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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another Charge-I Don't Know The Details-But An Anonymous Reader Possibly Does. I Think I Found My Stalker

What worries me about this recent charge is that I was naively under the impression that someone was claiming I made verbal threats at this college. (actually the warrant was from 4-7-16 and the cop said the alleged crime was 2-7-16. Complaint wasn't filed 'til 3-7-16. So why did they wait that long?)

Something the arresting officer in the south shore said made me think: "it's pretty hard to steal someone's identity.." to do that crime. It occurred to me that suggests having to pose as the it couldn't be verbal threats made on the day of my being at the college physically. And the date he stated is different from my record of the day I was there physically.

(How would the officer who arrested and booked me in the south shore last night know the details of the crime? That my identity was stolen if he claims to not know the details?  Unless he was running off the info I had given him about the pattern of these threats having been electronic communications. That's possible.

It also seems he didn't know that one of the threatening emails was sent through a disposable email from a foriegn country- he's assuming it's done from something that has a person's true identity on it..which thus would have to be stolen to make it look as if whoever's being charged with crime.)

Also there's a reader who comments anonymously who had not only warned me before I was apprehended in Cambridge but this person also left a comment saying I chose to threaten a college police dept-not Harvard but a different college. I had no idea about this warrant or this crime and as it stands I do not have any details that would tell me if the charges were for verbal or other kinds of threats like using technology OR IF IT WAS A STAFF MEMBER AT THE COLLEGE...I would never have guessed it was any police dept that was threatened.

So only tomorrow will I know what this is about but if it is another PD as has been the pattern it's got to have a connection to WHOEVER SENDS THESE COMMENTS TO ME ON MY BLOG.
How would the reader commenting know there's such a charge at that college much less who was the recipient IF I DONT EVEN KNOW? Becuz I was in jail in NH and unaware of any MA warrants!

That comment seemed odd but now it makes sense.

So of it is another such threat with my name on it they may add it to the pile and detain me etc.

If I don't post that's why.

Wish me luck. At least if that is what's going on I have a lead to WHOEVER is doing it finally.

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