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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Are Serial Killers Protected? Is There A System In Place That Utilizes Such People For Unknown Motive?

How exactly could this serial killer go on with his activities for this long and the medical establishment did not ensure people's safety by preventing him from doing so?

After reading this case for many paragraphs it starts to read as if its fabricated and the author just kept adding incidents and it becomes almost surreal as it goes on so damn long.

You begin the think that nothing could be THIS ridiculous to have had so many stupid moves by people resulting in the stories lame twists and turns.

But this is an actual case and like many others you can see the way the killer uses human weakness to his advantage as well as the lack of advanced technology of the times.

Whats amazing is that authorities and those in positions of responsibility didnt seem to act appropriately to stop continued violence.

Other cases Ive read are astounding as to how the killer not only hid in plain site but was actually put into the spotlight in the entertainment industry such as the case of the 'Dating Game Killer'.

In that case one certainly should question his early mentoring by Roman Polanski.

Even before an age of surveillance authorities can not possibly be that unimformed and negligent.

How is it that I have a legit case where I have been stalked by an unknown person who comments on my blog and frames up three times for threatening authorities and yet in this age of technology and surveillance this has not once been focused on and my civil and human rights have been violated repeatedly?
While truly evil, bad people move about  seemingly undetected decade after decade that cause real harm to society, innocent people become victims of injustice by the justice system and related fields.

How is this the case?

People are so overwhelmed with information with personal technologies that they seem to actually know less about what is really going on or they are being given a smoke screen of sorts to hide the truth about what society is really about.

Every case Ive read over the years consists of repeated negligence and cover ups resulting in serial killers and other criminals being allowed to continue to commit their crimes and do extrmely brutal and harmful things to humanity.

It would be interesting to examine exactly what motive would exist for allowing brutal serial killers to continue to victimize and destroy people (mostly women and children).

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