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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

parasitic disease

Parasitic Diseases
A parasite is typically an organism that lives in or on the body of another living organism, the host, and harms it by feeding on its tissues or stealing nutrients. In the broad sense, parasites include certain bacteria, fungi, protozoans, worms, arthropods, and a few vertebrates.

The worms that infect humans include trematodes (flukes), cestodes (tapeworms), and nematodes (roundworms).

All right..enough. I was going to wait and really make a piece out of this but enough b*llshit allready.

ohh..than previously thought huh? NO : THAN PREVIOUSLY ADMITTED TO.

One of the things I was researching when I got slammed by 24/7 targeting was this very subject.

I have some sort of nack for medical research I cannot explain considering I have no education..thats the fun of tbmc survivors. You have vocabulary beyond your learning , some survivors even understand languages without any reasonable explaination. Who knows what the hell they do with us or to us when we are in a complete disassociated state.

It might also be becuz I am not bound by education as a way of thought about problem solving I am free to 'think outside the box' fact it is my minds way of working that there is no box. Limitations are as real as humans create them to be. Also I have always utilized the internet as a research tool or educational tool than for other purposes.

Here it is and I dont care if its perfect or not:

The CDC says infectious disease is the greatest health threat of the next 20 years.

If people are coming into the country from other places with para disease why would they not bring it here? Europeans brought disease to other places that killed the natives as we all learned in junior high, why does it not work in reverse?

Time to get real wether you like it or not: ( and dont even bring up PC...this is about saving lives not being polite. Also do not be a dumbass and start thinking every foriegn person has disease. It has nothing to do with money or character. DO your research.)

Mexicans are known to carry tapeworm into the US.

We have to consider the reality that African peoples brought over for the purposes of slavery also brought parasitic diseases with them...this may have been the reason for the seperate tiolets and water fountains not just racism.

People in the old days were much more aware of parasites in the human body as a part of life.
Just back to what would have been my greatgrandmothers day people took herbs to deworm almost daily as part of thier.
Perhaps the old people's fear of anything foriegn, new or strange wasnt so backward after all.

We never consider what occured to me recently which is what infectious diseases did the Native American popluation have already present in this land?

What parasitic diseases are common in Europeans that were brought over here?

What are we aquiring from animals?

Cats are an imported animal from Africa new as of the late 1800's to England and after the USA for domestication. It is recorded and documented that cats give humans toxoplasmosis which causes the symptoms which have been coined 'schizophrenia'
My research shows that this became a common disease around the same time as cat domestication.
Also, the anti pscychotic drug given for this condition contains in it the chemical that kills this infectious disease.
I have also found that women are told not to empty cat litter while pregnant-this is becuz human females have high progesterone levels during the first phase of pregnancy...which makes them less immune and more suceptable to parasitic diseases.

(I was trying to determine if birth control pills that contain only progestin had the same effect on non pregnant females who were taking them.)

The habit of letting dogs live in the house is fairly recent as well.

What is the immunity of each individual based on genetics as well as current health conditions?

What has the exposure of each person been?
Do they have family members who are vetrans of foriegn wars where something could have been aquired? ( Japan, Fiji, Korea, Vietnam [iv drug use prevelant in Vietnam] , the Middle East, etc.)
Have they traveled?
Have they been intimate with foriegners or travelers?

I AM NOT A PHYSICIAN...but I know that the poor are screwed in alot of ways health wise that the rich and educated seem to know about already.
An ex associate of mine was a rich kid. It amazed me that his parents jsut made sure he took the right supplements, that all his fillings were non-metal and in general they seemed to live the secrets of good health as if they were not secret to them.

You shouldnt be afraid of ancient and primitive conditions of the human body.
It is not your fault that the health system since the 1940's or 50's has consisted of overdosing on antibiotics and throwing away herbs as medicines until the new age 'rediscovery' of herbal remedies.
It is also not your fault that you as a citizen have been conned into a lifestyle that readily accepts man's seperation from nature/health more and more and promotes the ignoring of pollution of the human as well as every other enviroment- even though your body warns you every day becuz it looks bad, it smells bad and it makes you feel bad.

It is relativley easy to catch parasitic disease but it may all depend on your immune system how it turns out.
I often wonder if some humans are born infected, like every puppy born.

I know that infectious disease doctors either dont want to deal with reality but most likely are told not to. Their offices seem heavily 'guarded' attitude wise and some will not see you if you say you have not traveled top another country. They pass this off with a great marketing tactic which is to make these departments exist under the heading "Tropical Medicine".

You'd better be smart and do your research- dont be a hypochondriac and always use reason. But do not let anyone deter you either by calling you a hypo just to get you to cease and disist.

Its the same old primitive game:
only the strong are going to survive and that could mean anything from a strong immune system to the ability to research and find info out to save your own life.

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