequent party who deals with that person in any capacity. The justice system then just does whatever it wants down the line and the person is basically handled akin to illegal holdings in military prisons possibly accompanied by torture, intimidation and denying of due process. Then the victim has to worry about retaliation of the same nature once they are released due to the process having been so easily initiated the first time.

This law damns people for life due to setting a precedent that its ok to damn them to begin with without question. It also potentially destroys lives due to the person having to live with being framed up and then perhaps being left with no recourse to rectify the situation during thier lifetime due to fear of retaliation.

This law is also an obvious attempt to slowly take away citizens rights to defend themselves which is predictable in this area of the country. Other parts of the United States respect constitutional government and it would be alot harder to take thier rights away.

Its not a question of people getting mental health treatment once they are accused its a question of being able to truly establish if their are indeed dangerous to begin with or if its sour grapes or an agenda that has caused the accusation or red flagging. If a person is truly in need of mental health treatment then they should have options. People are making the mistake of assuming that mental health issues are what is behind violence and lone shootings which in itself may be a mistake.

MA also has another sordid history of witch burnings-in the interest of land grabs and class warfare if anyone knows their history of the 1600s here they will know the story of Tutuba the black slave had very little to do with these inhumane, murderous actions against Massachusetts' early citizens. It looks as if MA has changed very little and the witch burning political class or the mafia mobsters way of doing things are still in use today as are the atypical smoke screens of Goodliness, morality and righteousness that the Puritans and Catholics were so fond of respectively.

Exactly what makes a lone shooter take the actions that he does (as its typically a male) is never fully investigated or reported on by our now alarmist, almost 'fake' local news outlets.  If one reads up on the subject you'll find that theres alot of red flags but what no one wants to ask is WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR SOCIETY ITSELF nowadays that people feel so desperate and so helpless, disconnected and angry that they would end the lives of others and usually their own with an act of terrorism or violence such as a mass shooting by a long gunman?  Its also not revealed that most if not all of these 'lone wolves' were taking psychiatric medications which may have an effect on thier pre disposition to suicide or homicide.

If this law is to stay in place then other laws need to be passed that ensure that the accused has an effective way of defending themselves lest we lower ourselves to witch burnings of the past or being fitted with a pair of cement shoes if one steps on the wrong toes or becomes inconvenient enough to those in power on any side.

Its also an election year. With all the techno crats now in power in our state and the displacement of long time native locals in favor of outsiders who believe in Massachussetts' traditional  bullshitting and are naive as to how dangerous and deceptive a place is that houses a mixture of olde
money who are versed in Machiavellian deceptions for generations, highly educated people who make dangerous opponents and the best criminal minds as well as now hidden organized crime and far too many military industrial complex contractors and big pharma companies and the power of ever corrupt unions its doubtful if the now govenor will be voted out considering such people have made him the most popular governor in the USA.  However, our vote counts and even though as usual its ensured that his opponents are lame and no one would vote him out for the  likes of any of them its always good to exercise your right to vote as well as try to get our state back from globalist clutches. Its probably too far gone by now and in the hands of corporate and globalism, which is why the local machine has become part of the behomoth that is the globalist machine and humans are just steam rolled over as if they dont exist in the interest of the Will of the majority and supposed 'good of all'.

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