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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Corporate Liberal: My Confusion Ends

I being uneducated and inexperienced in politics has caused me so much confusion and suffering by not understanding what or who I am dealing with.

This answers alot. Why I wonder are people in the Boston area becoming concerned over only very specific subjects and not things that are so pressing and effect all of humanity?

Why is the Traveling scene becoming invaded by homebum 'homeless' and an entjre subculture influenced by Americana being ignored and not protected by the colleges, universities and artistic areas that used to harbor us and reject them?

Why did my hometown turn on me when I work so selflessly for good, for all of humanity and simply pointed out the truth of changes I saw around me?

Now these questions have been answered.

I don't feel so bad. Because these people could never be trusted to begin with. When the dollar changed direction my existence and those of my subculture became inconvenient and we are no longer affordable.

Ok then. I can work from there.

Now I know the truth

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