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Monday, March 12, 2018

Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning Claims Harvard Caves In To Pressure From Intel Agency

"In a series of emoji-filled tweets in the early hours Friday morning Manning said she was "honored to be 1st disinvited trans woman" from Harvard's visiting fellowship program and alleged that "pressure" from the CIA was the reason why the Ivy League school "chill marginalized voices." :

"honored to be 1st disinvited trans woman visiting @harvard fellow they chill marginalized voices under @cia pressure"

Honey, they won't just chill you-they'll put you on ice!!

What does anyone expect in an area of the country infamous for it's mixing and mingling with organized crime-so comfortably. It's just the way business has always been done here from witch burnings, rum and Bibles for slaves to mob money being part of the same economy as the Ivy League's.

 It's the Yankee penchant for denial and compartmentalization that makes such a hideous and corrupt reality possible-and that's something covert operatives should know more about than anyone!

This area has been doing this for centuries. It's the way things run here and it's never going to change.

The old OSS has a long history with the university mentioned anyway.

The elite are masters at Machiavellian artistry and this, also, is not likely to change. Lately it's been less Michaelangelo and more like Warhol-self possessed Narcissistic modern art designed to disregard anything from classical history with the illusion of breaking down old social norms yet somehow it just ends up kissing the ass of the same old people that were in power anyway.

Wow maybe a bit of lipstick and a nip and tuck hasn't effected this whistleblower's tenacity.

But one always has to wonder. Anyone who's genuinely working on actually whistleblowing or exposing anything truly damaging gets much worse than disinvited to speak at a university.

Its like noticing that all conspiracy theorists who are successfully writing books and having talk show empires are white males and they can act as crazy as they want on television or make ridiculous claims about royalty in their books yet they never get ''chilled" nor put on ice like some of us.

Anyone one with any 'voice' at all that isn't crushed with extreme COINTELPRO type tactics is suspect...and they probably all work for The Company in the end anyway.

Regardless of who's putting on pressure. With intel sector using mostly outsourcing of private security companies nowadays who knows exactly who's doing what have that kind of access and are in certain circles. A brilliant way to escape transparency and accountability.

Anyone who genuinely knows anything is as good as dead or silenced like any typical day in Bulgers Boston.

The place never changed. It's simply replaced psycopathic mobsters who kill for profit with complex contractors-who use the same compliant paid off authorities to keep them in power.

Manning is skirting around issues in his new dresses. I guess prison scared off the man who wasn't afraid to expose real truths.

I can imagine the streamlined tortures in a prison of that kind. What is being used here in civilian ones is outrageous enough.

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