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Monday, August 27, 2018

Are Conspiracy Theories All Bad? The Powerless Wild No Legitimacy

NY Times article Harriet Washington

Book by Washington may be interesting or useful:

If you notice subjecfs like MK Ultra and similar are often portrayed in media as conspiracy theory or even used as material for sci fi fiction further confusing the public which is it's purpose perhaps.

Covering up something that's been exposed where govt documents exist is an ongoing effort.

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  1. I could only begin to *self diagnose, through trial-and-error using herbs-- the drugging and mind control poisons that were put in my body all my life via stalking agents back in the US, and only once I left the US to live in Thailand where herbs are inexpensive (with dollar/Thai currency currency exchange.) Herbs and eating lots of greens are a commonplace daily living situation in Thailand. The US medical establishment is wholly unhealthy I think on every level and toxic in all respects. When I see the names of medical drug treatments I cringe at the poisons being administered in the name of "healing" or "prevention". I was a brainwashed adherent of the US medical drug established belief system, believing that doctors in the US, with their drug administrations and prescriptions, were legitimately going to cure my problems or that they really had pertinent answers to being drugged and poisoned as an MK ULTRA target. Most, or all, of the doctors were intimately involved with the poisoning cover-up in my particular care, and in retrospect, when I think of the US medical establishment I think of it as a huge downward spiral death machine that involves a lot of brainwashing to get people to assume that these long-winded chemicals that doctors prescribe are actually extremely potent and can produce a healthy body. I believe that many of these drugs and chemicals that are prescribed can be used effectively for pain suppression but other side effects are unhealthy or deadly. The "Conspiracy theory" I would venture regarding all of this medical mind control brainwashing corporate vulturism is that it's part of the "population elimination" "conspiracy theory" and that they really are prescribing drugs that will help to open more pathways to more pathogens or cancers or make the body, ultimately , vulnerable due to other effects these laboratory chemicals produce in the body. I have been healing my body entirely using natural herbs, removing US (CIA, so the conspiracy theory goes) mind control drugs mixed with hardening chemicals, so all would literally "cement" into the interior of my body, to keep the drugs intact along my central nervous system (thus drugs are hardened along my spine) but I have successfully removed most of the drugs and chemicals that have built up over 40 years from daily drugging--all myself, using herbs I could buy in Thailand but would never have been able to obtain unless with a huge amount of money in the US. I also have relied on some Chinese herbs as well, which are imported to Thailand from China, so the price is extremely local and affordable. The same herbs in the US cost maybe ten times more or in excess of that amount. The whole thing really can be boiled down to NOT being a conspiracy theory on how the US medical establishment is brainwashing people to "believe" in the efficacy of these toxic drugs and chemicals and also have blind faith in the medical establishment.