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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Enjoy the 'Clear' Days During Govt Shutdown! Holiday Gift for TIs!

This happened during Obama's Shutdown as well now I recall.
 Here's an update and details of shutdown.

Interesting to note that *certain* depts are shutdown.

Wonder if that's got anything to do with the return to normalcy in the environment. Federal holidays are always 'clear' anyway. Walking around a usually busy area on Thanksgiving or other is quite an experience. The contrast is amazing.

I can't be as articulate as I'd like due to ongoing legal issues (the email frame ups from 2016 which has denied me my rights to free speech) but I can advise somewhat.

It's just the relief we need though it's temporary. It could just rejuvenate us from damage that's caused long term.
And isn't it nice to experience the world as it was when we were younger (ie: normal!), as we older people recall. Circa 80s maybe?

Can you think straight again? Has your memory loss issues stopped suddenly? Has your WILL power, your core, your inner strength returned, that eminates from the center of your body, of your being? Do you feel grounded? Are you able to plan and execute efficiently again?

Suddenly you see that you've been living in fear unnecessarily and that you've been procrastinating at a frightening frequency in recent years. Has the malaise gone?

Can you feel yourself as a whole being again? Before these past two horrible decades  or so of living hell?

Quiet. Grounded. Whole. Connected to the earth-and your Self.

You once again have the right to exist...and self determination.

Enjoy it while you can and heal up well. Make plans and get things done that have seemed impossible lately. Face your enemies and exercise your rights without fear.

This is a window. A portal. Take what you can from it while it lasts.

Happy Holidays. The only vacation hard working TIs ever get. And thanks to all our allies and helpers, from every place and walk of life.

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