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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Whoever is leaving comments with symbols39 on their keyboard stop

Unless you want to be identified and get into trouble I suggest you stop. Every time you comment it comes up with that typo even though you comment under multiple aliases.

I also find it curious that it was you who warned me before HUPD came after me for that email I was framed up with. U kept warning me to leave town. Was it YOU who sent it?

You'd love if I left town becuz then I'd appear definitely guilty of something.

You also posted with the same typo claiming I deserved this becuz I chose to threaten certain institutions. Bullshit.

Being pissed off becuz one is dealing with a corrupt, wealthy area that's been expert at hiding behind a good front since even before the days of the Salem witch trials would be normal considering the circumstances.

My bitch mother once said after this began in earnest that I could write a book but nobody would believe me. (Yet she used to always say "Can't means won't" to reflect some bullshit US Marines hard ass nonsense her father and mother brought home from the Core. This is very typical of compartmentalized people-switching.)
It's interesting that if nobody is going to believe me that THIS much effort has gone into preventing me from writing it.

The system has become so viscous and out of control that I can't even write on my blog anymore becuz I have to live in fear of someone sending threatening emails or faxes with my name attached.

That's all you have to do nowadays? Is to send a threat and simply put someone's name on it? It shouldn't be this easy in this country to frame someone up just becuz you don't like what they write.

Convenient way of preventing a citizen from utilizing their freedom of speech.

Whoever you are stop cluttering up my comments section or I will make a special effort to find out who you are.

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  1. I'm getting some info here that this whole experience was a set-up, and that authorities were paid off to have you thrown in jail. It could be misinfo fed to me, but it does explain why they never looked into the source of the fax and the FBI never traced the source of the "phone call". I've also seen you mention "credible witness". My info tells me that people were paid off, and my theory is that the one "nice cop" told you to "watch what you say because"... someone was offended by stuff you post. There is lots of money thrown around, and if some "important" parties were offended, they can easily buy off cops. That call to the FBI probably didn't go deep enough, and is there any proof that the FBI received an anonymous tip? Or is this whole thing made up? That's probably why they found you in NH, and it explains why the officer knew who you were. That was odd. Now, (if I'm not mistaken) your name was on the fax, which would explain why the cop knew who you were (outside that store). But that fax didn't come until 2 days later, so how did the cop know your name? Info sharing from the "network"?

    It seems the "network" is behind all of this, and of course, those idiots posting stupid comments are shills working for them. of course, they're brave shits who aren't scared to post shit warning you of what was about to go down.