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Monday, May 28, 2018

Russian Trolls Destroy Activists' Lives and Jam Activism; Parallel To Western Tactics Utilized

Jessikka Aro: How pro-Russian trolls tried to destroy me:

The Real Purpose Of Paranoia Inducing Russian Hacks:

This is the same as COINTELPRO program where agents and other shills or assets interfered with activism by sabotage, agitation, infiltration, frame ups, slander and smear, divide and conquer, inciting violence, disinformation and misdirection.  Now using technology to create an environment in which activism isn't possible seems a common taxtic.

Any serious activist in the USA can tell you that these tactics are used in the US but it's more difficult to convince a democratic society that they are not free.

The public does not want to see focusing on Identity Politics or BLM protests as possible diversionary forms of activism as opposed to more serious, global issues especially on college campuses. The very idea of a college creating any sort of interference with the US Constitution and free speech while suppossdly teaching the young citizens of the future is completely insane but such is the success of trauma based brain washing over time.  None of the cultural changes in this country that have occurred over the past 20 years would not have been possible without terrorism looking in the background of American lives and effecting the west generally. 

People thinking they have a clear view of information on the internet creates a situation where people don't scrutinize what they read or see. This creates the perfect illusion factory or disinformation  friendly environment for disinformation agents.

Destroying genuine activists is a bit different activity than creating diversionary movements which is a more sophisticated and requires specific designs. One red flag of any activism being diversionary in nature is that it's doesn't interfere with the corporate world; in fact, ID politics and BLM actually serve to further their interests and serve them not the welfare of humanity.  Only certain groups (special interest) benefit from these movements and there's a lot of scapegoating and creation of exclusion that results in classism, ageism and reverse racism.

 Even after history clearly documents COINTELPRO especially effecting and being active in the African American community.
Nor does anyone here want to believe an activist is targeted by harassment or that Russian style punitive psychiatry is utikized to silence activists or dissidents.

These tactics are the norm for the power structure. Wake up, grow up and get back to some common sense.

Its convenient to forget history when you cant handle the truth anymore because it's become overwhelming and its just easier to believe bullsh*t and cooperate with the system.

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