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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Now I Know Why I Was Warned To Leave US In 2012-Targeted To Give Up, Conform- No Freedom Left In USA

Its like a total fucking police state but no one sees it.

Mon-Fri most cities and towns are psycho managed so that I can't think straight, function as an activist or even retain any sense of true Self.

On weekends it becomes very obvious that something is severely wrong during the week and that becomes most evident onnfederal holidays.

Its like its become a totally false reality and somehow the system being used now thats in place can accomplish that-Mon-Fri from approximately 6am-12 midnight Monday-Friday.

And I cannot BELIEVE the amount of common everyday people in on gang stalking harassment. When the system finds out a Target is in the area its like 80-90% of the human beings you will cross paths with from the time you wake up until you go to sleep.
Its fuckin insane.
And in most cities and towns the system now knows in advance before a TI arrives not the variable time frames I experienced from city to city or town years ago. Only a local shelter sticking to the law for fear of a felony charge didnt tell locals I was in town and so I had a few days of normalcy-only that woke me back up to realize what was happening and I wasnt truly going crazy or had become so immersed in the GS system that I was drowning to death so suicide looked like the only way out.

It also seems that a TI is monitored much more closely than ever before. Like they can hear everything a Target says even to ones self. Thought patterns seem monitored. Music in most stores immediately becomes like psy ops radio-tailored to the Targeted Individual.

Its like Ive been permanently abducted and live in a controlled lab and not in America on planet earth.

And Im definitely being treated like a terrorist or public enemy number one. Like Bin Laden or the like.

The attempts to entrap me are ridiculous and police seem to be able to just do whatever they want.

I may as well not even ever have started to fight back with activism when its Mon-Fri.

Its like all Ive done and fought for over the past 15 years is meaningless.

The brainwash through INTERFACE doesnt fuckin stop-everything from thouhts to feelings that cant be controlled-Im being convinced that I cant win and that what I know isnt important anyway,

That it doesnt matter to anyone.That no ones listening to me anymore anyway. That what Im doing doeant matter.

I see now why I was warned to get out of the USA 2012.

I can't even reach my true sense of self or have a natural continuum of who Ive evolved into over these years time.

It's horribke.

To never have existed...until Saturday. Til Monday morn.


Nathan Weatherdon said...


I have started assembling some descriptions of experiences and strategies to deal with this situation of psychological warfare. A very early draft is hosted at

If you have time, I would appreciate your feedback. I also have more content on my blog at htt:// that will be added to the later draft, which I will edit and organize more carefully for public release.

You can also "like" (follow) the Facebook page at, where I will be posting updates and other information that may be useful to people who aim to keep thinking for themselves in this situation of psychological warfare .

Luster FJord said...

i am listening. try to get politically active. you are so needed right now. Try Libertarian party and Lobby for us. For Exs