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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Anyone Know If Anything Significant Changed As Of Massachusetts' Election Day 11-7-17?

Does anyone know if any new laws or legislation was passed as of this past Nov 7th or anyone was newly elected, left office etc? This would only be for the state of Massachusetts.

From what little research I understood how to do it appears that one Senate seat changed or was filled. I read in paper that Senate president Rosenberg left due to his husband sexually harassing someone and there's an older woman taking over.

Howie Carr did his typical predictable hack job on them both, mostly for being old which is calling the kettle black.
Maybe I should use my stinging venom off my pen to pander someone's political agenda instead of try to tell the truth and portray how frustrated many people are with the state of things these days.

Nah. My work is much more rewarding.

Anyway the reason I inquire is due to circumstances seeming to change for the worst here and this has been strictly since election day in MA.

Anyone out there have any info let me know.

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