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Friday, December 1, 2017

Harvard Shrink Uses Junk Science Of Psychiatry To Further Destroy What's Left Of Civilization's Humanity

"Alcoholics Anonymous was proclaimed the correct treatment for alcoholism 75 yeas ago, despite the absence of any scientific evidence, and we have been on the wrong path ever since," writes Dr. Dodes. "Today, almost every treatment center, physician and court system in the country uses this model, yet it has one of the worst success rates in all of medicine, hardly better than no treatment at all."

Translated this basically says 'I am a Big Pharma whore who wants to continue to profit from the psuedo-science called Psychiatry, a junk science that currently is legitimized by almost every treatment center, physician and court system in the country yet it has one of the worst success rates in all of medicine, hardly better than no treatment at all.'

It seems increasingly being HUMAN is a crime.
It's penalized and offenders villified. Transhumanists must love this era where people need to be 'fixed' by outside substances, always man made. Just a short jump from a future where technology will replace substances to fix humans, to make us function and conform to social norms.

And if anyone would know about taking the wrong direction lately-its Harvard lol.

I will make this brief:

Medicine has increasingly become about corporate bottom line not the craft of being a physician and often thrown out the window is the attage 'First Do No Harm'.

There are good docs and nurses even the rare gem of a secretary and I will even admit I've met one decent psychiatrist but he relied on meds to temporarily treat symptoms while the patient worked on brain re entrainment better known as BEHAVIORAL PSYCHOLOGY. He works more from the TRAUMA MODEL of where difficulty is coming from not the DISORDER MODEL.

All Psychiatry is just theory that's why there are different models. In reality there is no way in hell a human can qualify to correctly analyze another human brain. There will always be bias or unfair judgement. If you claim to be able to do so you are saying you are akin to God or a god and it always seems like that's psychiatry's smug little secret.

People are ignorant about the BUSINESS of psychiatry and even the simple difference in the models I mentioned.

Our world-the man made world and our natural environment influenced by humans-is self destructive, violent, unfair, disconnected, uncaring and biased. We are nothing more than Simian type animals with some mysterious creator god like abilities (aka the 'god spark') that we are GUIDED into abusing throughput our lifetimes so that we usually remain closer to animals than what humans COULD be.

Examples if you need them are environmental pollution of our own resources we need to keep our bodies alive, near constant war etc. Creating atomic and nuclear capacity-actually manifesting these things into our world's physical reality shows we are not capable of being responsible creator gods but merely selfish animals. The most dangerous on Earth.

Plastics that aren't natural and dont degrade is another small example. If it does not work with the environment as it's set up why invent it?

We are short sighted, selfish and animalistic. Yet we have always had spirituality.

Many people who take drugs are doing what ancient primitives did-looking for 'god'. Other realms. A way out of the concrete prisons that are cities and how fucked up, unnatural and exploitative the system is.
Self medicating is also another human behavior.

I've been clean and sober since 1995. The main 12 Step programs and the supportive people in them simply gave me a way to retrain my brain. To reprogram myseld. It was just like behavioral therapy.
And love, patience, acceptance and caring even at arms length was an intregal part of making it work. (Addicts usually do these things at arms length lol).

I will keep the anonymity of the programs as this is a level of the press or media I suppose but the two traditional, main ones WORKED for me.
It doesn't work for EVERYONE but that may also depend on other factors like the culture of the area and the quality of recovery in the area you are in. MA especially Boston takes great pride in kicking addiction's ass and running a tight ship just as you'd expect from the home of the Revolution, Minutemen, overzealous sports fans and a very Naval influenced culture.

If you go to other areas the meetings may suck and people don't care.

Some myths being used to dissuade people from traditional 12 Step groups need to be clarified:

These meetings are NOT Christian based or religious or they should not be anyway. I know that some regions make them that way like down south but in the north east and other areas you simply identify a 'higher power'. It could be a god of your choice or Satan or an unidentified Whatever or more commonly here-the 12 Step group of people itself.
G.O.D.= Group Of Drunks. That could be your guide until you figure it all out.

We don't truly believe addiction is a disease.
Alot of the 12 Step group in the beginning or early recovery is simply identifying things so you can deal with them effectively. 'The Disease' is not literal and yes, these groups use loaded language but it works.

If you have ever been to an ER you've heard emergency language. "Stat" or "Code Blue". Nobody has time to fuck around and they also need a common simple language all employees can understand quickly.
These 12 Step groups are akin to intensive care units. People may make one choice when they walk out the door of the meeting and die that night.
Those banners that say simple things like 'Just Don't Pick Up' make you say 'well no duh' when you feel ok but it's amazing how repetition becomes life saving when an addict gets the urge to use and 'Just Don't Pick Up' becomes a life saving mantra. And calling a sponsor of course.

If people choose to use their psychiatrist as their higher power and use drugs as an easy fix instead of working on fixing the real problems inside and how addicts relate to the world outside then that's their choice but the public should be INFORMED OF THE CHOICES AVAILABLE.

Having a shrink assess 12 Step programs is ridiculous. These programs take into consideration what it means to be human and human spirituality. They also admit that the world we live in is fucked up, nonsensical and leaves much to be desired thus the Step about accepting Life On Life's Terms.

As with everything nowadays psychiatry is attempting to establish that there is something wrong with PEOPLE not with the archaic system we live in.

There are so many factors being ignored in relation to addiction and other problems even diet, electromagnetic pollution, genetics etc that it's absurd to accept psychiatry's verdict. On anything for that matter.

Unless you are totally out of your mind and speaking in 'word salad' or washing your hands/checking to see if the oven is on to the point where you don't have a damn life YOU DONT NEED A FUCKIN PSYCHIATRIST or meds.

Broad spectrum disorder? How about 'nuclear waste pollutant' disorder or 'sociopathic politician' disorder or 'greedy CEO' disorder? Go start assessing the mental health and 'personality disorders' of those in power then say that Psychiatry is fair and just and sensible.

Also why do Psychiatry and religion co exist in our culture???

BTW with all the anti terrorism tech and capabilities in place why can't anyone find out where the drugs are coming in from? And why are dealers being tolerated that sell dirty drugs laced with phentenol or whatever it is that kills people off and makes it so addicting?


Oh and lastly, if the two 12 Step programs are ANONYMOUS then how in the hell would you be able to determine 'success rates'? Very unscientific.

Just like psychiatry.

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