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Friday, December 15, 2017

Black Homeless Female Harassed By Mob For Protecting Trump's Star On Hollywood Blvd and Utilizing Freedom Of Speech


Ok so this wasn't the most diplomatic approach and maybe any of us dont agree with what her signs said. However the hard lesson about laws is that what seems morally correct, decent or sensible may not have any bearing on what's legal or what isn't.

Consumerism and self righteous morality isn't what defines being American. Culturally perhaps but the Constitution is what protects our rights as citizens.

Like from angry mobs trying to meter out justice lol.

This is just one example of why sensible Travelers avoid most of L.A. proper. Though Skid Row (or Venice nowadays) may just be preferable to a bunch of self righteous housies many of which define the American dream as being able to purchase a big screen TV.

PC never works in the Homeless community as it's mainly about survival and there's no need to 'keep it real' because don't worry-it will always stay 'real' out here. Unfortunately.

Maybe that's why this lady admires keeping it real.
And sees through Obama's Messianic appeal.

Must be nice to be so right about everything that no one else matters no matter how much more oppressed they are than you.

This is a perfect example of how BLM has had an ongoing shadow component of a rise in anti homelessness and homeless hate crimes.

Hell I like Mexican culture. I sympathize with the AztecAmerica idea where they want their land back. At the core America is stolen land and the most screwed over people have been Native indigenous peoples which is why I have little patience with cultures who live in this wealthy protected country and disregard history books and international news conducting themselves as if they were the only people ever enslaved or genocided etc.
In the US poverty may suck but it's not deadly. Foreigners have reminded me that "at least this place is safe. In other countries, your dead".

And I was reminded of that by someone who at one time didnt enjoy such benefits.
If people are so hell bent on a reality where there's no 'hate' then start by no longer supporting the military industrial complex and the endless war for profit machine.
Then stop participating in destroying the natural environment humans need to eat, drink and breath. Especially the throw away mentality with gadgets and technology.
Outlaw anything and everything nuclear as part of the survival of humanity. Nuclear anything seems like absolute anti human and 'hateful'.

Do something about the 'hate' perpetuated systematically in other countries. Stop patronizing and supporting business that exploits foriegn people and lands.

Stop being tolerant of 'cultural norms' like FGM or even MGM. Stop assisting or feeding countries who engage in this 'hateful' practice.

PC enforced by militant Libtards has become more about racial preferencial treatment, racial supremicy and basically terrorizing the public into obeying and behaving than it has been ever about fixing things that are wrong in the world. It has seemed actually diversionary-to keep people from paying attention to or discovering world issues that are concern to ALL of humanity not just certain demographics.

Angry mobs metering out justice have historically been why we need laws creating to keep order. 'Social justice' being at best conceptual and abstract shouldn't be a replacement for justice defined by laws. And much of the new aggressive PC movement is meant to make us forget that there even is a US Constitution. I just recently discovered there's a Constitution for the state I live in, given it's a place that has some of the best law schools in the country but culturally raises it's poor to both not know our rights and percieve we don't really have any.

Kind of like PC. Perception becomes reality. Lawlessness rules because might makes right. And constitutions become mere pieces of paper-as worthless as that women's signs in her cart.

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