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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Police IDing In Manchester Continues-Possible Harassment

(Wow. Family Dollar is rough huh? Girl works inside said they take too long to show up when they actually need them. The guy inside said "Its the neighborhood." That is what makes it normal to approach and harass a customer on private property when employees didn't call. Then ask for ID and use anything you say against you.
Employee claims they are always hanging out at motel across the street.
Reeeaaally? Im from a big city...uh exactly what is so interesting over at the motel, eh?)

Its become obvious that since Im a sort of canary in a coal mine that with whats happened to me in past two years, authorities are out of control and lawlessness has set in.

The police harassment tonight lets me know that possibly no place within New England FBI jurisdiction is safe becuz remember this pressuring from authorities began with a false terrorism tip to the Boston FBI over the summer (when I moved to RI so I was completely unaware of the frame up.) This also all coincides as I've mentioned with the exit of some people in power from death or leaving office and a slew of new people in key positions in Boston-Cambridge, MA and the New England area. Also GE is changing residence from Connecticut to MA. That's ALOT of power concentrated in one small area, of DARPA and military contractors.

Somehow they've turned a false terrorism tip into a frame up with a false claim of a threatening email then a bogus diagnoses after being sectioned by the very police dept I was going to the ACLU about.
It wasnt hard to isolate me from my long time home base- Harvard Sq, around the the university, where I had a support system in the street scene. Everyone there pretty much has something they are up to that they could be compromised for or they dont want to be targeted as well.
Long time acquaintances dropped me off our social networking site without notice before the email incident with HUPD. Locals kept mentioning "entrapment" in conversations around me as if trying to warn me.

After being harassed tonight I decided to leave the area. I'm curious to see if being outside New England FBI jurisdiction helps the situation at all. I have a theory that the new guy Shaw might be trouble for activists. He worked in NY during 9-11 and we all know the history of COINTELPRO.

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