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Monday, August 15, 2016

Ceased Panhandling and Any Such Interaction With The Public Due To Court Cases

It seems that whoever is doing this likes to send anonymous emails to the authorities that effect my court cases adversely. One such email appeared on the NH case, claiming I was pan handling and had met the person sending the email and had talked about lone shootings, end of the world, that I was going to be famous etc. This was actually used to keep me in jail for four months because at bail hearings rules of evidence don't apply in NH. The prosecution seriously presented an email that could have been from anyone, anywhere as part of the reason I should stay in jail pre trial.
This of course was never investigated nor was I questioned (because I could have shown why this Interaction ever occurring would have been very unlikely in Manchester NH.

The video I made of Harvard recently is the only instance of Panhandling in Cambridge since I've returned and only once in one other city.
I've been avoiding this activity partly because of the harassment I just wrote about above. So don't try that same trick again for this court case. I am going to warn everyone involved about this sort of baring false witness that's been going on throughout this situation.

This kind of activism is very difficult and no one starts off wanting to get involved in these issues. Even Ted Gunderson had described becoming active in awareness on these issues as only doing so after being thrown into it or it being a matter of little choice.

If I do I may have to keep video documentation each time to ensure safety.

I don't trust the system at this point. It's been very disturbing that it seems like they can just do whatever they want and people lie or twist things around on the stand (instead of someone correctly recalling a conversation where we both discussed having visited San Diego the person will misrepresent the info exchange and claim I said I was from San Diego and anything else that makes me look 'homeless' or a wanderwr-a flight risk or someone who can be portrayed as not having any community or roots etc. Things like this have gone on way to often in court proceedings.)

I cannot imagine this trick working again as at this point it will look foolish but this entire thing has been ludicrous to begin with and I've been shocked its gone this far or it was allowed to happen at all.

Let's just say there's been a lot of surprises and being caught off guard. It seems something new I would never have thought of always comes up. It's certainly been a wonderful Time Waster and Diversion from my starting the outline for my book or getting medical treatments. Time Wasting, Money Drain, Diversion, Crazy Making, Order Out Of (Falsely Created) Chaos..etc.

Thanks to everyone, everywhere for your support. Let's hope the system does work.

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