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Friday, January 11, 2019

Anti Smoking 'truth' Ad Shows Generation Trained To Silence Opposing Views With Mobbing Mentality

Truth is a campaign to raise awareness about dangers of tobacco use. The ads have ranged from politically charged to now more whimsical using puppets resembling muppets.

These links sum up the suspicions of alot of people about the ads being manipulative.

Remember these companies have been doing this a long time. During WW2 soldiers gear came with Lucky Strikes cigarettes. Movie stars smoked on camera,on tv and in ad posters. Health effects werent even considered. It's a very different concept than smoking a pipe or the Native American use of tobacco. Just as is done with chemicals that come from plants and turned into powders to cause addiction by design, so tobacco is converted to many forms for ingestion that will guarantee addiction. Marketing that any way that's effective is what pushes the drug.

The godfather of exposing subliminals in advertising, Dr Wilson Bryan Key, illustrated how the alcohol industry among others use symbols of sex, death and male fears of castration to manipulate consumer behavior.

There are theories that these ads are taking advantage of the adolescent mind by using a sort of reverse psychology to cause/manufacture desire (to consume or purchase).

Is Anyone Else Suspicious Of The Truth Anti Smoking Ads?

I Hate The Truth Ad Campaign:

This ad campaign is funded by money taken from tobacco companies to raise awareness about the unhealthy effects of tobacco use in all it's varied forms.

This link exposes the Truth ad campaign  details of interest.

The Real Truth Behind The Truth Campaign:

One of the latest ads shows a group of kids sitting in a living room. One kid vaping begins simply stating that he believes that vaping is safer than smoking (we can assume that's what his full sentence would be, if he was allowed to complete it).

Before he finishes his sentence the kids basically mob him by opening their mouths and letting out fog horn sounds to cut him off and silence him.
This continues until he gives up..or rather gives in to the money rule.

This teaches youngsters to operate on might makes right premise in the interest of what is moral and right or good.  Instead of using reason and debate they are basically being shown that mobbing someone who has an opposing view especially when there's a moral interest in 'whats right' or healthy or for the good of all is the best way to deal with such a situation. Today kids have been given a special phrase for their sheer numbers and cohesiveness-'peer power'. I knew there was a reason that we Gen Xers warned society about corporations co opting our daily culture. Now everything is either militarized or resemble corporate slogans, phrases and symbols.

Another example of how using reason and critical thinking is being replaced by mindless mob rule.

It's actually pretty lazy to go along with a mob rule to solve a problem instead of having a discussion. It's also a bit frightening how the kid with the misconception about vaping isn't being educated by anyone in the room through discussion and debate (even though this is the internet generation and they could easily look it up and prove he is misinformed) but instead he's attacked like a threat or enemy faction and marginalized.

This teaches kids to intimidate people with opposing views in mobs instead of using their brains, education and understanding of living in a democracy.
It's frighteningly fascist or communistic and that is quite common now.

It's a dumb down campaign and to be honest it actual targets smart kids who aren't fitting in or getting what they need in school or in society-they will see how dumb and unfair this content is and perhaps disregard the info the ad is trying to deliver.
Also anyone with a rebellious mind at a young age where the mind and the person doesn't understand freedom yet or the benefits of adulthood where one can be rebellious and balance that with responsibility-these teens may actually disregard the ads and it causes them to want to smoke.

This may be what the threads are referring to when people are saying the ads may cause desire to smoke via reverse psychology.

If anyone that smokes or used to recalls smoking is basically a ritualistic act based on peer pressure. No one's first cigarette was tasty or wonderful. It's after the chemicals get into your system and when the oral fixation begins to become habitual and the feeling of belonging solidifies that cigarettes create the illusion of being satisfying.

I was smart enough to quit at 25. I only smoked for ten years and luckily much of those were teen years so I was limited in my opportunities to smoke on a daily basis. I've been told I had some genetic advantage with athleticism though some family members seem to carry genes for crappy lung power. Ive been to the desert every year for a decade and I'm ohyaiphysi active everyday. After I quit using the patch I walked everywhere, all the time.

Yes I miss the mental benefits nicotine, the alertness and waiting for buses is certainly much more boring and awkward and I never regained my 135lb figure I maintained through chemical means but I wish that I'd never began smoking to begin with. I wish that cigarettes weren't part of our culture and if tobacco is then it be viewed more as an herb and treated as such for whatever medicinal purposes it has.

The tobacco in manufactured cigarettes is full of other chemicals which can't be healthy for humans (formaldehyde?). 

These things should be discussed realistically. Why would anyone want to start smoking to begin with unless it was marketed extremely well? That there was an irresistible fantasy attached to it, one that seems to last decades for the consumer, until the realities of I'll health or the monotony of addiction shatter that desire.

The problem is that smoking connects to our entire society at large which is a consumer fantasy especially since after WW2. The post war fantasy is one thats unnatural and unsustainable but America never realized that level of economic growth and earning isn't realistically going to go on indefinitely. People think this is the normal quality of life in first world countries and now it's destroying age old cultures like Japan which are transforming into heartless consumerist wastelands.

In order to stop smoking, drug use and alot of other crutches, people who take on such habits must not be so deeply insecure or have such a sense of being marginalized. Our entire culture is based on being unhealthy as the norm, then seeking medicines and experts to make us healthy.

Vaping and smoking will get replaced by something else and the same tricksters behind cigarettes will sell whatever is next to the same kinds of people. Trying to mob and silence an independent but mistaken individual isn't going to change that.

How about getting rid of television and ads altogether? Wouldn't THAT be nice. 

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