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Friday, June 1, 2018

Scientists Convinced We Live In Computer Simulation, Why It May or May Not Matter and the Billionaire Funding Research To Wake Us Up

Why this is the most ridiculous, time wasting bunch of bullsh*t Ive come across:




Remember the name of the game is always deception.

Even if this were true which it may very well be, it doesn't much matter. Youve only got approximately 80 years in these bodies. Enjoy them while your here.
If we lived longer in manufactured bodies we'd start having time to do something about how stupid humanity is as we are now and we would know better than to create gadgets thar "control us" like cell phones as the tech billoinaire in the article states.

Why not just stop the gadgets and our tech from evolving any further? Just get rid of the cell phones.

Why this is so ridiculous however is that if this theory were in all correctness then why is the theory of the existence a covert system that is capable of influencing not only the outcomes of events or altering people's fates and ultimately entire timelines due to effect of collective influence from such a system not included?

I wish somebody would bring up a theory of an actual real possible scenario of a tech driven simulation if you will where by various means of gaining influence over the world we live in and the conscious beings in it, one can create an altered state of reality... Like say for instance from approximately 6 a.m. until 12 midnight Monday through Saturday perhaps in some areas with variances of a half hour before or after that approximated time and in many areas Sunday being a day off to return to some sort of normalcy. In other areas, perhaps with certain very old religious influence perhaps Friday afternoons and evenings would be kind of a day off like Sundays. On every national or federal holidays everything would be completely as it is in reality, as it would be without the influence of technology.

Well imagine that if such a thing could be pulled off that's probably a more feasible version of a computer simulation that we live in.

I like my sci-fi theory better. Of course the billionaire and his scientist cohorts will claim that their's is 100% correct and that they can prove it to you, if only you were smart enough to understand it.
The problem with this is that even a dumb animal at this point can sense that there's something wrong with the world we live in in the modern age in the 21st century and you don't need to be a math genius to figure that out.
the problem is is that the math geniuses don't even seem to be entertaining any such theories except for this one that is listed here concerning any falsehoods to the world we live in.

If this is indeed a computer simulation its a pleasant enough one. It would be alot better without the things that get in the way of the wonderful natural design thats been laid out for us to live in.

Its all here for us; roses smell and look beautiful to us and whats toxic to us repels us, or should. Yet somehow we have become accustomed to living among what is bad for us as a species. This is where common sense would be helpful and I guess not computer science because instead of fixing whats wrong with our home planet, people like this keep trying to get off of it, out of it or under it.

I just want to live here and do my best and enjoy my body etc for 80 years. Not breathe bad air and de with radiation fallout or whatever other craziness that humanity seems to be tolerating nowadays.

Enslave AI? It enslaves us?? I think its come to a point where we need to just let these motherf*ckers just do what their gonna do and watch the show go down then when its over and they're all gone we can finally have oir world back and get on with the business of living. Not existing but really living.


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