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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Friday, January 20, 2023

  I know I've seemed to ignore some deaths and not made any mention of them here. 

Bush has died, the Queen. Michael Aquino died and I posted something at least. To be honest since people are aging and dying that we in this community tagged as 'enemy' I'm feeling kind of lonely. It's like the old Shaw Bros movies where the rebel fighter learns from each battle with the Emperor who hes vowed to kill for vengeance etc. 

And the public are forgetting about us. As if anything covert no longer exists. Somehow becoming brainwashed into believing that the new social control system in place will solve everything wrong with the human world yet the inhabitants of this utopia seem very inhuman. Two things we no longer have are dignity and humanity. Without that I trust no movement claiming justice as its cause. 

The only thing covert nowadays is greed which people smugly conceal very well under veneers of moral outrage-all very metered and very coldly calculated. 

A bunch of sociopaths is all I see. 

Genuine lightworkers are being silenced and prevented from bringing real change. 

The reason no one can afford to deal with 'conspiracy' nowadays is because people know damn well they live in a society that is lie. Why would you want to expose things if you know you have to agree with deceptions daily to survive? 

Its easier to deny anything outside the cult mind controlled environment we now live in simply does not exist. 

There is no justice or equality. Every win for one group is see is at the expense of others which is being ignored. People are being pushed into extinction. Entire subcultures are being destroyed. Then the system claims they are succeeding at positive changes etc yet its simply because they are blatantly ignoring the negative effects. 

What's happening in society is more akin to corporations deciding which products to discontinue or sell off based on value, performance and future projected profits for their bottom line. 

Any demographics not seen as having potential to produce the desired results are being cut out...of existing. Any demographics or kinds of people who are projected as not being able to be a part of the globalist system especially if they present a problem such as  not being indoctrinated or  presenting any challenges to the power structures are being engineered out of existence.

The public are being shown accounting ledgers that show the success of a company producing a profitable bottom line not 'social justice' or hope and change. It's the human beings and cultures  being destroyed that are written off as collateral damage that no one seems to care about or even know exist. 

This isn't reality. It's a tightly controlled FALSE REALITY and its falsehood is attained and perpetuated by many methods. 

The fact that people are being prevented from being exposed to alternative information that makes it possible for them to even consider alternatives to the official lines shows that the stakes must be far too high now compared to just five or ten years ago. 

Taking the effects of racist shunning of African Americans and putting it on demographics undesirable to the NWO and Corporatocracy as an easy way to silently wipe them out and marketing this to the public as social justice or a system of morality is just underhanded genocide. 

Why would you teach white privilege when you know well off white people have class privilege but poor non people of color may only have just the tribal or ethnic advantage to survive or even have a safe environment?

Because more than anything this system wants everyone on the planet kidnapped into the system. 

The (collective) People Of Color idea and Critical Race Theory are deceptions. 

The powers now dont care about justice or anyone's life mattering or not. More than anything they hate humanity. They separate us from Nature and the power of nature and the natural world. They wish to wipe out any and all native or indigenous cultures from Arctic (Scandinavia, Russia) to far East Asian to India to Africa to Canada. Any ethnically strong European American culture that retained its knowledge and traditions is being wiped out. It's worse than the original enslavement of European peoples by the church almost 2,000 years ago when white people were stolen from their lands and enslaved by forcing assimilation and destroying ethnic pagan belief systems by way of The Inquisition. Torture, brainwashing and death. 

This is the true 'supremacy" that PC culture claims is exclusively 'white'. There are examples of the Vikings encountering multiple cultures of 'people of color' and all that occurred was them creating a temporary colony and paying for that by trading with the natives by teaching them metal working etc. 

Why? Because they were culturally similar as opposed to post Christian Europe. 

Slavery or exploitation of 'darker peoples' has nothing to do with supremacy based on lighter skin color. It has to do with might makes right, who possesses superior technology and the sickness caused by a Christianization that was  worldly and cultural than spiritual in nature. 

Even the Romans understood diversity as such and had cultural tolerance under their rule. 

Whoopi Goldberg that absolutely miserable old woman who's a washed up  Hollywood has been on the worst show for any self respecting woman to ever watch-The View , got herself into trouble recently by applying the indoctrination system to real life. She actually claimed that the holocaust wasn't  based on discrimination and it was not  based on what could be  called racism.

Her response to this only highlighted how this new thought control system limits people to a victimhood culture where they are cut off from the rest of reality in order to function in the capacity desired by those who created it. 

The motive for doing this harks back to the theory that all of this is being done to control outcomes to maximize productivity and profit. Looked at from that way, you can deduct why such indoctrination is necessary to control certain populations to get desired results. But its certainly not change but for some it may provide hope as functioning beyond a limited tribalism mentality in modern civilized society isn't possible.  Whoopi G. however isn't one of those people. So the pervasiveness of the cult indoctrination is shocking. 

As someone who's part Slavic I can certainly attest to the differences between 'White Russians' and those of us who possess more Arctic indigenous qualities specifically from Slavs where our features appear almost caveman like. This is shunned by more Germanic looking or less Native Russian or Slavic people. 

Germans have always been the people from the east trying to enslave Slavs as their lessers, as Russians were to the west always trying to absorb us into their empire as our betters or a wiser, bigger entity. Just as China has destroyed the likes of Mongolia.

This is why I've not mentioned the actions of Russia on Ukraine. According to my DNA-my understanding of the world, this happens frequently.  It's what they do. Its not going to change. It's no surprise, it happens all the time.

Whoopie like so many other people now only sees color as a motivation for any actions against people

 If it isn't based on 'white supremacy' it doesnt exist. How you explain all of the rest of the past and ongoing war, genocide, displacement, enslavement etc against one people by another in areas where everyone involved is the same color etc is irrelevant. As long as our modern overlords in the western world can weaponize certain groups of people against anyone who resists or poses a threat to their dominance-reality isn't important. Results are. 

Ever see that blonde girl hanging out with her black friend but as an Italian you notice that they both look exactly alike? The black girl has similar features. They are obviously related. Like the majority of African Americans in the USA the "black' girl has blonde DNA. And the blonde white girl prefers black people but cant stand or is never seen with latins (Spanish, Italian) or any sort of north Africans or semites. She cant stand how loud we are...or how we talk with our hands. 

In reality the blonde girl and the black girl prefer keeping the company of kin. They are not progressive or diverse. Most likely also they come from the same or similar socio economic backgrounds and that certainly serves the ILLUSION of diversity but it isn't genuine. 

Diverse environments are  created  by certain environmental conditions and depend on free associations and free will.

Btw its perfectly normal for blonde whites to prefer people who look like them because they are a result of natural selection. Every white person who's got a wide diversity of ethnicities from Europe can attest to the fact that the Irish kids usually only hang with people who look like them. As do the Italians or the Spanish or blacks. It takes a special environment to create something as precious and rare as true diversity and it most likely is culturally based and insular like a subculture. 

Just as most 'diverse' groups of people I see hanging out together are clearly coming from the same professional or economic background. 

Remember the new movement now is about INSTITUTIONAL change not genuine change. 

Increasingly if you arent part of the institution or the corporate culture or an internet culture you simply dont exist. You're fading out of existence.

So how can color be the major deciding factor in discrimination is classism has returned to being a dominant force? 

It's a lie. Designed to ensure that classism and greed take over society completely and everyone who's hooked into the system exists and anyone outside of it does not. The utopia of diversity is a deception where everyone is getting along happily inside a Starbucks into their computer screens for hours. Spending money of course. This is the fake corporate version of humans getting along flawlessly in a controlled environment.  As long as it includes consumerism and some level of isolation. 

Because in a situation where different groups all got together to compare notes and talk and discuss and create new ideas everyone would pretty much figure out that the world is actually more unfair and overpriced now more than ever and we are ALL being exploited. 

Its shocking to see Divide and Conquer as well as Diversion being used successfully nowadays on modern society  but perhaps that is why they keep using these methods to control humans. They seem to work well without fail each time. 

I shouldn't have to be forced to move to another state because of this modern day colonization. And when you move away from an area like MA you make it so there's no one left to defend or help those of us remaining here. I wish people had stayed in liberal areas after 2'020 and fought for the land not given it up so easily. 

Its just going to eventually end up as a colonization method in wherever you've moved to. Whatever culture is in place that you're safe in now is going to either give way to left wing insanity or its going to backlash against it and become so intolerant and inflexible its not going to be desirable anymore. 

Im sick of being left behind and then taken prisoner by the colonizers. Does anyone realise how hard it is to deal with unqualified people who get hired constantly for political agendas? The quality of life is unbearable. 

This isn't equality its whatever is easiest for corporate and billionaires. Its however they  can ensure that thjer slaves and indoctrinated armies of youth as well as those grateful for their favoritism keep us prisoner. Contain us. 

I cannot believe that my grandmother was right and my great grandmother would be more wise to these tricks and in defending herself against them than a modern day 'educated' person with access to and a savvy knowledge of the internet.

An environmental movement that's anti human and basically a depopulation agenda masquerading as 'environmentalism'. You are allowing unprecedented real estate greed to take every last piece of green space in our cities-building them up like China and you ignore that because the new buildings are green certified. 

That is obviously  not an agenda that includes any respect for the natural world or is trying to come up with alternatives to the old tired outdated ways of doing things. 

In fact the latter is what they fear most.

This is all a culture of intimidation serving our modern day fuedal overlords the billionaires and the new cultural kidnapping resembling Christianization-corporate culture. 

Some of us recall the ancestral memories of the bad old days and arent willing to go through this crap again. Which is WHY we have a US Constitution to prevent that from happening ever again. For those of you who are simply desperate from being unhealed victims of Colonialism and Imperialism (btw these are ready made house slaves for those in power not exotic ethnic people.) or you're not in touch with your European DNA because you're convinced that all that exists is your skin color and not the reality of your existence-youd better take the advice of those who recall how this goes. 

After you've served your purpose and you've been rewarded the utopia will end and you'll realize that the only thing any power structures have EVER cated about is how to gain as much control over people as possible at all times. And if it isn't the one you live under now, it's whoever is going to overtake your country. 

If you hate the United states and the Constitution so much then be careful what you wish for. The devil seems to keep getting locked up and he always deceives some simpleton to open the lock and release him. 

You'll see the horror.of what you've done once those locks are gone and you realize the reality. 

You're already paying outrageous prices just to live. Over three generations its gotten outrageous but no one seems to notice. 

This is a another ensuring that father and son dont share traditions like music. Aside from youthful fad young people should return to shared traditions. Without that there's no relation to elders and now that's been destroyed also elders have been vilified by the corporate 'state' that now owns our children. 

These are ALL ways of successfully getting around the Constitution-by using cultural warfare or even genocide. 

How long can people keep on thinkjng they are smart nowadays because of something so stupid like the internet and keep believing it? 

Everything is an angry mob now which also.isnt.a lawful society. Especially if you start making laws based on mob rules and decisions. 

'Better together' is bullshit because you're only allowing those who will serve the agenda to be part of who is included in that group who's 'together'. 

I'm sick of having my life ruined and being denied things other people get as citizens MORESO now than ten or five years ago because getting rid of people like me is easier than ever now if you hide it behind the latest agendas' causes' mandates' etc.

We need to fight this cancer that benifits greedy snobs who are stupid people with half assed educations designed to create modern day factory workers/worker bees in any field or industry. 

Notice how the words 'tacky' and 'snob' arent used in conversation anymore? Because everyone is fucking tacky and a snob nowadays (with zero taste or class). Because everyone decent has fled these areas we are now stuck in. 

Fight back. Report bad service or job performance or ANY UNQUALIFIED PEOPLE in positions that warrant it.

Refuse to babysit people. Refuse to be intimidated or mocked by agitators who have infiltrated our hospitals, grocery stores, security services, public transportation. 

Refuse to be put aside for any agendas or 'social justice' or equality or diversity.  As a houseless woman who stays away from the homeless industry I can tell you that the most vulnerable of us are not being served by these agendas. 

Demand peoples office managers and supervisors. Refuse to partake in unsatisfactory customer service by phone. Demand a super immediately upon anything impeding your hearing or understanding of what's being said. Call corporate headquarters directly. 

The globalist agenda and corporations saving money on cheap labor isn't your cross to bear. In the NWO we are all Jesus we are all their blood sacrifices. 


Also refuse to be entrapped or baited because its going to happen. Refuse to tolerate health care systems who regularly hire unqualified people who now are more concerned with they feeling offended or uncomfortable instead of focusing on the needs of the patient. They dont belong in medical care to begin  with and they are most likely only able to work in any capacity because nowadays technology has created a work environment similar to a factory or field work. 

Refuse to be responsible for peoples insecurities. Young people are now at full scale war on anyone of a lower class that doesnt have protected status or they think they can get away with it. Dont tolerate the war on older people from the youth anylonger. Soon they will be older and we can get vengeance on them for what they've cost us during the pandemic and since.

It is our generation who are slowly inheriting the world. Do not allow selfish sociopathic baby boomers to choose the youth of today as their heirs due to their natural defect of being in love with their ownreflections. 

If Gen X had been stronger during the transition from an analog world to a digital one the corrupt powers of our world would not have hijacked it and dictated it their way. 

Its obvious we live in a false timeline that is the result of engineering and designs. Specifically to prevent the natural evolution of man and replace it with transhumanism. 

Tesla is a car now. Not the inventor of our free energy source. If anything his research into electromagnetics has been used to enslave us and to help maintain the false created timeline reality instead of improve human civilization. 

GS as a theory if applied to the big picture is a form of maintenance on a falsely created timeline.

The bitch who works in scheduling that I had to deal with today trying to coordinate my elderly relatives care, in the society that should exist would never be working in her position....and a person with my assets certainly wouldn't have wasted almost 20 years on the run traveling or be living out of a storage space. 

Things wouldn't cost as much as they do. The world we live in would not have devolved into this living hell more suited to the animals who readily inhabit it than evolving human beings who are now forced to suffer in it. 

It may seem like it's over and we've lost but we've not yet begun to fight in our best years.  They are dying off and their minions will lose their youthful capacity for war and terrorism. 

Thats why they are destroying society-so there's  nothing for us to inherit and as many of us as possible go quietly, give up or disappear. 

Allowing hostile peoples of foreign interest with loyalties only to greed and their own families or ethnic groups and not the local community or culture to buy up large amounts of business and real estate also guaranteed we will be shut out and again the most truly vulnerable in communities become casualties of their greed. Especially if they are clever enough to hide behind racial politics they can then shun or even abuse their power by not being responsible to local communities or long time cultural norms of supporting vulnerable people locally. 

People wont see the people pushed out by these foreign agents of the NWO but most likely they will see the two things they've been indoctrinated to worship most; corporate  chains and race/identity politics. 

If you look at this horrible new world they've created now complete with homebum homeless culture dirtying the streets of decent once great cities and skyrocketing crime, if ever you want to know it the great utopia is real or if it's a deception just measure the amount of humanity and dignity as well as civility or at least common sense present. If you dont see those qualities then it's a falsehood. 

You may still have to live in it but it doesnt mean you have to accept it or be a casualty. Be aware and defend yourself if necessary.  Dont get baited or triggered. 

This is all about militarization of society. Complete with games. So learn the games and play them. 

Make them realize that that Covid and inflation and identity politics or equating alternative theories with 'fake news' isn't going to be used  to create a smokscreen to try to get rid of us more easily. 

The attitude that we NO LONGER matter and any attempts by us to keep on existing is a joke is not reality. It's the collective agenda and desperation of a bunch of cowards and sneaky greedy insects who survive via a hive mentality. 

We can beat them at trying to destroy us and maybe even use them to pull ourselves out of these eternal holes and establish ourselves. 

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Harassment on public transit needs to stop today. Coveet warfare

Stop mobbing me and my partner with blacks on buses or people who purposely smell like peanuts (it's well known.i have a severe airborne allergy), then rich kids on the trains who purposely don't hang on to anything and fall on us on purpose. That one happens EVWRY train ride. What are the chances of that happening EVERY train ride??

If I get annoyed with someone today it's because I'm having to deal with AGITATORS who are targeting us on the trains..

The mbta have been in trouble for years and now under the gun to fix the trains by force from the Feds. 

Whoever is doing this cut the shit or I will make important people's lives miserable and will create more trouble than you've ever seen 

So stop trying to trigger us so we look crazy. It's not going to work. 

I don't care if it's obvious actors or a private sec company using public space for operations CUT THE SHIT TODAY