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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Blogger Content Policy Pops Up When I Log In-Soon To Switch To Another Site To Publish

Wtf I sign in and this content policy shows up before my blog.

I've had it with this bullshit. It's bad enough that I'm being framed three times for criminal threats against authorities with whoever's doing it USING THIS BLOG as an obvious means of taking away my right to free speech and now these long time outlets for speech are going to start ripping up the US Constitution in front of our faces as well.

This isn't a college campus. You can't just define where Free Speech Zones are and are not or what is a micro aggression.
In Boston area my being a metal head Traveler looking person is offensive to the current Victimhood culture. My very existence is a micro aggression and you should see the obvious reactions from certain demographics.

I'm done being intimidated. Hate crimes are and should be specific to legally define. I've seen instances in this city or at least heard of them second-hand from people who have been victims of hate crimes being used against them to set example simply like for instance one of our friends getting into a fight with a Muslim person after 9/11 and in order to get a conviction they made it into a hate crime even though it had nothing to do with them targeting the person due to them being Muslim. Cities like Boston and other power centers of the East Coast Elite as well as the intelligence that the colleges have a bad habit of using current laws and Trends in order to get their way or cover up trying to Target certain people.

When it comes to the Northeast and especially the college's if anything you shouldn't trust them to bring you progress and world peace and a perfect utopian society you should highly suspect them of potential abuse of power wake up I've seen it over my 46 years and it still goes on there just better at hiding.

When I tell common people who aren't near College areas or big cities about what's going on on these campuses that are training the next Generations of Executives and leaders politicians Etc they're horrified to hear about things like microaggressions and Free Speech zones the public don't know what's going on they believe what they see on television and they don't understand.

Once you understand what is going on in the cities as well as the college campuses you can under corruption and the infiltration of these former institutions of learning that are not being used for abuse of power and to train people like communism to Conformity uniformity using fear and basically terrorism once you tell people about what's going on in the cities and you tell them about the forced social engineering as well as all the policies and the abuse of power and the economic inequalities where attention is being diverted to other kinds of inequalities to hide that like the big building boom in Boston it favors the elite Millennials and not the locals and the common people once you point out to them what's going on in the cities as well as you point out the complete and total disregard of the Constitution and placed it is supposed to be teaching law not teaching how to break it effectively for the elites benefit and their minions and anyone else that wants to benefit when you point that out then you can explain better to common people outside the city's exactly what for example was going on with the Boston Free Speech rally because all they understand is there's a bunch of white supremacist coming into the city and a bunch of Heroes from the left went and took them down which is not what happened at all.

What's what's happening is that things like Boston Free Speech are normal healthy reaction to what is going on in the cities and on these campus is that we see firsthand in these areas and people who are Outsiders all they hear about is all these infiltrators coming up with white supremacy values to go to a rally it's a normal Natural Healthy questioning of the fascism that the Left is created in the cities and then all of a sudden of course once you have white supremacy and extremists the other people have to show up to counter them and so that's all the public see.

They don't see abuses of power like me being framed Up 3 fucking times where this would never have happened before the whole ten years I've been doing is I've never had a legal problem with this blog now all of a sudden I'm being told to shut the fuck up or they can just put me in jail whenever the fuck they damn please.
Then seeing all these changes to freedom of speech and I've been seeing it slowly Brewing like a cancer on the college campuses and every city along with all these changes to favor the elite.
Give me a break we all know what's going on and it has to be fought legally and through peaceful demonstration and using freedom of speech because the Constitution is being chopped into pieces in front of us and they're making it out like it's something good

if you don't see the inner machinations of these cities and the college campuses then you don't really understand that it isn't good.
Not being able to question any authority figure no matter how good they seem to be or how good their  intentions are is never a good thing.

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