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ALERT! New Series Of Posts Dealing With Urgent Issues

Please read these posts in a series created spread awareness of urgent issues to anyone perhaps looking for alternative theories for information.
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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Alert and Warnings Post #3: Genetic Warfare and Potential Abuse of Gene Data Bases (Research Projects)

Beware possible abuse of info gathering through bio bank projects, research and genetic mapping or information.

The info gathered on individuals has the possiblity to be applied to genetic warfare in theory.

Gene Warfare? Russia's Accusations Of U.S. DNA Gathering Get Raised Eyebrows, Lawsuit Threat

Certain hospitals in major cities have gotten themselves into debt by taking on emr or ehr (electronic medical/health record) systems which link to go together a patient's info through out a corporate health care system. A good idea for lofty goals and best intentions but perhaps if more sinister theories of possiblity are applied one may want to rethink how much info is gathered and shared.

The complaints among health care workers is too much time spent on tech and not patients. Theres been testing of privacy done that shows that patients can be identified even with privacy procedures taken and then apply theoretically the way the world would genuinely function with consideration to money talks and absolute power corrupts absolutely add some ruthlessness and results at any cost and you can imagine that any info or video or anything about a person is available to the highest bidder or if higher goals are being put forth like cover warfare to preserve the status quo for the good of all-to sacrifice a bothersome few.

Genetic weapons could kill only the people you hate

Humans already exhibit these attitudes towards animals in their environment. To deny that certain humans consider percieved lesser humans on par with the bothersome fish in that article I've linked below-is naive.

Gene warfare to be waged on invasive fish

How would disease be caused in an isolated subject?

Don't know. What if it were feasible or ateast people in a certain area with a bothersome Gene that say, causes them to fight for their freedom or challenge authorities?

What if on a classified level, some hospitals in elite areas that serve elite patrons and train from elite academic institutions right now have the ability to scan a patient the moment they walk in the hospital and assess their health conditions via no touch technologies? Health care, as it's presented to us on still a 20th century level is a mere business-a scam. Just to imagine perhaps what is possible the public isn't aware of.

Be wary of biobank research.

Btw years ago I was told that surveillance videos of TIs being messed with and set up by staff in certain institutions were "sold to the highest bidder".

Never underestimate the potential corruption of humans with too much money.

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