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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

ATOMIC HOMEFRONT On HBO-Decades Old Nuclear Waste Dumping In St Louis Missouri

Disclaimer: no communication threatening or otherwise will be sent by me to any of the persons or entities mentioned in this post. Any such communication should be investigated as a continued efforts to discredit and silence me and destroy my life and reputation with legal difficulties aka a 'frame up'. I demand that any investigation and trial takes into consideration that I am a public figure and my writing is public. Any further threats under my name will be considered harassment, definition and WILL lead to a civil suit for damages.

I appreciate what these people are trying to do but I'm sorry to say I have to be a harsh critic of their methods.

The EPA hasn't had a set of balls for a very long time. This is something that I've heard discussed for decades, even from employees family members.

The only thing people are afraid of is losing money, having crimes exposed (like this documentary) and lawyers.
It's true they are dealing with an original crime by a portion of the government almost a century ago but remember they are dealing with a private company in CO also.

They need to make a bigger stink about this, take much more calculated, strategic action and realize that the powers they are dealing with are not going to fight fair. Going to DC and wasting time and money on getting turned away from offices and depts then crying on camera isn't an effective way to get this solved.

If they wish to give up on a clean up working as a long term solution then they should demand that the entire community be relocated to reasonable accommodation to live and have whoever's involved pay.

Stop being snow jobbed by people who seem like second rate bullshit artists (the guy at the land fill using the tactic of visualization [perfumed lady in church] to brainwash the residents into ignoring the toxic smells coming from landfill gasses). Forget wasting time being stonewalled by employees in DC who walk away when your talking to them and having to deal with their obnoxious guards outside taunting common people who come to the capitol to get Justice for themselves and their families.

The last Obama administration did alot to effectively block activists and dissidents.
Their con is going to be that they don't feel 'safe' around common Midwestern types who are angry about the conditions they live under. Someone night snap and have a weapon (even though they live and/or work in Washington DC but that's different).

Just looking at the head of the EPA on those posters in this should be an indicator that Obama's world is more concerned with having the right groomed Politically Correct 'type' of demographic in key positions that support a Liberal elitist agenda than dealing with real world problems. Also only a small portion of those effected seem to be valid demographics to care about under Obama-nation. Common people who are not exalted but reviled and scapegoated in the Lib Elite fantasy world created over the past eight years are not going to be worthy enough for consideration.

Worst of all these people pose the most dangerous threat of all to Obama's Disneyland of reverse hatred and down the inverse world of oppression and misery that's been created as social control: they remind the public that actual real problems exist and there's things that will effect ALL of humanity if people don't begin caring about and protesting these issues. It's too close to Chernobyl, Fukushima and every other example of how nuclear power or anything nuclear only works safely in theory which seems to be without any human error or natural disaster.

Stop wasting time with old fashioned ideas of protesting etc. There's too much info out there and too much stuff for humans to look at-and the diversions are numerous and effective.

This situation brings Americans back to reality which the powers that be seem to deem undesirable right now.

No ones going to care about a small group of poor mid Western Caucasian uneducated people. You are everything they hate. They are going to laugh at you. In the new global big world only big injustices matter. Bottom line is that if you don't benefit corporate in the long run you don't matter. That's all globalism is.

They are going to ignore you and string you along as much as possible. Until anyone who remembers what's buried in that land fill dies of old age or cancer. It's obvious they are trying to moreso contain damage until it goes away as opposed to fix it.

These people need to stop wasting time and think like the enemy. Get better organized and stop being human and decent. The people they're dealing with are not and their common touch is going to wipe them out and silence them forever.

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