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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Denying the Targeted person victories; demoralization/psychological warfare

I have noted that in my situation that just one small non abusive or positive interaction from someone or a victory however small ensures that I am healed. It actually brings me back to feeling grounded or back to my true self.

I feel that to deny the TI any victories or to validate the person at all in this world or in thier life is the best way to keep them isolated and continue the behavior modification/ thought reform. 
This is due to how demoralizing the whole campaign is.  Especially being made to feel you deserve this or its your fault and such.

Well it looks as if demoralization is a bit different than what I mean exactly:

this is worse. Its not that you do not want to fight, its that you become so brainwashed into believing internally that you are a CANT fight.
A victory seems to set one free from this psych prison.


Anonymous said...

Or just being brainwashed into thinking you deserve it through repeated suggestion. Make the target feel as though he or she has done something wrong, or is somehow
"out of place".

Anonymous said...

Any small victory in my life was played down. I'm still bitter over how my college graduation (one of the few times in my life that could have been celebrated) was totally played down by my perp family. I guess they wanted me to know that any success I had was worth nothing was to be glossed over and forgotten. If someone treats me like a human being not a subhuman piece of trash it isn't long before the perps get ahold of that person and they are "persuaded" to perp me or to ignore me altogether. Also, if you find an effective activism technique expect to be fought over it. Being totally alone I do not do activism choosing to remain online to speak my mind. The people who "run" the activism to ti's now do not impress me.

Sativarg said...

Blessings Rachael

Ours is no life, non life, without struggle and strife. Your understanding and clarity bring light into this dark corner of my life. Thank you for sharing your insights and inspirations.

אברא כדברא