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Monday, June 8, 2009

Radium/Radiation human experimentation/ The Radium Girls/Endometriosis and radiation 

Deadly Glow: The Radium Dial Worker Tragedy:

Museum of Atomic per Mutation: 

The Radium Girls-Glowing in the Dark:  

Video: Radium Girls

The women radium dial painters as experimental subjects (1920–1990) or what counts as human experimentation:

According to a close family member, this is part of the experimentation she was subjected to at Bethesda Maryland Military Hospital (Naval)..both her parents were in the US Marines. Attempts were made to shrink her tonsils via these methods, however they grew back and needed to be removed through surgery.

Radium suppositories-

Radium cure for tonsils is booed; The Pittsburg-Post Gazette 1968:,3751012

As she went to testify during the 90's and also to be part of the class action law suit she claims she was "followed" and claims she dropped her part in the suit..after years of research and alleged hours on the phone with the Dept of Energy.

Also someone at the Dept of Energy told her that my high fevers and seizures as an infant were due to her expsure..I dont know about this but I do know that her and I are the only females of my maternal relatives to have endometriosis, hers being later in life. Mine being diagnosed chronic and severe, and occurring at 16 yrs of age after only year of menstruation. (Dont even try to throw that 'retrograde menstruation' theory at me.
1) its a theory
2) I have touched on medieval medicine along the way and that is exactly where this theory belongs.)
Endo autoimmune:
Endo radiation related:

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